First Park Run Done

I've been jogging for about nine weeks now and have just been persuaded to complete my first Park Run!

I did it this morning and am feeling good now. (Though my lungs can really feel they've worked whereas they don't usually register).

Also,I thought I'd start this thread to say to anyone else who was baffled as I was they I now know what "race pace" is. I do training runs at varying paces but hadn't known if I was anywhere near a race pace.

Now I know- from straining not to be completely last and to at least keep the other stragglers from the main pack in site that race pace is faster than I would ever run any training! But that I somehow kept it up throughout the 5k and managed a sprint at the end (Motivated quite alot that a Mum was running with her tiny- possibly seven year old- son and I thought a spurt might see me at least beat them-it didn't!).

There was a slight low point when I mistook the 2k marker for the 2 mile marker and got ready to be near the end- then realised I wasn't even half way! I was probably saved from any further disappointment by not knowing the course- and then finding the 4k marker approached more rapidly and then I could see the finishing flag. Phew.

As well as meeting a few people that I knew, and chatting a bit to some other runners, I think it's been worth doing because, nine weeks in, it's pushed me more than I would have pushed myself and gives me confidence that I can go on from here- to the Great North Run.

I hadn't been even going to do the Park Run until I knew for sure I could do 5k at 39 minutes, but a few people said I should just go for it anyway because it would give me confidence and it wouldn't matter if I was last (I was second to last!). still waiting for the times to come up, but it was about 40 mins- which for a two stone overweight plodder like me, feels like a great thing to build on!

Anyone else wondering whether to Park Run I'd say just go for it. Well organised, friendly event, and great to get running with other actual people. I'll be going again next week... (and surely my training runs will now feel amazingly easy...maybe).


  • Well done, Kate. Now you have a time behind you, you have something to aim at, and some idea of what your own 'race pace' is. Which parkrun was it?
  • Thank you.Newcastle. Nice day for it too. sort of calm and cloudy.
  • Yeah, nice day for it here on Wimbledon Common too. Good stuff. Keep it up.
  • Well done you, I wish there was a park run near me they sound like great fun and a good way of gauging how well you are progressing when your new to running.
  • Where in the UK are you Liz?
  • I'm in Yeovil, somerset i did try and find a run but didn't have much luck.
  • Yeah. You're kind of equidistant from Poole, Exeter and Ashton Court. Maybe someone should start one in Yeovil....
  • Yeah all of which are around 2 hour round trip away so a bit far for a run, i'll keep an eye out for some one starting one that would be great.
  • Well done image
  • Cara HCara H ✭✭✭

    Nice one image

    I've done 3 parkruns and they are great for measuring progress and seeing the wide variety of people who run. I wanted to go today, but needed a lie in since I start nights tonight, and didn't think that being awake from 7am until 8am tomorrow was particularly sensible (9am - 8am isn't much better, but hey ho!)

  • Maybe, Liz, you could set about doing it....
  • Well done Kate! image

    Had to miss parkrun today for various reasons, but really enjoy the atmosphere and friendliness of Brighton parkrun when I can make it.

    Keep up the good running.
  • Well done Kate image

    Parkruns are great for motivation. Don't make the big mistake I made today and go far too fast at the start. LOL

    keep it up and you will break the 40 mins barrier.

  • Peter Collins wrote (see)
    Maybe, Liz, you could set about doing it....

    Not sure a park run/walk/run/walk would be many peoples cup of tea.image

    Maybe once i can actually run a decent distance without stopping i could look into it.

  • You might be surprised Liz- 226 folks in Newcastle today- is nice to think of all those other park runs happening all over the country at the same time!

    Hope you find an equivalent anyway (though the running club sounds good)

    and thanks for the other congrats folks. I've had my official result through and it's 38'19. Am gobsmacked! That's at least 5 minutes quicker than I've done on my own.

    What an incentive it is to keep on pushing on...
  • Liz Diamond wrote (see)
    Peter Collins wrote (see)
    Maybe, Liz, you could set about doing it....

    Not sure a park run/walk/run/walk would be many peoples cup of tea.image

    Maybe once i can actually run a decent distance without stopping i could look into it.

    Liz - I think KFW is right, 11,000+ runners every Saturday morning at 75+ venues all over the place givesa clue to the popularity! image
  • Don't get me wrong i would love to have a park run near me i would be there every week. I run alone 99% of the time so would love to be able to guage my running against others and see how i am improving over time.

    Just gutted there isn't one close enough

  • Someone in the area should just contact the organisation and point out there isn't one nearby....

    Any good parks in Yeovil for running?
  • Yeah there was a 10km race this morning in yeovil country park so I'm sure it could be organised in that area.

    Check out 'Parkrun' website and go to events, look at Yeovil area. Looks like a it going to be a great event.

    Yeovil Montacute parkrun takes placeevery Saturdayat 9:00amStarts 7 September 2013

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