Dunsfold 10K (2011)

D0MD0M ✭✭✭
Anybody else ran this today?

The start/finish straight seemed longer than last time i ran this race and with the two laps exactly the same, can`t help but feel it was over distance by 100-150m. It was very strange to have the start/finish area just off the runway on the grass. Why would you do that? Perfect smooth runway to start on and 209events put it on bumpy grass and then you run up the side of the runway on a broken concrete strip. Did the aerodrome owners force them to put the start/finish area off the runway and therefore add to the distance. Also, kilometre markers up to 5k and then nothing. I usually run negative splits and i finished the last 2k very strongly and yet i was slower in the second half by 30 seconds. Does not add up. I would appreciate peoples views.
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