Sports Massage

I've recently come back from injury and am training full on again. I'm running 60 mile+ p/w.

I have been trying to pin point my weaknesses and the one main problem I have is after 20 mile or so my hamstrings hurt like hell. I'm not talking general soreness they really hurt.

I stretch regularly and try and strengthen my hamstrings three times a week.

I know ultra running and pain come hand in hand but I'm wondering whether regular massaging would help this problem?  Or is there something else I could be doing?


  • Maybe the running 60+ miles a week? What was the injury, how long were you off, how long have you taken to build up mileage again?

    Sport massage is a valuable tool that can make the difference between running and not running, rest does not cure an injury it just postpones it, you have to treat the injury itself.

  • Injury was a MCL strain. Which I have worked with my physio and recovered from using daily exercises prescibed by him. I never totally stopped running just reduced mileage and cross trained more. The mileage build up was exactly as my physio recommended.

    Maybe I need not have mentioned my injury really as I feel I have that covered.

    My hamstrings only hurt during prolonged running and return to normal fairly quickly not like I'm carrying a further injury. Just wondered whether regular massage would help alleviate the pain?

  • Might be worth putting a massage stick in your half way drop bag for that 100 mile event. 
  • *Dill* wrote (see)

    Maybe I need not have mentioned my injury really as I feel I have that covered.

    Always mention the injury if you get a sports massage matey. It’s important to the person who gives it to you and yes it can help, the massage can help supplement and help the injury problem along side a physio.

    Regular deep tissue stuff can help you just don’t forget if you do decide to do it to tell the person before hand of any issue’s. If you tell them part way through they might cause you some slight pain as a punishment. image 
  • I agree totally with Cake. I recently had an injury that would not go away. After 4 weeks I decided to visit my physio, and within minutes she diagnosed an out of line pelvis, which see manipulated back into place. after one more session I was back running with no problems. Physios and sports massages play an important part in injury prevention and cure.

  • I've considered massage for a while now it's only because i'm a tight wad that I've not taken the plunge.

    Might book a session up and see how it goes.

  • Sports massage is not just a massage. (Well, that depends who you go to.)
    I use loads of different treatments which can indeed even cure long term niggles/pain/injuries and even change posture.
    In some cases you can't always "get rid" of them, as it depends what's brought them on but you can keep active pain free for significant amount of time even if the same niggles come back eventually.
    But the trick there is to keep having regular treatments. I'm not saying every week, it all depends on individual, and your financial situation.

    But knowing what I know being a sports therapist myself, I wouldn't even dream of running and going without them regularly.

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