Robinhood half marathon

Inmarch this year i had just recovered from a year of being quite ill and had had my appendix out on Christmass eve. i dicided that i wanted to do a half marathon, mainly because my husband always said that i would never do it. Anyway, I started training in the gym with the help of an instructor i started to run after avioding anything to do with exercise for most of my life
gradually we increesed the length of time that i would run. i always doubted that i would actually be able to do the half marathon. July came and he fixed a date for the race and set out a proper traing programme for me to follow . i must admit i found it really hard going. 4 days fof running a week i don't think i can do this i kept saying. The last 2 weeks of traning i found very hard first my hips went then my shins were very painfull then the saturday before the race my hip went again. Pride would not let me pull out my husband said i would never do it and i was determind to prove him wrong even if it killed me.

Sunday came i was so nerviours i didn't sleep much the night before cause i kept having nightmares.

We got there at about 9.45 and to run to the start line i didn't here the start gun but everyone stated to move so i presumed that we had started.

What a rece i did feel a little sick for the first 2-3 miles but after that really enjoyed myself i was told that it would be very hilly but i didn't notice tham at all the spectators were very suportive too it felt so good to sprint through the finish line i think it is the fist time that i shouted YES when i had done something . i was surprises that it was not as hard as i thought it would be. ive been on a high since. cannot wait till the next time.

i feel that i can do any thing if i really want to.

My family can't believe that i have done it.

So if anyone is having doubts don't if i can do it anyone can and i meen anyone.


  • Well done! I ran this race and the crowds were excellent. What's your next goal?
  • Woweeeeeeee JellyBean,
    What a day in your life eh! Congratulations! To come from your starting point is really fantastic. Illness, injury & self-doubt, you'vr had it all. I'm sure you want to shout from the roof tops (wouldn't we all !).
    I was running on Sunday, & I know there were traffic problems so I was afraid some people wouldn't make the start line in time. But, you did. And what an impact you made!! I hope your husband appreciates what an achiever he has for a wife. If not I'm afraid it may be due to the chromosomes (does that sound like an excuse?).
    You've had a long journey and you've been rewarded. Good Luck to you in any future journeys.
  • Congrats to JellyBean, Lycra Kitten, and Jim Noone, no doubt a load more ran this race as well, well done to all of you such an event bet you all do it again one day!
  • Thanks Jim,kitten, and nutty Y es i will be doning it again one day, I am thinking about doing the FLM but not next year may be the year after i want to let my legs get used to the idea of running first. i had quite a lost of injeries along the way of the robinhood and i want to get that sorted out be fore comiting myself to anything as big as the FLM. I have been told that i over pronate quite badly and that need to be corrected . I'm going to do a few more halfs before i atempt to do a full marathon but i WILL do one.

    My husband, when i told him my time he said that people have completed a whole marthon in the time it took me to do the half. Well thats men for you. mind you he didn't Want me to do it in the first place. It's the first time that i have done something just for me and i feel good.
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