Suffolk Fat Ass 67k

Heya Flynn

Great to hear that your are organising this low key event.

I am on the long road to recovery after breaking my right leg in 3 places. I might.....just might give this a try as its in the school hols. It would be my longest run since the Ridgeway ultra champs last year. Good luck with the organisation chap


  • I'm very interested in this too.
  • UB: Low key is what I'm aiming for. It's going to be a fabulous run.
    Aud: You're more that welcome to come along.

    Apologies for ignoring this thread. Wasn't deliberate just lots of things on.

    The event is still on. Going to be putting some resources together this week for people to have. Some maps, train times etc.

    Key thing to determine in the next two weeks will be where we can get water along the route. Hopefully a nice village shop will sort us out.
  • I've just changed the website to a different address (previous providers were awful) and I've put a load more information on there. Over the next couple of weeks I'll increase the content as I get all the details sorted out.
  • Would anyone have any objections to me moving the start time to 10am rather than 8am?

    Reason being that I think it will be easier to get to the start on time given that the trains can be late and that people might be coming from a distance away and 8am means a very early start for some.

    Downside is that we'll finish later in the day.

  • Actually I just had a rethink. I reckon 9am is a better compromise between getting up early and getting on with the race.

    Are people happy with that?
  • 9 is fine by me.
  • OK. 9am it is. I've updated the website and race entry to reflect that.
  •  whart OS map number will I find the stour and orwell walks on?  Are they marked like the Pathfinder?  Sorry if this is a ridiculous question.

  • The version of the route that I'm taking as gospel is this one:

    I'm getting in contact with the Suffolk Coast and Heaths AONB people this week to get the exact route.

    I've been putting lots more information on the event website as well:
  • I have added maps to the website which detail (what I currently think are) and start and finish points. These were taken from the LDWA website so I'd tend to trust them.
  • The route is now confirmed as I have a complete map of the course now. I shall post this up on the website before Friday. I need a little time for format it so that it can be printed.

    This weekend I'm heading out to Felixstowe to recce the start point and various parts of the course. Key things to find are a couple of places in the 2nd half of the route where we can get water from. Hoping for a nice pub or village shop. I'm confident that there's going to be a few places.
  • I have just booked a minibus to transport runners from the finish line (at Cattawade) to the start (which is next to the Golf Club on the coast in Felixstowe).

    Transport is leaving Cattawade at 7:45am to ensure we're at the start point on time.

    If you want to utilise this transport then the cost is £12. I arrive at this figure because it's the cost of a train ticket from Manningtree to Felixstowe (£6) plus the cost of a taxi from Felixstowe station to the start point (£6).
  • Details of this will be uploaded to the website tonight.

    I also found out last night that the route doesn't go over the Orwell Bridge. In fact the route takes us into Ipswich and around the Marina. Which means that instead of a windy crossing using the bridge we'll get some mileage along the coast.
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