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Hi RW Peeps,

I've just taken running up again, after about 10 years break. When I was running then I didn't have an issue with what to wear under shorts whilst running as I was more athletic then and didn't have any issues with chaffing or damaging the crown jewels.

I'm a lot bigger now and hairier than I was then I now have tree trunk/rugby player legs that always start a fire from friction after any length of walk/run.

I know there are numerous threads on here about this sort of thing so please don't shoot me down for starting a new thread.

My question covers three areas really:
1-Commando/Non-Commando (Currently commando)
2-If commando, lubricate and where (Thighs, groin, crown jewels, etc)
3-If yes to underwear, what's best for support & comfort

I'm not running any long distances, literally 20 mins, 3 times a week. Just building myself up gradually with the intention of longer runs in the future.

I in advance for any feedback folks.


  • If you want to stop movement...  shorts with linings just don't do the job found nike compression do the job.  Also they manage my tights... and no rubbing.


  • I agree with compression shorts. I had a pair of Nike which at the time I loved. It was only after I bought some Under Armour that I realised that I hadn't really like the Nike at all, I'd merely put up with them.

     I need to get myself some more pairs, unfortunately they are a little pricey image They do work a treat though.

  • Bright White Trainers. Thanks for the feedback. They look good and pretty well priced.

    Stupid question, are they used as underwear or as an actual short?
  • Pie0Pah. I've seen the under armor and your right about the price.

    I think as I'm just starting out again then this maybe something to invest in when I've got more running under the belt.

    Also, wearing that would make me look like an overweight wrestler image
  • I wear them under my running gear so never a problem with looks.

    Some of the pictures would seem to suggest that these can be worn on their own, but personally I wouldn't be comfortable running like that.

  • I'm glad you agree Pie0Pah. Unless I'm one of those super fit athletes, I would never dream of nothing but them.

    What under armor do you suggest and whats the difference between them and the compression shorts?
  • They are just different brands of Compression Shorts.

    The pair I currently have are apparently for the winter, but they seem to be okay when I am running in the warmer weather - again, without being able to compare with a different pair, it is hard for me to judge!

    I think with it coming up for Summer, the HeatGear would probably be good to buy. 

    From what I recall, it may be cheaper to buy instore for 1 pair, but if you are planning on getting more than 1 then ordering online would be cheaper (due to the P&P)

  • I wear them as underwear...  The underarmour are much I agree BUT much pricer...  They can be worn as an outer garmet BUT they are not flattering if you are a solid build.  Hense I worn under shorts. 
  • Flat FootedFlat Footed ✭✭✭

    Many runners wear them without anything on top, myself included..TBH when your running nobody is really that bothered checking out your package.

  • tricialitttricialitt ✭✭✭
    Please don't go to meetings at work in them though!- Honestly, some of the guys where I work do this............a bit much to cope with first thing in the morning.
  • Thanks guys & gals. This has really helped.

    Flat footed, I know what your saying but I suppose that unless you feel comfortable being in tight lycra then it can be a big step to go out in them. I'm sure as my running improves and my confidence increases then I won't care.

    TriciaLitt, I don't blame you. Not the kind of distraction you want first thing. Afternoon is a different story image
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