Mo Farah New British & European 10k Record

26:46.57 Anyone see that finish?


  • Very impressive, looked so strong coming down the straight
  • I saw him run past me..... Somehow I don't think I looked anywhere near as strong at the finish as he did !
  • I haven't seen any footage, but sure sounds impressive (obviosuly, given the time!). 26:46 that's fantastic, to think a lot of us mere mortals are happy with a sub 40:00!
  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭
    That's faster than I did my parkrun this morning....image
  • He certainly coming into the best form of his life. Will be very interesting when he competes
    in the world champs. Of any British athlete, Mo is by far a certain medal contender.
  • Perhaps he will now have a chance at the Worlds and Olympics. However, I'm sure that such a big improvement will cause some people to wonder what his new training regime entails.
  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭
  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭

    Image running sub 28mins for 10k and getting lapped!
  • That was a truly inspirational run by Mo. It wasnt the finish I was so impressed by, but the whole race. He was off the back the whole time, just playing a waiting game, and calmly moved his way through. The depth of the race was truly unbelievable, 9 guys under 27 mins! That is crazy. 

  • It didnt take long for Mo to change his profile pic on FB to one standing by the clock displaying last night's finishing time. And who can blame him............

    9 under 27 minutes must be a first - I certainly cant remember a previous race having that depth of quality.

    Then again, it could be a short course - are we sure it has a proper course certificate? imageimage

  • Fabulous running from Mo. But I expect he'll face different tactics in the championship races which may make it harder for him? Anyway best of luck to him!image
  • Great race by Mo Farah, demolished the previous British  record.

     MrK:Cheers for posting it

  • Great race.

    It'll be interesting to see how that will impact tactical race later in the summer. Looks like he has a kick on some of the big boys so they will maybe try and up the pace so he has no kick left in him.

  • An amazing run, especially the way he paced himself throughout and didn't get phased by what the others were doing.

    Given his recent form and current rate of improvement, he must be in with a great chance of a medal at next year's Olympics- maybe even gold if Bekele isn't 100% ? It'll be interesting to see whether he decides to "double up" at the 5 and 10,000 metres or concentrates on just the one event (after yesterday, probably the 10,000).

    Looking ahead another 4 years, his potential at the Marathon will be quite something and as long as he stays fit and healthy, he'll probably rewrite the UK record books.
  • Agree with tommygunns and David Jones comments re this.
  • What's also important is that if he does win Gold next year- or even get a medal- he might spark a renewal of wider interest in long-distance running.

    It would be great if we could get back to the days when athletics was truly "front page news", like it was in the days of Coe, Ovett and Cram. It can't be a coincidence that such a large percentage of the field at most road races today are 40 and 50- somethings, who were inspired to start running by the high profile athletics had in the '70's and '80's.

    There'll never be a better opportunity than London 2012 and maybe Mo Farah is the one to do it.
  • DavidJones:Agreed he could be the distance running 'torch bearer' for this generation.
  • Gutted some suit is getting to watch the 10k at London next year instead of me. Bugger the 100m nonsense I would pay insaaaaaaaannnnnneee money Mr Coe to watch the 10k.
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