Very fat club Thursday 19th

Too embarassed to go into the sordid details!
Hope you lot do well today
At least I only had one gin, but it counts today cos Ive only just finished it--
Bloody application forn
Stourbridge had better be worth it
Cheers all, am off out tonite, so shall no doubt either eat or drink too much
Off to bed now, maybe a run in the morning
Nite nite xxxzzzzz


  • oops, overslept!!
    The best laid plans--
  • A bit of extra sleep never did anyone any harm... now that you mention it... I'm not at work today so I might pop back to bed for a bit myself.
  • Hello everyone! I didn't run this morning either - went for the extra hour under the duvet! Was definitely worth it, but now I will have to convince myself to run when I get home...

    Stocked up on fruit today. I will not be bad today, I will not be bad today...

  • :-)

    Problem is the little evil voice in my head gradually gets louder through the day...

    I will not be bad today, I will be bad... oops
  • hmmm, depends. are you the all seeing, all knowing evil type character that tells me to eat chocolate, or is the name just a coincidence?
  • Morning all - I too am having a very 'fat' day today - was bad last night (again!) - ate bread (which always makes my belly swell!).. also ate ice-cream (again!) and a 'Finest' yoghurt (again!) - this, of course, was in addition to veggie spring rolls and rice.. Going to go for a long(!) run this morning.. am also trying to do all the housework and get clothes sorted out for our holiday - I need live-in staff..!!! The Mr. had to secretly climb over 7ft garden fence at 8.30am to retrieve one of the nutty Siameses from cat-hating neighbours garden... neighbour caught him and came out (although she was very pleasant to the Mr.. oh, it's just me she doesn't like then!!!). Anyway, Siameses are now under house-arrest! Just finishing my hot water with lemon slices (yeah, I'm back on that for some strange reason..!!) - then I'm off for my run. It's a lovely sunny day here in Essex - hope the sun is shining where you are too!
    Michelle x
  • Michelle - the sun is definitely not shining in London, so make the most of the lovely weather for your run - these grey clouds might be heading in your direction!

    Pixie - you really should try to plan it so that your evil influence affects others, but not yourself...
  • Oh I'd better get a move on then.. in case the sun disappears. Just been having a 'discussion' with the Mr about getting another cat..! When our dog, Ben died at Xmas, the Mr. said 'no more pets'.. as I'm a complete animal-nut. Anyway, cut a long story short - I 'persuaded' him to let me have one rescue cat - this turned into two rescue Siamese cats (the 'nutty' boys). Anyway, have just received the autumn edition of the local Cats Protection League mag, which has all these beautfiul cats needing of them is a pure white deaf little girl of 6 months, and that mean bugger won't let me have her!!! Grrrr..!! Mind you, since when was he appointed boss of this household?? Going out for my run now before I do something I may come to regret....!!!!
    Michelle x
  • Evil.. you could alays put a little voice in Michelle's head... "get lovely cat... get lovely cat..."
  • Maybe if we all try together?

    "get lovely cat... get lovely cat... you are your own boss...!
  • Hey, girls, make sure you aim straight! For some reason, I suddenly really, really want to wheech down to the cat rescue centre and bring a little furry bundle home.

    Not that I haven't wanted to do that since poor old Fluff passed away in December - the time has just never been right, then I though I was going to be taking on an elderly Birman so that her owner could go into residential care (but a family member got first claim), so it hasn't happened. And there's a freezer and a couple of recycling boxes in what used to be the cats' part of the house. Which is not a problem, as Kevin has put cat beds beside the radiators in her bedroom and her study. Just hope whatever one we get doesn't mind climbing stairs.

    Maybe we should rename ourselves the Batty Old Ladies Club today.

    Michelle, go for it.
  • vrap - not so much of the old!
  • Sorry, Tink. Just feeling a bit wrinkly and shrivelled today. Something to do with those wall-sized mirrors in the gym last night. I know in my head that I'm half a mile shorter than normal-sized people and look slightly tired after a day at work, but it's still unpleasant to be confronted with the reality.
  • you're not short - you're petite.
    and remember that all this running is making you stronger and more toned on the inside, it just might take a wee while before you notice it on the outside - at least that's what I keep telling myself!
    Anyway - the only people who look good at the gym are the posers who don't actually do any work and are only thin coz they've either got lucky in the gene pool or an eating disorder!
  • I'm short, I'm floppy from too much childbearing, I go red-faced and sweaty, toned is what happens to other women, my arms are like knotty strings and you could use my ribs as a percussion instrument. I haven't even got any tattoos or body-piercings. Waaaah!

    It could be worse. At least I don't have to look pretty to earn a living.

  • V-Rap... do I hear low self-esteem... surely not from you??? That's my problem (so my vastly overpayed therapist tells me)

  • oh dear! you're petite with voluptuous curves (it's womanly). You glow with a healthy complexion - and you don't have some weird eating disorder.
    tattoos go out of fashion, and body piercings give you really bad stretch marks...

    and you make a big difference in peoples lives - which is surely worth more than looking pretty for a living?
  • Scuse me butting in, but how fat do I have to be to join? I don't mind trying really hard, honest I don't! I could go on a special diet of champagne, brie and chocolate. Just tell me the figure to aim at, and I'll start now. Well, it is lunchtime.
  • No, Gordon, don't fret. I am as untroubled by low self-esteem as I am by false modesty. It's just that there's a gentle giant lurking under my skin and it always comes as a shock to see myself alongside other people in a mirror and realise that what the world sees is a little tiny woman.
  • The minimum qualification is to be fat in the head, Sassie. Welcome aboard! You're not Gordon's therapist, are you? You should see what he's just said about you if you are!
  • Dont want to brag but Mrs Mercury now fits into a size 14 , she is very rightly chuffed , all this with no exercise greater than walking ( she is waiting for a new hip ) and just good old fashioned dieting with weight watchers, she's lost 3 stone in less than a year. Personally I'd rather do a 5 mile run than diet....
  • I didn't think rude words like 'diet' were allowed. I may have to go for a little lie down to get over it.
  • Got to make a new appointment with the therapist... there goes another limb to pay for her services.

    Anyone got any spare limbs they can lend me as I'm running out fast.
  • Well.. I said I was going for a long run and boy have I been for a long run!!! 10 MILES!!!!! Furthest I have ever run!! Good girl or what?!! Of course I am now nearly dead and my legs have fallen off, but hey no matter! Talking of 'petite' woman, they don't come much more petite than me... 5'.. no that's it, 5'0".. no inches.. just 5 measly foot! Elder brother got all the good genes I'm afraid - he's 6'0"!! V-Rap you made me laugh so much when you said you think of yourself as a giant and get a shock when you look in the mirror and see a little person - that is just how I feel!! Still, least we can buy clothes from the kiddies department! Re. new deaf white cat situation - no news.. still working on mean spirited scrooge of a husband.. he reckons the subject is closed.. oh really??!!! V-Rap - please go get a kitty!!
    Michelle x
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