London Marathon,ballot or hand picked?



  • Squeakz

    You contradict yoursef. Its not a true ballot if people are picked depending on what they put on the forms. If it was a true ballot then the possibilty of all finishers being between 4.00 and 4.30 would be a possibility

    So in fact the ballot is a ballot in time frames ie its decided up front that there will be an even flow of runners so theres mini ballots within the time scales ie a ballot for all those putting 3.30 to 4 another for those putting 4.30 to 5

    But of course I can understand why its done this way 

  • Actually you also need to factor in the number of places allotted to the overseas runner ballot, and the places given to the tour companies in each participating country. I've run London 6 times - only once through the ballot. Once I was a substitute runner for the Flora  team when they were the sponsors, one of their runners got injured and my brother who knew her offered me to take her place. The other times, as I live in Germany, I booked with a tour company on a package deal of flights, hotel, guaranteed entry and bus to the start.

  • I am really disappointed I did not get in via the ballot. If I had known its chosen by timings , I would of course put down a different time..!

    Maybe some people who were successful cannot now make it?

    Charity's need you to raise ??3000, which is too much.

  • If people start putting down unrealistic times then that will cause chaos at the start. I started in the 3.30 pen the last time I ran it and there was already people struggling to get anywhere near 8 min miles and were walking by about 6 miles. Not a great experience for them or them or the disgruntled runners who had to find a way past them.
  • NayanNayan ✭✭✭
    I heard that all the black visually impaired lesbian asylum seekers got guaranteed entry via the ballot.
  • VDOT52VDOT52 ✭✭✭
    Isn't it true that daily mail readers and ukip voters get rejected?
  • NayanNayan ✭✭✭
    Yeah. As does anyone who ticks three or more of the following


    Living in Surrey

    Called 'Leslie'

    Expecting to run 4:00-4:59

    Enjoys 'midsummer murders'

    Stop this PC madness now I say
  • I'm ticking some of those boxes Nayan!

    And I got in. (gfa)

    It's all done by Oompah Loompahs I tell you. You never ever meet anyone who does the picking do you? That's because they're not let out of the LM office. Ever.
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    It's all a fix!!! Everyone seems to know someone, who knows someone, that gets in every year. Even at odds of 20-1 it's so unfair!!

    How come those Kenyans get a place year in year out?
  • NayanNayan ✭✭✭
    I have to admit I got in last year on my first attempt at the ballot. I did choose to run for great Ormond street but In the cold light of day that I must've ended up exploiting some ethnic Quota and therefore denied a Surrey dwelling daily heil reading UKIP cock womble his birthright.
  • Kathy HKathy H ✭✭✭

    I have got in!

    And based on that, I think that the ballot is fair and just. image

    Probably not the greatest British marathon. I p[referred the Brighton Marathon for its finish, great welcome.


  • VDOT52VDOT52 ✭✭✭
    I didn't get in. Not just because I didn't enter, it's all because of them immagrunts innit.
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Nayan wrote (see)
    I heard that all the black visually impaired lesbian asylum seekers got guaranteed entry via the ballot.


    That's wonderful. It could get better.

    If they can add Irish descent Jewish with a speech impediment to that list it'll get them a frontline job at the BBC.

    And a guaranteed televised (well paid ) run (plus interview by colleagues) as well.

  • NayanNayan ✭✭✭
    Send em home!

    With a spider man magazine!
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