kids races

My son (10) successfully completed the Junior South Run and is now very keen to find out about more races in the London/SW regions. Has anyone got any advice ? Many thanks LIZ


  • Wish I knew! However, 'grown up' runs often have 'fun runs'/childrens races attached. My 9 year old daughter did her first 1 mile race this year as part of the Poole 10k race day at the beginning of June. She has also completed several of the Race for Life 5ks (tricky for a boy) since age 5. If you have a local track there might be something on the notice board there, or ask at school or through your local authority about clubs for children. If you find out, perhaps you could let me know?
  • Take a look through the RW and running Fitness mags, as Karen says. Often a 'normal' race will have a fun run for the rest of the family attached. Also look out for local wildlife trusts/ health clubs which often organise their own as fundraisers. There are more of them about in the summer months than in winter.
  • thanks for that...will take on board your advice. It would be good if there were more kids events that were well publicised and organised as running is something anyone can do and it's cheap with no special uniform...can you imagine the sight of 1000's of kids running...perhaps there is an opening here.
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