Viking way ultra

This is a new event for April 2012 (I think). 

145 mile trail race starting by the Humber and ending in Leicestershire. 

Anybody know anything about it?


  • Its being organised by mark cockbain. Here is the site:-

    Think there maybe a qualification criterea to enter not sure though.

  • Apparently you have to submit a CV for this event!

    Better get padding it. 

  • That looks very interesting and with some decent rules like no crew and no pacers image
  • Whats wrong with crew/pacers?
  • Crew / pacers help massively in a long ultra especially in the latter stages even if it is just for a moral boost. Potentially it can be an unfair advantage in a race were some runners are crewed and some are self sufficent.

    If there are no crew / pacers than everyone is on a level playing field and its down to the individual to get to the finish line.

    I was crewed on this years GUCR, but I ended up running 120Miles of it with a non crewed runner. He said the extra moral boosts he got from my crew helped him no end, he was not sure if he could of finished without that extra help...

  • Sounds "fun" - I live in Lincoln, so will investigate this one.

    CV? - do you need a certain number of O Levels?

  • Sounds interesting.  Goes right past my house at approx 50 mile point.  It would be a shame not to get involved. 
  • I've entered!! will be a tough event image
  • I never use a crew or pacers anyway. 

    That is about the only aspect of this race that won't be a shock to the system for me!

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