Knocked down by hit and run driver

I had a serious accident on my bike on 23/5/11 on my way to work.I was cycling down the middle of the road as i was planning to turn right at the next lights when a car in front decided to do a u-turn without looking.I didn't have a chance it happened so quickly.I hit the drivers side of the car,smashed driver's window and did a summersault over the bonnett and landed on the path.I was consious thruoghout and the driver of the car did a runner.Smashed my hip joint and broke my finger.My helmet took a battering.I was lucky not to have internall injuries or injuries to the head.I am now back home after 10 days in hospital but won't be able to walk for about 6 weeks.I have a metal plate in my hip joint.Police still haven't found the culprit! Off work for about 6 months now with full pay.At least that's a bonus.Will plan to start running again in about 6 months.


  • So sorry to hear, get well soon.

    Maybe a plug of the time/place/details on here may find the offender ? 

  • PS. just a few wks before the accident i was just about to getting back into running after a yr off (was cycling 20 mile a day instead).Went out on a good run with Dewsbury road runners the tues before(about 8 mile run)  and was planning to go out with them again until the accident happened.Will plan to go with Dewsbury lot again in 6 months.Hopefully!
  • IT happened about 8.20 am mon the 23rd may.On Geldard rd (A62) Leeds at the junction with Royds farm rd industrial estate nr the junction of the beeston  ring rd A6110.The hit and run driver drove back up the hill towards Gildersome.It was a peugeot 206 in pale blue.I had 6 witnesses who took down the reg number but police said the reg number was not registered so obviously had false number plates.

  • Bad luck you, get well soon
  • bad news stemaka.....hopefully you will make a full and speedy recovery
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    Although I'm a lawyer I don't practise in personal injury, so my knowledge is hazy.  However, assuming that the driver cannot be traced, it might be worth going to the CAB and finding out whether you can make a claim under either the criminal injuries compensation scheme or against the motor insurers' bureau (latter if driver was uninsured, if I recall correctly, although it might apply to untraced drivers, too).  Funding claims can be difficult since legal aid was axed and it's likely to be no-win, no-fee if you use solicitors.

  • Really sorry to hear about what happened Stemaka.  Hope you have a speedy recovery and that getting back into running goes well.

    ... and I really hope they catch the thoughtless idiot who caused your injuries.

  • Really sorry to hear that Stemaka. Deffo try and get some compo - as Joolska says, motor insurers' bureau can help. Might be worth finding a no win no fee solicitor.  Some of them specilise in bike accidents. But most importantly I hope you get back to full health very soon.

  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    Have checked, btw, and MIB do have agreements relating to both uninsured and untraceable drivers.  I appreciate compensation won't get you back the lost training time, etc., but it might enable you to pay for private physiotherapy and things if you need it, which could help.  Best of luck and best wishes for a speedy recovery.
  • There are some unspeakable bastards in the world. It's one thing to make a mistake that any of us might have made while driving... another entirely to drive off afterwards. Get well soon, mate.
  • I agree PC. But sadly there are scum out there who don't care.

    Stemaka, hope you get better and keep your hopes up. I would follow what Joolska said
    about criminal injuries compensation. My dad got beaten up donkey years ago, ended with a
    broken jaw. I think he got £4,000 in compensation for his injuries. However the police didn't
    find the culprit. If you receiving victim support from the police, they should be telling you
    about this. If not, please ask.

    I would really annoy the police in asking if they found the driver. Someone who runs away
    after hitting someone and driving with false plates is a criminal who will kill someone.

  • Thanks for the encouragement guys.I have got solicitors on the case through my union from work (CWU-comunication workers union) who will back me up free of charge.Still waiting to hear from police.
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    Ah, one of the benefits of union membership.  Good to hear.
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