Peris horseshoe ... route?

I'm thinking of doing the Peris Horseshoe and am (almost) coincidentally in the area this weekend. Just wondering if anyone has the low down on the route from Beris to Elidir Fawr, is it:

a) between Llynau Peris / Padarn then through the slate mines

b) up track up near Nant Peris

c) other (please be so kind as to state)




  • Thanks for taking the time to read 

    the web delivers:

    llanberis, up track towards quarry hospital, off early on and up the inclines then carry on these all the way to main quarry by way, left at the byway, along the long shed, through the gate, follow the zig zag road to top of quarry then to elidir Fawr


    starts directly infront of the slate museum in exactly the same field as the famous Snowdon up and down race. It now goes up the slate incline all the way through the quarries until you reach the summit of Elidir Fawr


  • Chas - are you turning out on Saturday?

    any other RW forumites?

    I'll be there! image

  • Best of luck. I won't be there as I'm battling an arm infection. Next year maybe. I hope it goes well for you!
  • it chucked it down with rain, blew a gale and the cloud was down on most of the route, but I enjoyed it in a perverse kind of way, and did finish, so q.proud of myself! image

    brilliant event though (organisation & atmosphere) - definitely recommend it for next year image

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