I'm not sure if this thread should fit in gear or health.

I've only ever had to moisturise my face after a shower as the rest of my body tends to be pretty moisturised on its own.

Since running I have noticed that my body is getting quite dry and I'm having to moustureise my whole body now to stop any dry skin. I'm assuming that as I'm sweating more its drying my skin out but I just wanted to see if this a common thing.

Also, if you are the same, what body moisturiser do you use.

Just to clear anything up, I'm a guy and a fairly hairy one at that but only in the right places, not head to toe image


  • I use vaselines Aloe Fresh body lotion..  comes in a big green bottle...
  • Hi Roland,

    Thats the one that I've been using at the moment as it feels quite cool and absorbs easily.

    Do you suffer from dry skin as a result to running to?
  • I like using (checks to see who is listening) tesco extra value baby lotion in the giant bottle that costs around 50p. It doesn't smell like baby products it smells a bit like canomile lotion and is lovely. I have sensitive skin and tend to go a bit scaly and lizard like if i don't cover myself in lotion. It's really easily absorbed and not greasy. I discovered it when I was a poor student with no money image but don't buy the normal tesco baby lotion as that one is really greasy and just sits on your skin. It has to be the extra value one in the nasy looking giant bottle. I think it is a 700-800ml bottle.

  • Used to be a hairy so and so but got sick of it so I shave it all off now, use the lotion to prevent the skin from drying out...  seems to work very well..... big thumbs up from me... 

  • Hmmm not sure if i should have mentioned my lizard like skin. That's the kind of thing that can follow you around on the forums here....

    (checks for bigger lizards)

  • Hmmmm i think my scaly lizard skin killed the thread image
  • I have two fairly hirsute male off-spring, both of whom have asthma / eczema-type dry skin.  We use either Diprobase or E45 cream and have used Oilatum in bath / shower as well.  More expensive than Tesco, but guaranteed to put an end to dryness.

  • MartenkayMartenkay ✭✭✭
    E45. You can get a 500g pump bottle for about £10 in Boots, sometimes buy one get one half price. You do not need to use much to moisturise and it is very effective. I use it daily after my morning wet shave also.
  • Rigbunny, your lizard skin has not killed the thread. its my lizard skin that put this thread on in the first place.

    There's nothing wrong with "value" goods. pop it in a branded bottle and no one will ever knowimage

    Not suggesting that you are hairy but does it absorb well into the skin? I have issues sometimes with potions like this that just doesn't absorb and sits in my skin like a bird in an oil slick.

  • Martenkay, thanks, I forgot about E45. that is good stuff and pretty good value.

    Does it absorb well into the skin?
  • Jeepers, I've noticed that E45 seems like a popular choice.

    Does it absorb well?
  • Yep, takes a bit more time, but will sink into skin and in winter, forms effective barrier v wind etc.  No 2 Child has asthma and both have very dry skin, No 2 Child's is the driest.

    I started using E45 and Diprobase when they were in nappies and have just continued using it as and when needed.

    No 1 Child has now started shaving (teen face fluff) so I'll pass on your comments to him about shavingimage.

    Nothing wrong with cheap stuff, Boots etc do their own version of E45 I think, it's just that some of the lotions are too watery and don't do the job well enough for Jeeper Family skin. 

  • Broggo I'm not a fan of E45 as i find it just sits on my skin or it comes off on all my clothes. But I love the tesco value baby lotion image it sinks in really fast and i don't notice the smell. I have sensitive skin and find E45 can make me break out but my giant bottle of cheapo lotion doesn't. The only problem is i'm living in denmark now. So I  have to make regular hysterical phone calls to my parents or visit them to stock up every 6 months.

    Co op value baby lotion is quite nice too... it's abit like E45 but runnier.

    I also like to soak in a bath with either babyoil or oilatum emollient every 7-10 days and if I'm having problems with my scalp I'll dose it with polytar shampoo but that's for psoriasis in my scalp.

    Edited to add oilatum emollient and polytar

  • Well, looks like you'll have to see what suits you as Rigbunny and I have totally different reactions to E45 and Tesco lotion.image

    Think the problem with E45 is the lanolin (initially caused reactions with offspring when babies). 

  • baby oil while the skin is still slightly wet/damp
  • MartenkayMartenkay ✭✭✭
    Anybody revisiting this thread. Boots currently have 500g E45 cream pump bottle three for price of two.
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