Welsh One Day Ultra Marathon Series 2011/2012

Hello All,

 Just to let you know that entries will be open very soon, later than we planned but we had to find another HQ for round 1 which could cope with the numbers (it was a bit tight last year).

Will post when everything is live.

 Cheers image



  • Same route Frenchys or something different this year? The thirty was a fantastic route but a little short according to my garmin
  • Hi Lirish, how is the training going, is the injury behind you?

     The 30 will be based at a different, bigger HQ this year, the route will remain largely unchanged but will involve a few extra K to ensure it hits the 30 mark approx.

    The second half of the Ultra Brecon (UB40) - COLD will be all different (very little canal).

    The Wye One Way 50 will remain largely the same (some road sections removed).

    The Ultra Brecon (UB40) - WARM-ish will remain the same.

    Hope to open entries this week, here is a photo collection which hopefully brings back good memories?


    Cheers for now....

  • Cheers frenchy I'll be back again this year all being well, the series remains my favourite of all I've done thus far
  • Thanks Lirish that's great to know image

    Event website can be found here (more detail being added);

    event website

    Entries are now open;


    Hope to see many of you back again this year....cheers

  • Hello,

     Updated route map added for round 1 image

     Round 1


  • hi ,guys ! i have litter believe !

  • Hello, a link to the final newsletter for Round 1 of The Welsh One Day Ultra Marathon Series can be found below....

    link here


  • Hi,

    Results can be found here and some photos here.

    Thanks to everyone who supported the event, was it warm enough for you? image

    See you in December, cheers....

  • Thanks for a great event frenchy

    A great route and really friendly atmosphere, especially sitting around at the finish drinking beer in the sun!

    Doubt we'll be doing that in December though, but can't wait for round 2

  • Cheers CC, yes the weather was a bit special, maybe hot toddies for round 2, see you there image

    Love this photo;



  • Hello, race report and newsletter here
  • Hello All,

    Matt has put the final tweaks to the kit list and map which along with the entry list are all now on the site......


    Please note that the course does not always follow official footpaths (we have permission from local farmers to cross their land on the day) if you intend to reece the course you will need to use an alternative official option at these points, please don't abuse their trust it has taken a long time for us to get them on-side, thanks image

    Temp. was - 3.5 c when I left the house this morning, will it be another extreme one???

    We are down to the under 20 places remaining, so if you want to be there, don't hang around....

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    Hi frenchy.  Are there still places for Round 4?  Giving it some serious thought at the moment.
  • T Rex I'm planning on seeing how I feel on the Likeys 45 this weekend before I commit to going this if there's still places, ran it last year in up to 18 inches of snow and it was incredible, fantastic route, one of the best races I've done so far
  • Loved this race last year and looking forward to this year. I bet we don't get the same conditions tho.

    Round 1 has been my highlight of 2011 so far. Just a shame I can't do the series. Round 3 clashes with TP100 but might try to make the final round.

    Roll on December 3rd!!

  • Thanks Guys,

     Lirish hope the 45 went well, we have filled up the official 150 places but are taking a few more to allow for drop outs, not sure how long they will last but hope your legs recover well image



  • Sorry T-Rex, yes there are, rounds 1 & 2 have both sold out a few weeks in advance, we find interest grows round by round so you should be fine for a while but don't leave it until the last min. image


  • Cheers for the heads up Barry, yesterday went ok, first lap went really well then I discovered I'd left my Zero tablets in my room so had to borrow some Nuun off a kindly scotsman on the course, unfortunately my stomach didn't enjoy them quite so much.

     Legs are fine today, fitness isn't what I was before injury but that'll come back in time.

     Anyway all that means I've gotten one of the last places for the 40 this morning so I'll see you in two weeks. I may even mean I get to meet *Dill after he's avoided me for the past couple of years image

  • Lol Lirish I thought you were avoiding me!!

    I shall write Dill on my forehead in marker pen just for you.

  • I think the mistake I made last year is that I was looking for the bloke in your avatar image
  • Looks like no snow this year image

     Wind could be interesting in places image

     Weather Watch - Brecon Beacons


    Westerly winds strengthening through the day but mostly dry with just a few showery outbreaks of rain. Quite cloudy with a few bright intervals. Freezing levels remaining close to the peaks.

  • I think i'd prefer the snow to a really windy day image
  • well avoid baked beans image
  • Frenchy..

    Was wondering if there will be shower facilities after the event and would it be possible to leave refreshments with the marshalls at the checkpoints?

    p.s your link at mightcontainnuts for Talybont center isn't working!

  • Hi Mike,

    Showers - yes

    Refreshments with the marshalls at the checkpoints - Afraid not, the marshall team will be moving around the course and we would be worried that your refreshements end up in the wrong place. Also we prefer competitors to be self-sufficant (except water), if someone goes off course or is slowed down due to injury they should have enough fuel to get them to the next CP where they can be looked after. Hope that makes sense.

     Will check the links now, thanks.

     See you all soon.

  • Dill turn your message thingy on, or let me know where you're staying in Talybont so I can buy you that pint
  • Thats been about a year i've been waiting for that pint!

    Alas me and the other half are not travelling up untill tomorrow night and staying about 20 mins away at Ebbw vale (cheap premier inn). We will not be in Talybont untill Saturday morning.

    Hopefully our paths will cross Saturday. I'll be near the back! I drive a black Hilux so you may see me round the start or my other half at some of the check points.

  • Hope you guys managed your pint, will need to work out who you are in real life and make sure I say hello next time your around...

    Tough course made very tough by the underfoot conditions, well done to everyone who took it on...

    Some photos from the event Saturday.

    Results should be up tonight.

  • You did manage to say hello, I even ran with you for a little while about two miles from the end? I think you were out checking thd signage before the fields section.

    And Dill managed to avoid me again this year image

    Much tougher course this year with the mud making it, in my opinion, even tougher than last year. At least that's my excuse for being over an hour slower this year image
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