Report on my 42 mile running experience!

Hi all,

   I've done a series of reports on a 42 mile event I did last month, the Keswick to Barrow in Cumbria.

 The report is on my blog here and discusses how the event went (for me) and lessons learnt. I'm no expert on extreme events, so my thoughts and views maybe a bit novice for some. I'd be interested in feedback and tips if any spring to mind.

Thanks - keep running!, 



  • Interesting stuff I like the stuff that worked! Will remember these (or read your blog again) as I train for my next challenge. Thanks and i'll be keeping an eye on your blog for my hints ans tips!
  • Thanks Matt. I started the blog because people kept asking me how I went from 14 stone to 11 stone. I thought  "I need to write this down" in the hope of helping, or at least inspiring other people.

    My blog has a notification sign up option (top right hand side) so you'll get an email when I add posts. RSS feeds are also supported.

  • Hi all,

    Looking to run this next May, Scribs, really interesting blog thank you. Any tips on pre-event training? I'm running a marathon 3 weeks before so I'm hoping that this is good preparation and gives the body adequate time to recover! 



  • Ooh! Always on the lookout for interesting new blogs to read! Thanks Scrib! image

  • Hi Rich. 

    I didn't do the K to B last year due to injury (IT band) which I've now recovered from, so I might see you there in 2013. image

    Doing a marathon before the K to B is excellant training and three weeks is a perfect amount of time to recover. I'd probably think about taking a three to five days off after the marathon, depending on how you feel. Then take it easy for the next few days and build up again and try and maintain your fitness levels. Its a bit of a balancing act to be honest.

    Remember that your body will be drained so make sure you fuel well, especially before the marathon and the K to B. Also give yourself plenty of time to train. I'm actually starting to pick up my training now for the K to B in March, so I can build a good fitness base slowly.

    I always tapper off my training my training a week before an event and make sure I have at least two to three days off and relax as much as possible directly before the event. I got into total shutdown. No cycling or walking to work, no running, etc.

    Also be careful not to over do it, you don't want to injury yourself. Build up your training slowly and use the 10% rule (don't increase your distant suddenly more than 10%). Look at the marathon as K to B training, it all adds up.

    Finally - ENJOY the day. The K to B is an awesome event to run in amazing scenary. When I've done it, it ALWAYS rains in the morning and you get a real feeling for man against the elements - which I love.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks for your help, April will be my second marathon but the K2B in May is going to be a whole new challenge. I'm a gutsy bugger though so hopefully I'll pull through, looking forward to it........!

  • Good luck and I hope you enjoy it.image

  • Ive just signed up for a 32.5 mile in april and a 42 miler for may. Any tips on training plans. Do you think i need to consider consuming real food on these? i assumed gels and energy drinks would be enough as its only just over a marathon for the 32.5 and people do those on gels and water all the time. Be great to hear any thoughts advice.

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