post marathon training

Hi Everyone,

Just joined the site a few days ago so hello from me.

I was wondering if anyone had any advice for me. I just completed my second marathon 2 weeks ago and managed to knock half hour off laast years time so was very pleased with myself.My marathon PB is now 4.36.05.

My next race is going to be a half marathon but all the training plans I have seen seem to start you off with very small mileage on the long run days and I feel that I would rather keep my long runs at between 12-16 miles as I have already got the endurance to do this and don't want to lose this. Is this the correct thing to do??? I am also going to keep up with the speed/interval training also.

Would dearly love to smash my half marathon time that I did in Prague in April-2.06. I am sure I can do this as was not pushing myself to the limits that day due to the course been very busy and the cobbled streets.

My other Personal bests are 5k-23.47  10k-51.12

Any advice would be gratefully received from all you seasoned runners out there.



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