New York Marathon 2011


Race organisers are just so frustrating. I have a place in New York this year but the wife is now expecting with a due date of 3rd November just 3 days before the race. I pleaded with her but to no avail.

So I tried New York Road Runners and they said I could defer but would have to pay the full price again next year. Now here's the annoying bit. I have a qualifying time that would get me a place next year anyway so there is no point at all in deferring. NYRR agreed and said there is no point in deferring.

So I have a place that will not be used yet there are thousands of runners out there who would love to have a go at New York - Crazy!

I also booked hotels for the weekend on a non refundable basis image

This baby is costing me a fortune and it's not even arrived yet


  • Perhaps I've missed something here, but your wife is having the baby, yes?  Not you? 

    So what's the problem?


    Nice set of man-boobs, btw image

  • Apparently it had something to do with me?

    And she says it's more important than running. I think that pregnancy is sending her a bit loopy
  • Thanks on the moobs btw
  • Is there no way of cancelling, giving them the opportunity to allocate your place to someone else?

    On the other hand, just because your wife is due then doesn't mean that will be the delivery date. She may deliver early, allowing you to be there for the birth and still go away for a long weekend. Or there may be no sign of the baby's arrival and you can still go.

  • Don't go there Statt0.

    The due date is 3 days before the race so if it comes early I'm needed. If it doesn't come early then it will be due any minute and I'll be needed. Now I'm not sure what 'needed' means as I have read a few books and it looks like I have done all that I'm required to do in the process.

    Had lengthy discussions with NYRR and they say I can defer and pay full next year. But I can get an automatic place anyway so there is no benefit to me. Its ridiculous that you cant swap it to a runner that really wants to run in this day and age.

    I cant sell it on here either as the Forum police won't allow it.
  • R Dave..  I will be in New York that weekend...  if you can find a way to officially transfer the place, I'll buy it from you...   I'm not willing to do it unofficially or lie...  but, I'll be there anyway...

    Send me a PM if you can work a way to do it...

    I applied in the ballot and was unsuccessful..

  • No worries Dark Vader.

    You can't change the name on the entry. It's so frustrating that people like you would love to run it but were rejected yet I can't run for a very genuine reason and were unable to do what everyone on the planet would agree is sensible!


    The only way to do it would be for someone to run in my name I guess
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