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I have a week off work in a couple of weeks purely for IM training for the Outlaw, and wondered if there were any places that were ideal for training... quiet roads, possible sea swimming, good weather (always the optimist) on and off road training etc.  I was thinking that if I was able to do it on the cheap, then I would throw my bikes in the car, stay in a hostel/cheap b&b and just train my ass off for 7 days image (cant afford a nice training camp abroad)

I live in the South East and was contemplating the Isle of Wight.... any suggestions?


  • Nottingham......thats where the outlaw is...go train on the course!!! image
  • I of W ??  you will have done about 30 laps of the island by the end of a week
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    Have you ridden the Outlaw route already?  If I were doing a UK based event, I'd certainly find a recce of the bike route useful and would head there, if only for one night (I know some people are off to do that for IM Wales this weekend).

    Aside from that, there's the Forest of Dean, which is very pretty and has some nice lumpy riding.  I think we stayed at a campsite there called Bracelands. I would recommend it.  The Little/Big Woody route is a nice one to ride and probably on the website for the event.  There's lots of lovely trails to run around Symonds Yat area and English Bicknor hill is quite a treat to ride up.  There is also the National Diving Centre place at Chepstow which may allow you to go for a swim if you ask them nicely and the water there is gorgeous.

    I was very impressed with the area around Buckler's Hard/Beaulieu  where we swashed the other weekend too but don't know much about facilities down there.

  • Andy-yes definately going to be doing a recce of the Outlaw route..but thinking will just be going there for a weekend 
    FF- haha yes very good point hadn't thought of that imageimage that's out of the question then!  Might get quite dizzy image
    Mouse-brilliant thanks for the suggestions...have been considering the new forest so that might be the best suggestion as I think only couple of hours drive away as well image

  • How about Lands End to John O Groats, you could do that in a week image
  • Or go to France on a pedelo
  • AndyB99 wrote (see)
    Nottingham......thats where the outlaw is...go train on the course!!! image
    Seconded. If you want hills as well pop up the road to sheffield and can ever show you or depending on what days pop out with you there are a lot of quite roads around here and some big hills to play on.
  • Come down to Enduroman and train whilst others suffer  image
  • Jersey!! 
  • PIT Snowdonia! stay at YHA Snowdon Ranger;label=yha-snowdon-ranger-JcDgoIKOmfDkvXYQXvmVjwS7750898580;ws=&gclid=CP3vspWJmakCFcRtfAod3yYJxA

    its got a lake you can swim in outside the front door great trails for running and MTBing and the road biking is awesome around pen y pant pass (probably spelt it wrong) you can even run up to the summit from the YHA Its a great hill session image
  • Haha Barley & FF, brilliant!!  Don't tempt me...that's the kind of stupid thing I would end up doing if someone else was... any offers? image
    Meldy...pah too easy image haha actually would love to come and support for the week but my week off is from 20th june.  But am going to try and pop down next weekend.
    Trixeepoo- had thought of Jersey...but isn't that for people with more that £2.50 in their pocket??  I may be able to scrap about in the piggy bank for a few extra pennies and a couple of buttons?
    RBM- Not a bad idea at all, I love Snowdonia and there's also an amazing mtb trail not far from there...will check it out

  • Ive still got pedeloing the channel on my list of things to do, also the LEJOG but luckily ill be at work that week image
  • Ah now thats a shame, i've just got out the pedalo from retirement, dusted it down and started painted it yellow.... image
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