CD holders

Probably a daft question but is there a knack to using the Nathan neoprene cd holder thingys?

I forked out for one for when I'm on the treadmill and it was ok while I was walking, but when I upped my speed (still not exactly belting it) there was lots of jumping. Was I naive in thinking that the cd holder thing helped prevent this?

And am I doomed to listen to MTV and early evening quizshows?


  • I have tried countless cd players and holders and have yet to find one that does not skip when running (unless I hold the machine in my hand). Does anyone know of a player or holder that will allow you to run at a reasonable pace without skips?
  • I have just forked out a fair few pennies on a minidisc player (it also records and downloads from the web too!) its made by sony and they guarantee no jumping when jogging. Yet to tyr it out yet... i'll report back!!

    ps it was £160 from (£80 cheaper than in a catalogue)
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