Chased by a goose.............any other funny stories?



  • Geese are particularly angry this time of year I have had a number of encounters with them this year, I’ve not been chased just hissed at and had a few rear up at me with wings spread, quite a scary sight!  I like running on canal towpaths and around lakes so I guess I have to put up with it.

    A couple of weeks ago I was running across a car park by the River, when two geese became really angry making loads of noise wings spread going crazy.  Our paths were about to intercept on the car park and I was hoping this anger was not directed towards me.  I changed direction so I would end up running behind them, they were still going crazy.  Then I realised what they were up to on the far side of the car park there are mirrored offices, they were only squaring up to their own reflections when they got there they were pecking and trying to fight themselves.

    It made me chuckle for the rest of my run.

  • There's an area in Telford called Donnington (used to be home of a big army ordanance depot that used to catch fire every other year). I got asked several times where the race track or the airport was because people had come to Donnington rather than Castle Donington, home of Donington Park race circuit and East Midlands Airport. Apparently the taxi drivers at the station in Telford make good money from business people who arrive in Telford and then have to take a taxi the 50 miles to Castle Donington.
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    I've had several of dogs suddenly appear alongside me and start running - the furthest I took one was about 2 miles and back again - it was a collie with boundless energy and I knew I was going out and back. By the time I got back to the house it had come from the owner was just coming to see where he'd been...

    Also horses and the odd cow running in fields alongside the road that start running alongside me too.

    Best was a hare - we get quite a lot round our way. It overtook me (well, I am a tortoise in comparison) on the road, but then kept stopping every 50 yards or so till I caught up, then took off again....we went on like that for about a mile until a car appeared and it took off into a field.
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    This reminds me of my running mate the Shetland sheep.

    I was on Shetland a couple of years ago. I went for a run, about eight miles, early on Sunday morning. Didn't see another human being. DID see a sheep that had somehow got through the fence and on to the road.

    As I pounded along image the poor (utterly stupid) thing panicked and assumed I was chasing it. So it took off up the road ahead of me. Not into the thousands of acres of nothingness to either side. No. It bustled along the road, looking over its shoulder every few yards to bleat pathetically.

    This went on for a couple of miles, when more by accident than design it blundered into a wrecked old shelter and I thought that was the last I'd seen of it. I continued to the four-mile turnaround point, and started back. Saw the sheep nervously grazing by the shelter. Then it saw me, panicked, thought I was chasing it and yes...bustled off ahead of me, looking over its shoulder every few yards to bleat pathetically. For exactly the same two-mile stretch of road, until it suddenly recognised its mates and stopped at the fence to tell them all about it.

    Sheep run at about 5.5 miles an hour, for future reference.
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