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I have entered the Chester Marathon later this year on Sunday 9th November, since this, the Liverpool marathon has also been set for this same day, to have two marathons 20 miles apart on the same day is stupidity of the highest order, maybe we'll meet in the middle!

Due to this I am led to believe that Chester numbers are suffering.

Is anyone thinking what I'm thinking, drop the empty Chester race for the Liverpool one which will attract significant numbers, has anyone run the Chester MBNA and can advise? does anyone know the numbers exppected to run? 


  • 9th october even ?

    Yes it is a pain that they are the same day but I reckon they'll sort the dates out better next year.

    I dont know why you'd not run Chester though ? Surely it deserves your support ?
  • If numbers are suffering at  Chester then so be it, less people to get in your way. Liverpool wont be as fast as Chester and its point to point so im all in favour of Chester
  • haha do you work for liverpool marathon?

    chester has a limit of 6,500 that theyll almost certainly reach. already sold about 4000 so its not like you're going to get lonely!

    dont know why everyones complaining about them being on the same day. If they were a week or 2 weeks apart would you race them both?!

  • Exactly a point I was going to make. They are both entitled to hold Autumn marathons
  • Nobody's run the Chester Marathon in its current format - it's a new route at a different time of year. I think the same is true of the Liverpool one.

    It's a pain they're on the same date but let's face it, if they were a couple of weeks apart or even a month, I doubt many people would run both. It's only really a pain for locals who want a marathon but can't run that particular weekend.

    I don't know why you feel the date clash will affect numbers at Chester more than Liverpool? Although I'm with PFS on this, I don't want my run spoilt by too many runners.

    It's Chester for me, mainly because because I'd decided I was going to do it before I heard about the Liverpool one.

    There are pretty comprehensive threads for both races here, both of which (I think) have people involved in the organisation of the races on them:



  • I heard from the Chester organisers that the fiels is already 4 times bigger than last year which is good news, and I'm happy to run Chester.

    Knowing both places it would be Chester all the way just a pity the Liverpool race was put on the same date, and answering your points

    Cougie - Yes they will get my support, this year and next

    PFS - Liverpool may not be as fast (can't claim that will affect my decision) but neither will it look as good

    Treadmill - Yes if there was a two week gap I'd aim to do both as local marathons, and having had the experience I wouldn't work in Liverpool for a gold clock

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