Talkback: Wetsuit Care 101



  • This reminds me. A girl in work has invited us to "wear our wetsuits in work" soon as she's doing a triathlon and wants to raise sponsorship.

    No way am I wearing mine. I'm conditioned to wee in it for warmth. Which is fine in a lake. Less fine in an office. (even less fine trying a new one on in a shop)
  • Unfortunately I have a problem with my wetsuit, its so tight that on the beech at the start for IM Wales I was so desperate for a pee that I went in the wetsuit and it didn't trickle out the legs it just stayed round my middle adding ballast. image


  • Mrs SAMrs SA ✭✭✭

    I do it. (sorry SA!) image  Have to say there are an awful lot of "warm spots" at Boundary Park!

  • What is strange is when you have to trump/fart/ pass wind in a wettie, it travels up your back and comes out by your neck


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