Running to clasical I the only one?

I was wondering if someone else listens to classical music while running/jogging.

I mean, things like Operas, ballets, Tchaikousky, Strauss waltz, etc and to folk, tradictional music................

Do you think i am strange by running listening to La Traviatta, or Swan Lake or the blue danube or Carmen? or The mexican hat dance or la bamba?

I know that most people use fast beat strong music while running, as it helps, and i used to do it too, but then i discovered that a waltz also helps me run fast, as i enjoy the music and helps me to feel good and therefore not be so tired..............................

In some way is strange, but i get the same effect............................or more, because i feel as if i was sliding over the road while i listen to a waltz...........................

is it strange?


  • Mozart's Horn concertos or Vivaldi's Four Seasons (love the Autumn) for me on my long runs I'm afraid so there must be at least 2 of us image
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    I don't listen to music when I run but I could imagine Vivaldi's Four Seasons putting a spring in my step.

    That pun wasn't even intended, but I know no one will believe me.


  • When I did listen to music it was usually classical or film scores - I can't do it now - tinnitus
  • Not proper classical music I suppose, but I find the Daft Punk soundtrack to the new Tron movie to be really inspiring. That is more orchestral than most stuff I have.

    I think it's about whatever makes you feel good or inspired. V interested to hear your approach Fatima... might give it a try. 

    Phil I'll see your pun and raise you...

    Gait-hoven's Piano Concerto....


  • You aren't the only one. Though I don't run with music I can often have music running through my head as I run and it's often classic. Nice light waltzes are really uplifting if I am feeling tired, and then something Wagnerian is great for speed and hills.

    You are not alone. image

  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    I don't run listening to classical music (too much of a running purist), but I'm an amateur violinist and frequently have snatches of whatever I'm rehearsing running (just for Phil...) through my head when I'm training.  At the moment: the waltz movement from Berlioz's Symphonie Fantastique.  Seeing as it's dotted crotchet = 60, thinking in quavers gives a nice 180 stride rate image
  • I'll listen to pretty much anything while running, and I rarely allow the music to affect my pace (at least not on a conscious level anyway).
  • I don't listen to classical music when I'm running but I do when I'm jogging image hehe

    On a serious note, no it's not weird you run to classical music. The recommended running tracks I find too fast. Sometimes I prefer to run to something along the lines of James Newton Howard, or the theme tunes to Dexter series!

  • I wish more people listened to classical music on their ipods on the tube, the selfish disco-pumped up bastids.
  • not classical but i tried some instrumental.

    i put on the vangelis soundtrack to chariots of fire but the biggest problem i found is that it made me run in slow motion.   

  • But I bet you were still flippin quick over the mile though, skotty image
  • in my head i was.

    in reality probably even slower than usual.

  • Don't listen to music when running, the odd podcast on a long run but often listen to classical music. It's very relaxing usually after a stressful day at work.
  • Classical...


    Bleak Expectations and The Goons Show! - Love it when running! keeps the spirits up!

  • Or the Archers omnibus!!
  • ooooh, Bleak Expectations - AWESOME!! image
  • Scandinavian viking heavy metal..... image   good combative music....
  • I don't listen to music much while running - I often run along country lanes and want to be aware of the traffic - but if I do, it's always classical. An LSR is a good excuse to listen to something really long (Mahler, Bruckner, Wagner) or to get acquainted with something new (I recently got very familiar with some of the symphonies of Martinu). It can have it's drawbacks, though: a recent run whilst listening to Christine Schaeffer in Schubert's Winterreise suffered from severe wind resistance due to hair standing on end. Also running whilst crying is not recommended.
  • The pace variations could be interesting with say....

    Radestksy March (Strauss)  (Karajan conducting the audienceimage

    'Post Horn Gallop' (I wanted this to leave the Church to, after we got married, but 'was shot down in flames' - can't imagine why...................)

    William Tell Overture (it just had to be this version to illustrate it.......)

    'Sabre Dance'  (let alone the fantastic guitar version by DaveEdmunds) (Edmuds)

  • Green EyesGreen Eyes ✭✭✭
    I don't run to music but I quite often turbo (and iron) to Handels Messiah image
  • Good to see that i am not the only one who runs to clasical music.

    yesterday i went for an evening jog and it was near a countryside green and vegetation and i was listening to the sping theme from vivaldi. It was quite nice, as you can get a good feel of the music and the greenery around...................and then you realise how it was composed.............that piece is really like the spring in the countriside................

    Also, me being spanish i also use folkloric musis, like the Gipsy Kings, and similar....................ole!

    I also like the "operture piece" of Carmen, is very uplifting. I use that one when i start feeling heavy legs need that extra energy.

    The other day it was quite funny. I was litening to a waltz and i was sliding a bit from side to side, like walzting down the street............quite funny.

    Other times i can't help moving my hands at the rythm of the music, as if directing a orchestra.........................peope looking may think i'm quite weird out there..........................

  • Really glad you posted this, as I thought I was the only one! I don't listen to music while running outside, because I want to be alert for what's around me, but yes, I often have (classical, or e.g. Loreena McKennitt) music in my head. And I like classical music to listen to if I'm on the treadmill.

    Could we do some play lists of fast and uplifting music? I've already bought the "20 thunderous classics" CD. I was wondering if some Spanish guitar music might be appropriately fast-paced for 180 cadence?

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