Races in France

Anybody know how I can find out what's on over there. I am in France Basses Normandy area staying at Le Haut Fresnay 61330 Loré.
I am there from 6-20 August, would love to race up to Half Marathon.
Anybody help out ?




  • There's a website called Le Bipede which lists races in France. 

    Being able to understand a bif of French will help, as there is no English translation.

    Look under 'Calendrier des courses' and put in the month, department, distance, etc., to find races.

    To race in France you will need a medical certificate - or letter from your doctor - stating you are fit to run a race.  Some races will now accept a UKA Competition LIcence, if you have one.

  • You will need a doctor's letter /certificate to race in France
  • There is also a site called Topchrono.biz , but they're slow to put the events until the last minute, almost. Another is jesuiusuncoureur.com

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