Hi from a newby - after some advice please!

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I'm new to running and am currently on week 4 of a training plan I found on here (running 5 minutes, walking 2 minutes, 4 times).

I've also joined a running club for beginners who are coincidentally following the same plan!

The problem I'm having at the moment is breathing! Although I feel OK when I'm running, I don't SOUND ok - my breathing comes out in loud wheezy gasps and I'm worried that somebody I pass is going to call an ambulance or something! It seems to go back to normal after about 30secs of the walky bit.

It isn't too bad when I go out with the running club as it's a flat route along the canal - but when I go out on my own there's a few slight hills which seems to make all the difference.

I was fairly fit and active before I started running, I'm not overweight and don't have asthma or anything.

 Does it get easier to breathe? Or are there any breathing techniques that may help me?  Or am I just destined to be loud and wheezy forever? (I DO feel OK and can keep going despite sounding otherwise!)



  • Could be sports induced asthma-look it up online
  • Thanks - I'm not sure, I do cough a bit towards the end of my runs too. I suppose I'll have to go to the doctor  to get checked out if it doesn't get any better soon.

    Strangely, the best run I've ever done is after I did 10mins on the cross trainer before I set off!

  • Well if it is, it does improve as you get fitterimage
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