Snowdonia 24hr Mountain Challenge

Im keen to do this who else in runners world is up for this challenge?


  • thinking about it for next year, defo need to get in more training for this one.

    Anyone done this one before, what sort of equipment do you need?

    because surely some of it will be in the dark (it is 24hr challenge) and I assume that there won't be many lights up Snowdon.

  • Be interesting to here feedback from this one, not entered this year but thinking about it for 2012.

  • Bump!

     I can't find any evidence that this even happened, let alone any advice, or reports from entrants.

    The event webpage has now dissappeared (it was there 2 weeks ago). I emailed the contact address, no reply.

    Is it a big secret?

  • Just found this little forum....I paid and entered teh event.
    Was friends with Mike the organiser on facebook until today, as I have been chasing a refund for over a month now.

    Originally I was told sponsorship pulled out last minute event will go ahead around same time this year, contact by myself was continued with regards to the event until end of October came to pass when I asked for refund, have recived part payment of £15 but further requests from Mike Buss resulted in ingoring me or "when I have it" or "shortly"
    I have named and shamed him for bad business as far as I see it bearing in mind hte company has ceased trading he told me but he continued to tell me the event was going ahead, I had to ask him about it all the time, never did he take the time to contact me and inform me of anything.

    I have lost £44.50 to Mikes Pockets and new gym recently set up, he did when we were talking mention this event and possible other....a word of warning steer WELL clear of this mans events!

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