Angel View 5m race

Angel View Run

Thursday 2nd of June


The name is a bit of a give away. This 5m race is around parkland and bits of dual carriageway, in Gateshead, a stones throw from the Angel of the North and the Angel View Hotel, the race HQ.


Nice race, shame about the hotel. I’ve seldom met surlier, rude bar staff as in the Angel View. Call me a bluff old traditionalist, if you will, but “will it be something quick, ‘cos I’m very busy” isn’t the kind of opening gambit I would use to a customer looking to buy a drink for himself and his partner. Given the unwanted attention she got from other patrons while I was running, I was left wondering whether the Angel View Hotel is more used to parties of swingers than runners and their families.


Anyway, back to the race. Generally, it’s lovely, scenic (apart from the bit of road) and challenging. There are no namby-pamby frills like mile markers, t-shirts or other mementos (except on the junior race preceding it, where they get a medal). It’s well marshalled and way marked. The only confusion came when, running back to the start from the second loop, I thought I was about to finish when I was told there was another loop up the hill to do. So, the course is more of a clover leaf than a figure-of-eight.


I’ll happily do this next year, so long as I don’t have to set foot in the Angel View Hotel.

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