Trentham 10

anyone racing this?

anyone raced it? reviews are all positive


  • hi i am racing it, never done it so would like some info about the course

  • its a fairly tough race over 2 identical laps. there is quite a long, winding stiff climb past some caves which is tough first time and awful second time!  its a good race and well worth doing BUT dont expect a pb.  this will be my 5th time of racing it
  • is it worth travelling to?

    If its not pb material is it good scenery etc

  • when you say it;s not a pb course in general how much slower is it? do does the fact i live in the peak district mean its better suited to me as i am used to running hills

  • I'll be running this for the first time on sunday....making my way from cannock

  • so did anyone do this? 

     i really enjoyed it, will be doing it again next year hopefully.

     that hill 2nd time round was murder, lol.

     finished in 1hr 10mins which i was pleased with

  • yes i did it

    really enjoyed the race definately will do it again

    great support from locals and marshalls

    yes that hill was a killer! very glad when i got to top second time!

    i wanted to finish under 1hr 20min and did it in 1hr 16mins very happy!

  • Haha nice one, any idea where we can view the race photo's?

    I could of cried half way up that hill the 2nd time! V.tough but good training for the great north run which I'll be running for the first time this year image
  • Hi all

    Are there any showering facilities for after the race?



  • Don't think there was last year mate
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