Red or White Wine

I'm away the next couple of days so this is my Friday thread. When I was a youngster most people seemed to drink white wine but the balance seems to be changing.

What is your preference?


  • Mines obvious!
  • Red
    I'm getting berries, I'm getting the heady scent of flowers, I'm getting the fireside in winter I'm getting...

    on your nips.
  • I was out last night, after copious amounts of really good NZ Montana Chardonnay I think we can safely say mine is white, so if anyone has a good hangover cure, feel free to post it.
  • Um, now let me think, what's my favourite. Could it be RED!!! I love it!!
  • red... Chateau Lafite 1986
  • Red, almost exclusively. The darker and fruitier, the better. After years of studenty stuff like Liebfraumilch and Vinho Verde and Piat d'Or, the only whites I drink from choice nowadays are pudding wines, and that's a rare event.
  • Can anyone crash this thread?
    Current favourite is White Grenache. (A rose for those that don't know). Very fruity. A bottle is gone before you know it. Mmmm. Now... tonight... running or wine... running or wine... running or wine....
  • Theres nowt better than a good Chardonnay. I know chard's out, but I do like Chablis and Poullis Fuisse. And unoaked Aussie Chard
  • red in the winter, white in the summer....on the number of days I'm driven home from work in the summer imaging a nice big glass of chilled white wine, down to the detail of the condensation(?) on the outside of the glass.....a nice Rioja goes a long way to lighten the spirits on a winters evening though too!
  • I love Rioja too!

    Peet... Or should I call you spidy?
  • Peet will probably get my attention quicker than spidy.
    But saying that, 'Oi' gets my attention quite quickly too.
  • Has to be red.
    Aussies reds are favourites, especially shiraz.
  • Big beefy reds, Aussie Shiraz (Wolf Blass), Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon (Torreon de Paredes Riserva), Grand Echezeaux, Barolo or, the biggest of them all, Amarone. But then again, I wouldn't say no to a glass of trockenbeerenauslese.
  • Evil Pixie?!!! M&S SELL ROSEMOUNT? One of my faves is the RM Shiraz!
  • As my drinking partner is still heavy with child, for the next few says or so at least, I've not been putting away as much wine as I'd like.

    I tend to go white in the summer, red in the winter. Used to be big on chardonnay, but moved more into sauvignon blanc lately - ideally from New Zealand. Also been experimenting with antipodean Rieslings.

    Why has nobody mentioned Thunderbird?

  • Surely Don Darias is an aftershave?
  • Thunderbird? Chunderbird! 14 and 17% by volume if I remember rightly.
    Tough stuff. Liquor of the streets. Bargain basement prices too.
    Probably good for unblocking drains too.
  • 20/20... Bleugh
  • Now I 've got your attention , can I have some of views on the URWFRC thread kit discount thread I posted as well. Cheers
  • PS Evil Pixie, when were you at Kendrick. My wife was and is now 33
  • Evil P... The Normal blends are around that price. Strongly recommend the Cab merlot... Lovely!

    RM also do a pinot noir (not available everywhere) that is lovely in the summer slightly chilled.

    tried Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc anyone? Nice, but over priced!
  • Red wine, definitely, especially Rosemount shiraz. I'm moving in three days' time, so I have to use up my red wine supply before then. It's going to be a fun weekend.
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