PSOF Championships 2012

Customarily decided on Bala weekend and they have had long enough to dry out the ballot papers

An executive decision has been made to give The Outlaw some of the PSOF experience in 2012,  this will allow people to enjoy the Olympics and not have to fork out a shed load in the next few weeks for race entries!

This will also give everyone time to save some money for the 2013 extravaLanza     image

Lets make this a good one  !!


  • <lurking>

  • I might try and join the ship for then image when will you start recruiting (press gang) new pirates for the 2012 outlaw?
  • Best start the kit order now then!? image image
  • Keep eating the pies Gladys ... you'll be needing the next size up   image
  • I have the slightly sick feeling in my stomach now, that I had when I entered my first half-marathon. And all I've done is look at the Outlaw website.....

    Any news on a 2012 half-distance? Could do Bala as a warm up, then Outlaw a month later?

  • Oooh that was a yes from Gladys.  (I've written it down) image
  • Cat, Bala is the usual warm up event for the Pirates, it just so happened it clashed with the Deca this year

    HC, I saw Gladys say yes as well

    Time for a list    image
  • *lurks*
  • I have decided not to go long next year so it will be a relay (swim or bike) or supporting for me!

    Good plan for 2012 though, racing in UK image

  • Interesting....
  • *wibbles*

    I'd love to make it a yes but I really CAN'T fecking swim.image

    And I'm 40 next year. image

  • I can't swim either, LB image
    (We've got 13 months to sort that though... image )
  • LIVERBIRD wrote (see)


    I'd love to make it a yes but I really CAN'T fecking swim.imageAnd I'm 40 next year. image
    well yoou can learn to  swim but I am afraid you cant do anything about getting old   image

    Anyone wibbling about swimming at this stage in the game should put some of that energy towards learning to do so
  • I really would love to. Mr LB keeps telling me I CAN'T.

    How do you do something like this without support?

  • Is he saying you can't because he thinks you are physically incapable or is it because of the time commitment to training, LB?
  • LB .. the overriding message over the years on these threads would suggest that it would be extremely difficult without the support of the significant other
  • No such word as 'Can't'. It just means you haven't thought of a way of doing it yet!
  • *Frodo* wrote (see)
    Is he saying you can't because he thinks you are physically incapable or is it because of the time commitment to training, LB?

    Both I think Frodo. He's terrified of the time commitment and I think he worries I would kill myself trying. I'm not the best marathonner in the world and he knows I wouldn't stop until they cart me off in an ambulance and I think it scares him.

    I must say I'm disappointed he thinks this way. I really AM scared of water. If it were a pool swim I'd be happy but I'm a survivor of a drowning incident and I panic a lot. I really wish I learned properly when I had the chance. Maybe that's the first thing I need to put right.

  • If it helps, I'm not that far from you and Farnie too?

    Seriously, I have a big job interview on Friday *wibble* and if that leads to something, then there's no way I'm going to be doing an IM next year. But if it doesn't, then I cannot bear the thought of not doing something completely new and challenging in the next 12 months image

    If I don't get the job, and commit to trying for IM, then my whole focus will be on sorting out this swim malarky. Cake and Sarah are coming over to Salford for OW swimming every week, Dave TS is there too - somehow we can master it with our friends' support?

    Would Mr LB be comforted by that too?

    And I fully accept that even if I decide to try - I might not make it. I might not master swimming. I might not fall in love with my new road bike. But at least I tried image
  • If Mr LB comes back to live in the North it would make it much more likely. Right now I'm trying to be mum AND dad and I'm chasing my tail!

    But its not a no. image

  • There's always the relay teams, too image
  • LB - I was just going to ask you if Mr LB would be back up North. If he isn't, then maybe you'd be better off considering a half next year and then part of the relay at Outlaw. Then Lanza in 2013 if all goes well image   There's also a difference between not having the support and having someone against you doing something and if he's going to resent all the cost outlay/the times you'll be tired on weekends etc, it may not be the best year for you to go long.

    Take a few smaller steps first, get the kids cooking and cleaning more and 2013 will be easier for all of you image 

  • LB -

    I'm also a bit confused by 'can't' and was trying to work out if it means

    'but Darling, you can't swim'


    'no, Darling, you can't do it.  Not until the children are older, we've paid off more of the mortgage, I get a job closer to home' etc etc

    The first one we can definitely work on, the second is more of an issue.

    I learnt to swim as part of tri training and it is a real confidence boost. Finding a very shallow lake that you can learn in is quite useful, if you get panicked you just stand up. 

  • Prince Siegfried wrote (see)
    No such word as 'Can't'. It just means you haven't thought of a way of doing it yet!

    I'm guessing you being on here means you've thought of how you are going to do Outlaw image 

  • Just curious LN!! Just curious!! image
  • I am waiting to see how I get on at The Vit and also think about how time taken out to train affects work/rest/play/Jr balance
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