Mueller ITB Band slipping

Hey guys,

Just looking for some advice. I have a Mueller ITB Band, and it comes loose after every mile or so. This is ok for a quick run, but can be annoying over 18 miles!

 Any suggestions on how to keep it in place? The velcro is gradually becoming loose as I ran, and I have to stop and tighten it!

 Thanks, B.


  • Tit tape

    Or elastoplast?

  • Strange, I am on my 3rd and never had a problem, have you had it a while?
  • I have had it about 2 months..I tried insulating tape, but still it slips. Must be my style of running I guess! image

    I was thinking of a safety pin, but don't want to rip it!

  • Just replying on this as I have accidentally discovered a solution!

     I wear undershorts (lycra/cycling shorts) under my running shorts, and recently purchased a pair that have rubber grip at the bottom of each leg. Each leg sits just above my knee, and covers a bit of the Mueller band. The rubber from the shorts is gribbing the rubber from the Mueller band, and causing a good grip hold.

     This is fantastic, now I can run freely without stopping! Did 8 miles and had no problems with it!

  • Hi

    I have just been diagnosed with ITBS. I was on here just checking out how common it was, I take it you guys who use the band have reuccuring problems or simply can't shake it ? Very disappointed as after my first HM wanted to push on but this came on straight after I finished the HM. Tried rest but this obviously didn't work so got profesional advice. Is the band a last resort or does it help you get back running sooner??


  • Hi Brian,

                         Putting it frankly, the band has cured my ITBS. No doubt if  I took the band off, it would reoccur. But I can run 18+ miles wearing this band and never have an issue the the ITB. It's a great product, but cannot guarantee it will work for everyone!


  • hi brian, they dont work for everyone, when i had itbs (I had it in both legs at one point) i tried everything, foam roller, band, stretcing excercises, physio etc nothing worked.  You need to make sure you are in the right shoes and then what worked for me was just a few weeks rest and then a very gradual reintroduction to running, adding on a mile per week.  Its a very frustrating injury, i ran a marathon in absolute agony with it, but it is beatable, everyone seems to be differnet.

    I guarantee someone else will be along soon to offer a different solution and many different websites will tell you many diffeerent things, but stick at it and you will find the right solution for you.

  • I think Last Place has got it right - you have to find the solution that works for you.  I am currently suffering a bout of ITB which I haven't had since my first marathon in 2007.  Have done 14 more since then and two ultras, so it's not just new runners who suffer!!  I'm hoping to run through it, having rested, iced and had massages, as I have a long event coming up.  We'll see!!
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