London Marathon,ballot or hand picked?



  • Squeakz

    You contradict yoursef. Its not a true ballot if people are picked depending on what they put on the forms. If it was a true ballot then the possibilty of all finishers being between 4.00 and 4.30 would be a possibility

    So in fact the ballot is a ballot in time frames ie its decided up front that there will be an even flow of runners so theres mini ballots within the time scales ie a ballot for all those putting 3.30 to 4 another for those putting 4.30 to 5

    But of course I can understand why its done this way 

  • I am really disappointed I did not get in via the ballot. If I had known its chosen by timings , I would of course put down a different time..!

    Maybe some people who were successful cannot now make it?

    Charity's need you to raise ??3000, which is too much.

  • If people start putting down unrealistic times then that will cause chaos at the start. I started in the 3.30 pen the last time I ran it and there was already people struggling to get anywhere near 8 min miles and were walking by about 6 miles. Not a great experience for them or them or the disgruntled runners who had to find a way past them.
  • I heard that all the black visually impaired lesbian asylum seekers got guaranteed entry via the ballot.
  • Isn't it true that daily mail readers and ukip voters get rejected?
  • Yeah. As does anyone who ticks three or more of the following


    Living in Surrey

    Called 'Leslie'

    Expecting to run 4:00-4:59

    Enjoys 'midsummer murders'

    Stop this PC madness now I say
  • I'm ticking some of those boxes Nayan!

    And I got in. (gfa)

    It's all done by Oompah Loompahs I tell you. You never ever meet anyone who does the picking do you? That's because they're not let out of the LM office. Ever.
  • It's all a fix!!! Everyone seems to know someone, who knows someone, that gets in every year. Even at odds of 20-1 it's so unfair!!

    How come those Kenyans get a place year in year out?
  • I have to admit I got in last year on my first attempt at the ballot. I did choose to run for great Ormond street but In the cold light of day that I must've ended up exploiting some ethnic Quota and therefore denied a Surrey dwelling daily heil reading UKIP cock womble his birthright.
  • I have got in!

    And based on that, I think that the ballot is fair and just. image

    Probably not the greatest British marathon. I p[referred the Brighton Marathon for its finish, great welcome.


  • I didn't get in. Not just because I didn't enter, it's all because of them immagrunts innit.
  • Nayan wrote (see)
    I heard that all the black visually impaired lesbian asylum seekers got guaranteed entry via the ballot.


    That's wonderful. It could get better.

    If they can add Irish descent Jewish with a speech impediment to that list it'll get them a frontline job at the BBC.

    And a guaranteed televised (well paid ) run (plus interview by colleagues) as well.

  • Send em home!

    With a spider man magazine!
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