Noisey knee,No pain or swelling?

Im currently running about 30-40 miles a week.Im 27 yrs old and of a good athletic build

The other day when going upstairs i noticed that my right knee made a squelching noise everytime i went up step and put pressure on it.

I have since been on a 8 mile run with no real adverse effects on it, there is no pain as such more just of a feeling if that makes sense

The only thing i have noticed is if i put my hand on outside of right knee its is considerably more clicky,twangy, rougher than my good knee.

I have researched this problem but i end up with about 4 different type of injuries lol, i have narrowed it down to either ITB or runners knee although i don't know if its cartilage damage in a worse case scenario.i know the bottom line is visit doctor but just wanted any extra advise etc from people who have had similar experiences etc, also wolud you reccomend still running?




  • I have exactly the same...and if you cup your hand lightly over the knee when going up stairs it amplifies the sound which is very alarming.

    I'm 50 and have only been running 5 years, but I think it Chondromilacia (sp?)  and not sure if it's anything to worry about or not. I get no pain with it

  • i know this is a very old post but did this clicking sound go away?? i am having the same thing right now and am looking for answers. thanks

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