Rotary Club of Kenilworth Two Castles 10K

Anyone running this next weekend?

I see they're saying we've got to be in Warwick by 7:50, bit of a shock, I had it down as an 11am start in my head. Way before buses trains become a possibility, oh well bit of a warm up I guess.

Anyone run this before?How'd you reckon it'll be congestion wise, especially with the extra 1000 runners?


  • Actualy it is near double the runners on last year as the limit us 5000.

     It is a 9am start got dropped off last year at 8:30 took me 25 mins to get in the castle to the start as we went on a massive route around the castle... 

    This was my first ever race and doing it yet again - although this year I have done next to NO training as I have picked up minor niggle after minor niggle oh well should be fun...  Lets hope for cool conditions.

  • thought it was only 4k...guess with that and what you said in mind getting to the castle that early seems like a pretty good idea. Did they have more than one entrance to the castle open last year?The way their speaking seems to suggest they did, might aim for half seven myself

  • Also, I forgot to ask, where exactly do we finish?inside or outside kenilworth castle?is that why they included ticket(s) for admission in the race pack?
  • Hiya Tom. They only had the Stratford Rd entrance open last year. Well worth allowing extra time if you're coming from the town side because it is quite a walk round to the start.

    The finish is within Kenilworth Castle so, yes, that's why you've got the tickets. IIRC, you turn off Castle Road into the main car park. There's then a bit of a switchback before you turn onto the finishing straight.
  • ah I see...I'd assumed that, I asked for two tickets, so OH could meet me inside, they gave me it, but on one ticket, will I just be inside anyway after the finish, and she'll be able to use the ticket(s) to get in and find me?

    I know Warwick okish, just had to look up where the entrance was, as it looks like I'm jogging there, I should have plenty of time

  • That's right yes. The finish area gets quite tight but you end up just inside the castle, but sort of opposite the Queen and Castle pub

    To be honest, I've not been aware of people checking entry tickets too rigorously in previous years (which could explain why the finish area was tight !)
  • THey never check the tickets...  to many people...

    Not sure I like the changed finish that they put back in last year but I suppose you did leave one castle by the front and enter th other by the front.

    And it was heaving at the finish last year.  decide which side your supporters will stand - Stable (Tea rooms) or Ruin side makes it easier to find when packed.

  • Ok cheers for the info on tickets, thought I may as well take the opportunity to look round the castle.

    So we're coming in from the front of the castle then?With no hindsight of previous events that sounds preferable to me.

    I guess its wishful thinking trying to get into the tea rooms what with it being so busy?

    Edit: Just checked my entry pack, did anyone receive a label for luggage transfer?No sign of one in mine image

  • Tom from last year (again IIRC), there were volunteers at Warwick castle who put your kit bag into a black bin bag and labelled it up for you ... so no labels needed in the entry pack.

  • Good luck tomorrow everyone.

    Forecast looking ok for first thing tomorrow, but terrible for later on the day. Looks like we might get away with it ...!
  • morning, early start this one.

    Good luck everyone, weather seems ok for now image

  • Tom1759 wrote (see)

    Good luck everyone, weather seems ok for now image

     well it was when I left, honest image

  • Perfect weather for it image Kept me cool - new PB in 45:28 (down from 46:24 last month)

    Results are up:
  • Nice run Zigire, congrats on the PB.

    22 seconds out here, but got faster through the race, which is something new

    EDIT: Only 3071 finishers, I thought 5k had signed up?

  • Am a regular at this race but ths year I felt that the 4000 was just too many for the route - only 3071 finishers so I guess nearly 1000 cried off due to weather and thank God they did because it took us 6 mins to reach the start line and I spent the entire 10kms trying to get by slower runners. I am by no means an elite runner and I certainly encourage everyone to run for fitness but there were runners stopped out of puff after one Km ! and as for the "mates" who run three and four abreast chatting about any old crap blocking other runners - ITS A RACE YOU WALLIES ! take it a bit seriously or dont bother. I think the organisers need to rethink the start and whether to consider quantity or quality for next year. Maybe split it into 2 runs - I 10kms race and another 10kms fun run??
  • Firstly - well done organisers. Good event in challenging conditions.

    I tend to agree about the start though. I took just over 3 mins to cross the line. Now I'm not so quick that it massively slowed me down, but spending a lot of the route weaving past people is frustrating. Especially the headphone wearers who can't hear "excuse me".

    I think the problem at the start is that people are just allowed to drift into the narrow section that leads to the start line whenever they feel like it. If any organisers are reading - why not get people 'penned' (either with fences or without), around the large 'green' area. Keep the narrow road closed off, then about 10 mins before the start, walk each pen down towards the start line ? (a bit like at VLM)

    By the time I arrived for the start, the 'green' was emptying rapidly and the road down to the start was already half full.

    Not a major moan, just hopefully some constructive criticism to help one of my favourite events of the year.
  • The 2 Castles is now too BIG for its own good. I have ran this race many times and I am sad to say that yesterday was a disapointment. Im not sure if the organisers read this, but if they do, please consider the following advice -

    1. 4000 RUNNERS IS NOW TOO MANY. You do not have the space or facilities to accomodate so many runners, spectators and vehicles. This is evident at both at the start and finish.

    2. Many runners at the finish do not have their bags or cars until they return to Warwick and the fact that theres nothing in the goody bag to eat is inconsiderate, a banana or mars/cereal bar would be greatly appreciated. Many complained about this.

    3. The organisation at the the transfer buses was a SHAMBLES!! There were no buses for over half an hour whilst everyone waited in the cold and wet. There was no organisers, queue or information. When finally a bus arrived there was a mad rugby style scrum for everyone to get on. Finally one organiser arrived which was not enough.

    Its such a shame to see such a great race fall from grace. I just hope they learn the lessons from yesterday - its quality not quantity thats important. 2 Castles - regain your crown please.
  • It's a shame to read the negative comments about this race because I have done it 3 times now and enjoyed it each time.  This is probably because I am local so have supporters to drop me off at Warwick and collect at Kenilworth so don't have the headache of transfer bus etc.

    Do agree it cannot get any bigger - there are already too many runners for the size of the start and it took a lot of weaving round slow (or stopped!) runners in the first few miles.  Maybe a 10k race and 5k fun run would be better as this could set off after the 10k and reduce the number of starters at one time. 

     BUT I do really enjoy this race as has a lovely atmosphere and lots of spectators on the course despite the wet weather.  I remember 2 years ago being sprayed by garden hoses at the top of the hill at 6k-ish.  This year I was fighting to see through the rain!!  Nice to get medal and t-shirt but could have done with a banana for the way home! 

  • Ran this race for the 1st time and agree with the other comments. There appeared to be no organisation at the start with people just clogging the narrow passageway hence all abilities started together. I don't want to put off the 'walkers' as they may soon get the runners bug, but they need to start at the back! My usual gripe is people running 3/4 abreast and blocking off the way. The finish was also very congested and perhaps baggage colection should be moved to the stables/meeting  area.

    Good medal and t shirt and there was plenty of water at the finish and at the drink stations but a cereal bar/fruit would have been nice for those travelling back to the start (or home  - 50 miles in my case)

    That said, I really enjoyed the race and was really pleased with my time. The support along the route was great despite the awful conditions and there was a friendly atmosphere all the way. Starting and finishing in a castle is a great touch - pity supporters could not get in at the start though, especially as it is very early and a long wait for some - my wife sat in the car for 90 minutes prior to the start time - not very supporter friendly.

     This sounds like a long gripe but it should not be. Yes 4000 is a big field but a few tweaks could make this a fantastic run not just a good one.

  • What a load of twoddle.

    The race starts through a narrow passage so of course it make take a few minutes to get going if you are at the back of the crowd.

    As for slower runners getting in the way - why didn't you just start nearer the front? The organizers had clearly maked posts for anticipated finish times - so not their fault if other runners ignored these. This was also stressed quite emphaticaly in the joining instructions. I'd say it was your fault for arriving late/standing too far back. Take responsibility for your own run!

    Finally if you thought the coach back was a shambles you did have other options. Either get a cab or pay £1.50 on the old Midland Red. But if you are too tight then get in line/run faster as loads of coaches waiting when I finished.

    If you thought you'd need grub at the end - pack your own mars bar.

    I think you lot need to take a bit more responsibility for your own lives. Stop blaming a great race for your own petty issues.

    I thought they had great facilities at the start - and what a start location. Scenic route & a challenging course. Plenty of crowd support. Three water stations. Two/three marshalls (in the rain) at virtually every junction. Closed off streets to run in so no worrying about dodging traffic or runnig on narrow pavements (perhaps write to the council to widen the roads if you struggled to get round people!). Unreal finish coming into Kenilworth Castle with a unique medal & alright T-Shirt. Plus all bags ready to pick up & being watched over by yet more marshalls.

    Seriously, if you're not happy then 'jog on' as we say down south. After coming up to run this race for the first time this year, I can't wait to tackle it again next June.

  • The race has certainly reached its capacity, in fact its good it rained, if everyone who entered had turned up for this race and fun run it would of been pretty crowded.

     I know some people out there are chasing PBs and racing but you got to remember for the majority of runners in a run like this are fun runners, on top of this you have still got your chip so your time isnt starting till you cross the line regardless. There are always going to be people who ignore the ETA markers.

     I got straight onto the coach no problems.

    Maybe a cereal bar in the bag would of been nice, but you should consider packing a snack in your own bag for the finish, I certainly did with another drink.

     Great crowds turned out for this run and the officals made sure there were plenty of drink stations, great route with closed roads.

    I hope they dont want to increase the number of runners as it is at capacity but it is overall a good run.

  • I was a 2 Castles Run first-timer this year & I was really looking forward to this race, being an ex-resident of Kenilworth and having gone to school in Warwick. For me it was like a trip down memory lane - although I don't remember some of the lanes being quite so steep!

    I was not dissappointed. I really enjoyed the race achieving a PB in the process (53.42 - so not what you'd call an elite runner, more of an enthusiatic amateur carrying too much weight round the middle!). The atmosphere at the start, during and after the race made for a truly memorable day. Even the rain didn't put me off, although she-who-shall-be-obeyed did grumble somewhat whilst waiting for me at the finish.

    Comments have already been made about the organisation at the start but I think that seasoned runners know that this is likely to occur and take this into account when they position themselves at the start. I don't think I've ever been in a race where there hasn't been a problem of some sort at the start (any of you remember the Birmingham half last year - now THAT was bad organisation!).

    The run into Kenilworth Castle was great and the encouragement from the crowds even brought out a 100m sprint I didn't think I had in me!

    Yes, runners running 2/3/4 abreast can be a bit of a nuisance. BUT let's not forget that this run was for charity and they were not only raising money but they also added to the atmosphere what with colourful wigs, morphsuits, sunflowers, crusaders, Wonder Woman etc etc

    A big thank you to all the marshals & volunteers who helped out on the day. At least we were running in the rain which cooled us down they were having to stand around in it all day!

    I look forward to being able to run this race again next year.

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