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 I have ballooned to just over 14st. This time 5 years ago I was an healthy fit 11st guy who used to run miles everyweek. Finding it hard to get motivated. I know it's a case of getting off my fat arse and getting out there but for the first time feel like I need help. I live in Tiptree and the only running club near me are for runners who can run at least five miles and I would really struggle to do that now. Any sensible ideas ?


  • There is lots of good info tucked in amongst the sarcasm on this website so browse and consume. My advice would be a slow and consistent start. Avoid macho desire to go out fast and long. Start with an achievable goal of a mile as it's something u can associate with. Adopt run walk initially if u have to but just move. 3 or 4'times a week set yrself little challenges as u progress and steady away. Its a long complicated process to get fit so why not do yr thinking on the move!

    Try to avoid injuries at all costs build strength think bat yr diet and immerse yrself in the running world as it will inspire u to want to progress.
    Good luck.
  • I joined Slimming World and have so far come down from 19 stone to 16 stone. Can do one run a week (sometimes two) but its very slow going and the memory of prehistoric PBs and the speed of youthful stupidity don't help. All advice welcomed.

    Keep On Running. ChrisEverest

  • For me it was matter of getting "teched up" - bought a Garmin GPS watch and logged all my runs online - kept me motivated as I could easily see the improvement, set goals etc.. not as good as having a mate with you, or a group running but it goes a long way.  Looking back even a few weeks into the logs I could see huge improvements at the start.

  • As GTC has stated, setting achievable but challenging goals is key. Sometimes it's more motivating to aim to run to a specific location, and not being concerned with the distance or the time. You may also want to take a look at the NHS' C25K plan.


    My biggest motivation for running comes from Dean Karnazes' book, The Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an all-night Runner. Give it a read, highly inspiring and will help tackle any motivational issues.

  • He might not be anymore... Thread is nearly 2 years old!
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