Garmin 205 - cradle or cable problem?

My Garmin 205 won't upload or charge via my pooter.  For a while, if i plugged it in, it  would reboot my computer but now it does nothing at all!  How can i tell if I need a new cradle or a new cable?  Any ideas?  (I can't test the cable by plugging it into the mains cos I've lost the plug bit image)


  • If you email Garmin helpdesk (address via their website) they should be able to suggest something for you. I've emailed them about a couple of things and they were very helpful. They might take a couple of days to get back to you.
  • Cheers, I've done that now - should have thought of it myself really!!
  • HI

    I seem to have a problem with My Garmin 305.  When I plug it into the docking cradle I just get a blank screen rather than the charging message. 

    It switches on ok and records my runs, it is just that it won't talk to the computer or the training centre.  I have cleaned the pins on the back of the unit but just keep getting a message that there is a problem with the USB connection.

     Any suggestions?

  • I get that a lot Sarah (welcome to the forum btw) - is your garmin switched on when you plug it in?  I find that if I get no msg then I have to either switch it on or off, depending on whether it was on or off when I plugged it in (image - I know what I'm trying to say!!) .

    Still waiting to hear from Garmin but yesterday I was fiddling about with the cradle and cable trying to get some semblance of life.  To cut a long story short, when I went to start my run last night my garmin wouldn't switch on at all - major panic stations.  A friend kindly took it home to see if it would work on his cradle and thank dog, it does but i'm guessing that somehow, in my fiddling, I must have discharged the battery image

  • It is switched off - I just get a blank screen though.  It looks like it is charging (I think) when it is switched but it looks like it is still losing charge.  I can still record runs on it and hopefully battery will still be ok for Sunday's 10k race.

    When I try and download the data both Fetch and training centre don't recognise it image

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