Now I'm Really Glad I'm not a Horse!!

Well having gone through the mill over the last 9 months with physios / podiatrists / osteopaths / RW doctor / video gait analysis / chiropractors and sports masseurs,suddenly - as of tonight - there's hope - and I'm so glad they didn't shoot me last May!!

I mentioned to my physio tonight that at Vyrnwy I did the whole 1/2M with a HR of 195. He stuck me straight on a treadmill (he's not seen me in action before) and now everythings falling into place - I hope. Apparently I'm very fit :-) but work anaerobically almost all the time - starving my quads of oxygen - hence so many problems everytime I do a long distance.
There's a lot of correction work ahead of me - to try to get my gait right - but suddenly there's hope that I can start going forwards instead of sideways.

Having had the video gait analysis done at Salford - which led to the orthotics which have cured - so far - the shin splints - I'm a bit amazed that they didn't also pick this up - but it just goes to show that everyone has their area of expertise and few cross out of it.

So thankyou to all the 'old' forumites who helped me through a really dismal time last May - thanks to Oldbones who's leant me his HRM which led to this discovery - and thanks also to Ron Grover (see General re Sean Fishpool's HR in simple English) who's pretty confident that despite all of this he can get me to complete a 1/2M by Christmas at 10min/m pace - and possibly sub 2hrs by next Easter. The odds have fallen from 66/1 to 25/1 !

Do RW realise just what an amazing forum they've got here - used by truly amazingly helpful runners ?

Thanks again - and as Drew said - hold on tight to your dreams!


  • Didnt ELO say that too?
  • That's Bostick's loss!!
  • Jolly Godd SS. You'll be well chuffed.
  • SS,

    Excellent news! Glad to hear things are at last moving in the right direction for you! Hope all goes well in the build up to Christmas.

    I also liked the fact that you praise your orthotics. There are a few orthotic cynics out there and, as a wearer myself, I like to hear stories of their success (not least to justify their cost to myself!) I've had mine nearly two years and I have so fewer injuries now as a result. Despite their cost, I'd recommend them to anyone.

  • SS
    Does this mean you will no longer be riding roundabout horses in a Mary Poppins Stylee?
  • That's great news SS. I think you had a pretty groovy gait actually!! I'm really sorry I didn't get to chat to you properly at wonderful Vyrnwy - my parents turned up to surprise me. Are you bringing your new gait to Stroud 1/2(end Oct)?

    OK everyone ignore the photo - all will become apparent later.....
  • SS - its me - Longdistancebadger - honestly!!
  • Blimey, I bet your anaerobic threshold is virtually at your max then. Recommend LSD (no, long slow distance in this case). Brilliant to hear of your progress, not you ever deserved shooting in the first place.
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