Talkback: How I (Finally) Beat Shin Splints

I have struggled with shin splints for the past 5 years (all through high school). Is there any way I can view the calf stretches somewhere else? The link no longer exists. I could really use those stretches if you'd please help me.


  • Thanks so much for posting this information. I have had shin splints for the last 10 years with absolutely no repreive. Lately my shins just constantly hurt no matter what. A chronic ache mized with needling pains all day! I've been tested for stress fractures, have custom orthodics, do every shin splint exercize I can find of the internet, and have done years of physio and they never get any better. My mom actually have one leg longer than the other so I am looking forward to asking my chiro about this.

    Thanks again for posting. 

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