Talkback: Can you be Fat and Fit? (Preview)

RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭

Haven't seen any disagreement in this preview.

Is it possible to be overweight and healthy?

Virtually every weight-related health problem can be greatly improved...GG appears that physical activity cannot completely reverse...AW

But can a potbellied runner really outrun a lean machine?

It's possible for a heavier runner to be faster than a thinner runner...GG
Well, sure, it's not impossible...AW

When you get some of your represented disagreement, or stick up that nutrition plan for 6-pack to pot-bellied in 12 weeks and improve your 5k time, mebbe I'll subscribe...


  • MoraghanMoraghan ✭✭✭

    Two experts in violent agreement with the third party author desperately scrabbling for an interesting tag line whilst attempting to pander to overweight readers.

  • You can be fit and smoke but that isn't to say that I would reccommend it. In Rugby they say that a good big un is better than a good little un. Transfer that to a good slim runner is faster than a good overweight  one.
  • The question in the title says "fit", but the subtitle says "healthy".

    Those are two very different things

  • You can be, but you need an indian fella on a scooter hitting you with a spatula.

     After a couple of weeks of that, you can expect to win a marathon.

  • Fit for what?

    Sumo wrestling? World's strongest man? Cross channel swimming?

  • SticklessStickless ✭✭✭
    If you need any convincing of the running advantages of keeping weight down, I suggest running with a backpack carrying a modest 5kg. Glad to leave it behind the next day or what?
  • Running with a 5kg backpack is hardly like running with an extra 5kg body mass as the extra mass is evenly distributed over your body, hence you cant loose mass in one specific part of your body. You can run comparable times in endurance events with 5kg extra as other factors such as hydration, race prep, etc come into play.  

  • Very good point John Baptiste! I have felt the diference in hill climbing with/without back pack, without it you suddenly feely like a mounain goat sprinitng up there!
  • People who exercise regularly and are overweight are likely to be healthier than non-exercising slim people. When we exercise visceral fat gets burned and this reduces our risk of developing diabetes and heart disease. Non-exercising apparently slim types could still be developing dangerous levels of this visceral fat.

    Having said that being overweight still increases your risk of a variety of diseases and your waist measurement is a good indicator of your overall health.

  • I'm sure you can be fat and fit.
    Just the same as you can be thin and unfit.

    You may not be as fast as a thinner runner, but that is different ?
  • well im 5foot 10 an 16 stone,that makes me overweight but i can run half marathons in an hour 30, now the question is am i unfit an imagine what pace i would run if i was my ideal weight of 10 and half stone and illlooking

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
  • See loads of sub 1.30 half marathoners at 10 and a half stone but no short 16 stone ones. Not saying you are lying but where did you run this 1.30 half? 

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