Aircast PTTD brace

Has anyone tried this? I have been recommended to try as have had PTTD for 3 months now with no improvement. I am UK size 7 so depending on which website you go on needs small or medium. The small one is quite tight around the foot and the outside upright support tends to slip forward a bit as the top strap does not go all around the back again at the end.  This one does, however, feel very comfortable in my trainers.The medium one sits better around the ankle but feels very bulky and makes shoes and trainers uncomfortable.

Any experience out there? Thanks.


  • Lots of looks at this thread but no comments..I guess no one had tried this brace themselves?

    Am off to osteopath with them both in a couple of days. I have been to see a foot /ankle specialist who did not know about the existence of this piece of eqipment and he is interested in seeing if it is effective so I am keen to get it right.

    Anyone got any miracle cures for posterior  tibialis tendon dysfunction? I already have orthotics and did the injury while carrying very heavy rucksack while not having orthotics in walking boots, so my sense is if I can get the tendon healed things should be ok.

  • Hi Sarah, 

    Who prescribed you your original orthotics? (A pod, physio, osteopath....)

    Who has recommended the aircast brace to you?

    Who diagnosed your PTTD?

    Kind regards,

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  • Thanks for replying...I have now in fact chosen which brace to use and sent the other one back.

    An osteopath ( who I have been to for years and who specialises in gait analysis) prescribed original orthotics and they have been great. PTTD was diagnosed by her and then backed up by a orthopedic surgeon specialising in feet /ankles ( I am lucky to have one locally) 

    Neither has experience of the Air cast PTTD brace but we have all agreed to give it a try for three weeks and monitor. When wearing it I have to be sure to stretch the arch out every day and I am mindful of the need to wean off it carefully. I have been wearing it for 4 days and am aware the line of tendon is a lot less painful. Early daysand I am very cautious but we will see.

  • Which brace did you go for? 

    What are your symptoms for your PTTD, and what grade of it do you have?

    The PTTD brace is useful, if used correctly.  Why were you prescribed your original orthoses?

    Have you considered anything else, for example a Richie Brace, which combines the support of your brace plus the orthotic all in one.

    Kind regards,

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  • I am trying the Aircast brace specifically for PTTD.

    I have orthotics to correct a falling arch on the left foot by putting the heel in a better position.. The brace is giving a little more suppport to the arch than the orthotic gives ( I'm  not wearing the orthotics at the same time) with a view to giving the tendon a bit more rest for a short while to see if this gives it a chance to heal. We are not sure how this will go but the advice has been to try for a couple of weeks with continuing to work on keeping the arch mobile( there is some arthritis) with regular stretching. I am also stretching calves everyday (although with not running for 4 months they are in much better condition than usual!) and massaging the tendon.

    The PTTD is only grade one, I still have good strength in the tendon, it just burns and feels bruised on the ankle bone itself if I do too much walking or walk too fast.There was only very slight progress after 12 weeks. I have no risk factors for it getting worse and know this tendon takes a long time to heal..

    I'm happy with the treatment at the moment... being looked after very well by both surgeon and osteopath.

    Thanks for your interest.

  • I have had PTTD for 7 years now and have had 3 Aircast PTTD braces. They definitely help but are not as useful as good orthotics. The pump up part broke within a few days of use on both of the first 2 so I haven't even bothered pumping up the 3rd. They also gouge holes inside your running shoes.  I always wear orthotics, even in my slipper shoes, and add the brace during particularly bad phases. I am now considering a Richie Brace (which is how I found this thread) as the Aircast one doesn't do enough for me and doesn't wear very well either. (My third one already has a hole over the edge of the stiff part after only a fortnight's use.) I also have an ordinary Aircast ankle brace which I was wearing when I couldn't find the PTTD one and this helped too. It's much cheaper if price is an issue, but definitely wear with orthotics. There is another brace which basically simulates physio strapping which I tried for a while but can no longer remember how to put on. Possibly not as good as the Aircast but at least it didn't trash my expensive motion control shoes.

    I would be very careful about not overdoing things while you try to get this to heal. It is a condition that is quick to aggravate but very slow to heal. Don't expect it go away forever without permanent modifications to your footwear and lifestyle. Always wear your orthotics!!!!  Oh, and you might want to look into laser therapy too as I find this helps my feet recover faster from flare ups. A good physio can work wonders stretching your calf muscles etc for you too.

  • The problem with PTTD is that once your at Grade III (or above), your only realistic outcome is going to be a surgical intervention, which there are many depending on your symptoms and what you want to achieve.

    Kind regards,

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  • Oh Christine....I am pretending I did not read 7 years! Mine is still very mild in that I have good strength and there has also been no deterioration at all in the 17 months post injury.  I stopped wearing the brace as it was not helping and was possibly actually restricting tendon movement around the ankle. I have had my orthortics re assessed from a gait scan analysis: they only needed very slight adjustment. I am making some progress with a very thorough physio looking at working on building up strength and proprioceptive awareness in the arch of the foot ( 'listening foot 'exercises)  and strengthening up muscles involved in foot control, can't recall their names.

    I am being very careful....have flared it when it gets better and I forget it, not by over exercising but silly things like little jumps to see if a strapless evening dress would slip down in a changing room! ( it did by the way!) Am being mega careful with the exercise....loads of swimming and cycling instead of walking and running.

    Thanks for the advice anyway.....

  • How did get on with recovering from PTTD? I suspect I may be suffering from it, have had pain in my foot for about 6 weeks & am currently waiting for a doctors appointment.

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