Ankle swelling but no pain

Yesterday, I noticed a large swelling on the top of my foot / front of my ankle.  It's like a large fluid filled lumpy thing.....quite 'puffy'.  There is no pain at all, even if I prod it.  Got up this morning and, although it had gone down somewhat, it was still there.  Anyway, just done the Fernwood 5k and it's swelled right up again.  It's very noticable but, again, no pain.  Any ideas what it could be?  I've never had anything like it before.


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    Synovial fluid? It is trying to protect your ankle. Give your running a rest for a short time.
  • I'm not a doctor but it sounds exactly like a stage one ankle sprain. Treat it like an injury, rest, ice, compression, elevation for a couple of days. Think about what you've doing that might have aggravated it, have you been landing laterally on the foot while walking or running? With a few days of rest it might be fine, but it is a warning so try and work out what is causing it.

    Good luck
  • Well, as an update.  After the Fernwood 5k yesterday it stayed dwelled up all day but went down again over night last night.  Done the North Muskham 5k this morning and it's swollen up again.

    The only thing I can think of that I'm doing slightly differently is shortening my pace so that I'm landing more on my midfoot, rather than going further forward and risking heel striking.  I started to try this after reading the advantages on this forum.  Could it just be a transitional thing that will settle down once my feet 'learn' to land differently?  I must say that while I've been running like this I'm landing a lot softer and seem to have more power in my legs, so it would be a shame if it's also causing me problems.  I'm not running at all tomorrow and will try to give it a miss on Tuesday, too, which will mean my next running day will be Thursday. 

    The problem is I also cycle a lot and go spinning twice a week, so it's difficult to know if it's actually running that's the problem  image

    Thank you so much for your thoughts and advice  image

  • I think the cross training should be fine. The midfoot landing is fine too, but it sounds like you might be landing too laterally. Make sure the ball of your foot lands first and that you're not reaching forward with your little toe to land there and it should be fine. Good luck.
  • By 'laterally' do you mean over to the in supination?  I naturally overpronate, so have Brooks Adrenaline 11 to correct it.  It's possible that, now I've shortened my stride, I could be landing more on the outside of my foot.  I have a look at that next time I run.  It's quite a science to run 'properly'  image  Thank you for your help.
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