Started 8 wk beginner's schedule today



  • Cheetah-to-be wrote (see)

    About half way round I got slapped on the butt by a GIRL - I was a bit shocked, but I was running one way and she was staggering in the other (she was far from sober...) so I couldn't really do anything. Then I sort of started hoping I'd bump into her again on my way back - I hadn't decided whether or not to return the slap or just pretend that she'd pulled haha!  I should post about that in the heckling thread.

    Ha ha!  Half your luck mate! image 
  • Hi Snails, thanks for the encouragement re the 5K. Mum's agreed to do it with me, too so that should help!

    LOL re your workmates 49th/50th. Sorry you haven't been having good running recently! We all have off days and weeks. Hope you have a better week this week. image

  • Me too Minty. Thats great you will have your mum to do it with you - you'll be company and encouragement for each other. You should try and get your mum to post on the thread too image
  • Hello everyone, hope you're all well. Unfortunately I've been struck down with manflu so have been mostly feeling sorry for myself image I did 5k last Monday morning, in 33:48, and it felt like a really good run despite the wind and rain, then I did 60mins for the first time on Friday morning and covered 8.74k at nearly the same pace. I was really hoping to do another 60mins on Sunday or this morning but just didn't have the energy. I might try and get out for another 5k tomorrow morning before work. Cheetah, I don't know how you kept running while you had manflu, I'm impressed, I've been mostly lying on the sofa surrounded by tissues.

    Snails, how's the new training plan going, are you coping with less walking? One of the reasons I didn't do the bridge to 10k was because it used walking breaks and I knew I'd find it really difficult to start running again. But I'm sure it's more psychological than physical, you've already done that 10k race so you know you can do it image My 5k pace average was 6:46/km or 10:53/mile and the 60 min run was only slightly slower at 6:52/km or 11:03/mile. I'm hoping that means I can push myself to run a bit faster on the 5k. Did you do the 4 miles on Friday and 2.5 miles yesterday? How disappointing that the yoga classes were cancelled. Are they being rescheduled?

    Iain, glad you can feel your fitness coming back, but sorry to hear your knee is still having problems, what did the physio say?

    Cheetah, you're putting us all to shame with your speedy running, I'm very envious of your 10:14/mile pace image I can't see any photos of you with a red face, you look like a proper athlete in all of them, oh and if you came in the first 200 out of 1200 that's the same as first out of 6!! Have you signed up for that bonkers race in the dark yet? Thankfully I haven't had any strange encounters yet, only other runners and dog walkers and they all keep their hands to themselves. Have you got your new car yet? Exciting!!

    Roadrunner, how are your knees? Have you been able to get back to the interval training yet? I'm happy to run in drizzle but not a big fan of running in proper rain, although halfway through last week's 60mins it started to thunder and I thought I was in for a real soaking but thankfully it missed me. We've had really high tides recently and part of the path round the Broad has been about 4 inches under water - I ran through it the first time but regretted it, didn't really enjoy having squelchy trainers for the next 50mins!

    Minty, I bet you can't wait to have your DH home with you and your kids again, I hope your weekend wasn't too exhausting. I think 5k in December should be no problem. I know not many of us actually manage to clock up 5k in 30mins at the end of the couch to 5k programme, but most people aren't far off and the whole thing only takes about 8 weeks, so even if you didn't start until next month you should have plenty of time. (Which is exactly what Snails said!) I'll come and cheer you and your mum on image

    I watched some of the Great North Run yesterday and I'm toying with the idea of signing up for a half marathon next year (and now I've said it out loud so I've sort of committed, kind of). I know I could never do a marathon, but a half marathon feels like it might be possible… Although getting up and walking to the kitchen to put the kettle on leaves me out of breath at the moment!

    Off for more paracetamol and honey and lemon. Have good weeks everyone! xxx
  • (((Norfolklass))) poor you getting manflu. Take it easy till you feel better. Thanks for posting your pace times - i definately pace myself wrong and start off too quick (sometimes its round 9:30min/mile and then when i get comfortable its round 10min/mile). I think i will go slower cos then i might be able to keep going for longer. Your 5K time is really good - you'd be even faster than that in a race. Well done on doing 60mins too. Would you think of doing a Parkrun?

    I'm repeating my training plan this week and i'm going to try and do it without the walk breaks. Its definately psychological for me and its a habit i need to get back out of. The yoga isn't being rescheduled - i suppose i could go to the leisure centre as its close by and they have classes, but i liked the sound of the one at the tech as it was for beginners - and i don't really want to go and make an eejit out of myself.

    Hope you feel better soon image

  • Managed to speak to the physio on Friday and told him what had happened. going to do a thorough check on the leg next week (i'm home all this week) to re asses the joint, though I think its the ITB playing up again rather than the ligament.
    My knee feels stable, and the sensation I felt when running on the mill on Thursday was a bit like the feeling you get from a friction burn, only very mild? (sorry, best comparrison i could think of) which makes me think its the ITB flicking back and forth across the bursa in the knee and getting irritated

    Read this for a better understanding of this problem and links to other knee issues 

    So, exam next week, and probably some ultra sound therapy over the next few weeks.

    I'm probably going to head over to Sportlink in Norwich and get gait analysis done and some new running shoes. That way I can at least check i'm in the right shoes for me, possibly removing some contributary factors which may affect the knee joint. Also, i'll see if I can get them to make a copy of the video they use to asses my gait so that I can discuss it later with the physio.
    Cant really afford new running shoes at the moment, but this on/off problem is really starting to piss me off now, and i want it resolved one way or another.

    And yes, my birthday is on the 24th, I will be 40, not 39!
     Feel free to buy yourselves a cake and eat it,  cos celebrating birthdays is mandatory, thats the rules!!
    I will be spending the morning watching the England world cup match, followed by a few hours in the pub for a pint or 2 of Norfolk ale and something to eat.
    If i'm in a good mood I might even let the wife tag alongimage

  • 40 miles and £70 later, I have new running shoes.
    Very little to say about my running gait, I am a fairly nuetral runner with only very slight over pronation, but i have a tendancy for my right foot to turn a bit toe out  as i strike the ground which may have some bearing on my right knee.
    New shoes give mild correction for pronantion, but much better cushioning to absorb impact as i land each stride.

    Lets see how things progress

  • I hope you didn't run the 40 miles Iain ??image

  • Iain - of course you better bring your wife - she'll be the one carrying you out and driving you home image

    Hope your new shoes make a difference for your knee pain - i had knee pain until i got my gait analysed and got the correct trainers for stabilty - i've never looked back since.

    Off for a wee trot now, then i'm going to go french manicure my friend's nails - shes off to Lanzarote on Thurs lucky thing.

    Happy running everyone image

  • I went for a run yesterday, I made the 5k without needing a walk break so I'm getting back into it after the short break, but it was an average run at best.  I'm going to stick with 5k for this week and then see about the interval training next week.  I think if I had to do any speed intervals yesterday, it wouldn't have gone well.  It's so annoying when you have to take a break, even a short one, when it sets you back like this; before the break, I was all ready to get into the interval training plan!  Never mind, it'll come. image
  • I swear there is someone or something that just does not want me to run!

    I dont know if its god, the devil, bad luck, bad karma or bloody voodoo but i seem destined to stay at home on the sofa!

    Went out for a gentle 1 1/2 mile run today, nothing strenuous, just wanted to break in the new shoes and gently test my knee out.
    About a mile into the run I had to cross a road and then turn left onto the pavement, and as I did so, my right foot rolled under me and I went right over on my ankle.
    Howled and swore, and just stood leaning up against a wall for a minute before hobbling home, and managed to walk fairly normally at the end.
    Drove my wife to an interview this lunch time, sat in the car for an hour and a half by which time the ankle is feeling rather sore and getting a bit stiff.
    By the time we got to the pub afterwards, i'm limping and its started to swell up.

    So, no running for me for a few days, and i'm gonna milk it as much as possible!

    Put the kettle on babe, i need a cuppa
    We got any ginger nuts?  image

  • Iain - thats wick, you've had a bad old run of injuries (literally)...i'm sure you are doing the RICE stuff?

    Roadrunner - just do whatever you feel comfortable with. my few weeks off running set me back terribly, and i'm repeating last weeks plan. Did 2 miles with no walk break, very little i know but i was dead chuffed with myself.

    Minty - hope your OH got home safely.

    Hope everyone is doing well. imagexx

  • Poor wee Toby (my dog in the pic for anyone who doesn't know) had to get put to sleep today...he was sick since yesterday and couldn't keep down the medicine the vet gave us. She took blood today and said his kidneys were failing. It would have been cruel to let him suffer. Needless to say i am totally devastated cos i've had him for 16 years image

  • Oh Snails, that's so sad, I'm so sorry. It's devastating to lose a pet that's been part of your life for so long. But you did the right thing for him. You poor thing. Lots of love xxxxxxxxx
  • Happy birthday Ian! Hope you're having a good one!image
  • imageHappy 40th birthday Iain, hope you're having a great dayimage
  • Hi everyone - sorry I've been a bit quiet, my computer died and  I couldn't post from my phone as it keeps changing words so it makes no sense! I am now back with a cool new PC lovingly assembled by Mr Cheetah from bits of the old one and parts he already had! image It's faster and better than the old one, which was just full of cat hair and not much else lol!

    So sorry about poor ol' Toby Snails, you must be in bits - at least he's not suffering now. I can't imagine what it must be like, I've had my Motley for 12 years now and don't know what I'd do if anything happened to her. image

    Happy birthday Iain - may it be as injury-free as possible! At least while you're being forced to put your feet up you can have a few tipples (great for muscle relaxation and pain relief I hear!)

    Norfolklass - hope your man flu is better, I'm not sure HOW I managed to run with mine - slowly, very wheezily and not very far I think! I was just paranoid about losing everything I'd worked for so made myself keep going even though it was horrible and I really didn't want to! 

    Minty - hope your OH is back safe and sound - I was going to post to you before my PC died - of Course you can do the 5k! You'd probably be pleasantly surprised with how far you're going at the moment - you can always put walk breaks in on the day - train with that in mind and then by that time you probably won't need to anyway! image

    Everyone else - hope your running is going well!

    I'm just doing between 3 and 5 miles when I go out now and trying to mix my distance and speed around. I haven't been that great this week as I've been off work and out of my normal routine - still got a few runs in though, at paces between 10:01/mile and 10:34/mile. 

    I've missed the running club this week as Nikki's vet appointments have clashed both nights - she is now on a special diet as her problems were caused by crystals in her urinary tract - so we have a bit of a logistical nightmare at the moment as the other 6 cats are still on their normal food. We're hoping they'll get used to the set meal times soon! 

    In other news - Mr Cheetah has his new car! I'm not allowed to drive it yet as he's still working it out himself and might need to teach me bits - I DID get to take it for a spin around Sainsbury's car park though and first impressions are good! image

    That's it from me tonight - I have more work to do on getting this computer looking like the old one!

  • Morning all, hope your running has been going well.

    Snails, I'm so sorry you lost your lovely dog, you must be absolutely heartbroken. 16 years is a great age for a dog, but the longer we have them the harder it is when they go. My mum had to have her last mog Milo put to sleep a couple of months ago at the grand old age of 18, and although you know you're making the right decision it's still so hard and utterly devastating. So so sad xxx

    Iain, hope you had a great birthday and aren't too hungover today. Really bad luck about twisting your ankle - hope your birthday drinks helped, all medicinal of course! Once you're recovered I hope the new running shoes help prevent any more injuries, good to know that your gait is fairly neutral - I'm guessing in my ignorance that if your gait is neutral you're less likely to get injuries than if you massively over or under pronate?

    Cheetah, hurrah for the new PC! And I'm so impressed with your pace, you really are a cheetah - think I should change my name to Tortoise or Slow-worm! One of my mum's cats, Harvey, had exactly the same condition as Nikki and was on a special diet for a while, she had the same problem as she had two cats at the time - v complicated. Hope you get to take the new car out for a proper spin soon!

    Roadrunner, have you started the interval stuff yet? Well done for being so patient and sensible, it's so tempting to get carried away and do too much too soon. Hope your 5k runs have been going well.

    Minty, googled the 5k in December, is it the Buxton Xmas fun run? Will definitely come and wave "Go Minty" banners if you'd like some extra support, and you can always fit in a couple of parkruns beforehand to get a feel for running at an event. Have you signed up for it yet? How is your DH? He must be so glad to be home but it must have been very hard to leave his family at such a sad time.

    I finally went out for a run yesterday, manflu almost gone just left with a bit of a cough and slightly bunged up head. I wasn't sure how long I'd be able to run for, it felt great to be running again but I definitely didn't have as much energy as normal so I settled for two laps of the Broad with a comfort break in the middle, which worked out to be about 48mins in total. My pace was really slow but I was just really happy to be running again. Looking forward to getting back to two 5k runs in the week and building up to 10k at the weekends - I'd got up to 8.75k (and saw another weasel and a kingfisher!) so not much further to go.

    Hope you're all ok and have some sunshine to enjoy, supposed to be a heatwave next week with temps of 28 predicted!!!
  • Had a nice relaxed birthday, thank you all for your messages.
    Watched a couple of rugby matches, followed by a short drive here for lunch a few beers.
    My wife suprised me with a Kindle e.reader which is brilliant.

    My foot has turned some interesting colours as the bruising  slowly came out.
    Did 10 mins on the mill today, ankle coped OK, as did the knee.

  • Just off for 1st run in 2 wks! Eek! Will check back in after! Wish me luck! xx  Smiley<<Very<Worried>>
  • Hooray! I’m back! Wow, that went really well!image I worked out it is actually about 3 weeks since I last ran. Was prepared for it to be really hard, but actually both mum and I found it really quite easy (running 5, walking 2 x 4)! I even managed a sprint finish, just because I felt like it! Amazing! So I’m definitely signing up for the 5K.

    It’s been great to have my DH home. He seems OK considering, he’s just really glad to be home, he missed the kids so much (and they him). I’ve had some lovely lie-ins since!image

    I’ve had 3 driving lessons over the past 3 weeks. First two were great, really felt like I was getting the hang of it again, third one was crap. Won’t bore you with all the details, but the stupid woman kept getting me to do things like changing lanes the last minute before a roundabout etc. I think she was trying to challenge me, but I just ended up getting really panicky and it wasn’t good. Have been out twice with DH in our car this weekend, and think I will just stick with that from now on. It was OK, just getting used to our car which is quite different to the instructor’s diesel.

    Norfolklass, glad you’re on the mend. Yes, it is the Buxton 5K. Would be great if you could come along! Do you fancy taking part? Yeah, would be good to do a couple of parkruns beforehand definitely. I’m going to try to start stepping it up in the next few weeks, so hopefully can do 5K well before the race. Although not looking forward to the heat wave. I’m definitely better in cooler weather.

    Iain – glad you had a good birthday. I was having a practice drive past Eaton park on Saturday morning and I saw the runners and thought of you. Sorry you weren’t able to take part as you wanted to, but glad you had a good day all the same. Really bad luck on your injury. You are definitely owed some injury-free running time over the next few months, so I hope you’re on the mend. Fur and Feathers – very nice!

    Cheetah, thanks for the encouragement re the Buxton 5k. It seems to be very relaxed, more of a fun-run, so I definitely would feel OK about having walk breaks if necessary.  Just would be a nice achievement to do it without any, wouldn’t it? You’re running sounds good, and very fast! Well done Mr Cheetah on building you a new PC, and hope the moggies are responding well to their new feeding regimes!

    Roadrunner, sorry you’re training hasn’t gone to plan, but I’m sure you’re back on track. Hope you’ve had a better run since your last post?

    Snails, how are you doing? Hope you’re OK. We’ve been thinking of you. Xxxx

    Right, I'm off to sign up for the raceimage

  • Hi everyone,

    Hope you are all well and enjoying that nice sunshine. Thanks for your good wishes about Toby. Managed to get out for 3 miles Sat, 2.5 miles Sun and 2 miles today - and no walk breaks thank goodness - i'm getting there slowly but surely. Plan for rest of week is to do 3m Thurs, 4 m Sat and 2.5m Sun, and i'll do kettlebells tomorrow and friday.

    Cheetah - that is very impressive that Mr Cheetah built a computer - very clever. You really miss your PC when you don't have it, don't you. Hope Nikki is getting used to the new food now, and that its having the desired effect. Lol re not being allowed to drive the new car - you do realise thats an excuse that hes working it out himself - its his new toy and hes just not ready to share yet,lol. Glad to hear the running is going well too.

    Norfolklass - glad to hear you are feeling much better. That was very good to do 48mins after being unwell. You aren't far off your 10K target now so well done. I'm sure the Norfolk Broads are lovely - i must google it and see. I was in the forest park for my run today and ran past the deer enclosure - the noise of the stags was terrible - they sounded most cross. I think this is the time of year when they are dangerous - the 'rut' i think its called. Also met a friendly goat who was in the same field (brave boy), and he enjoyed getting his back rubbed. (its as well it was the end of the run or he'd have missed out).

    Minty - Yay, great to hear your signing up for the 5K. Thats brilliant you had such a good run after 3 weeks off - mind you, running round after the kids when your DH was away must have kept your fitness levels up. I don't like the sound of the instructors lessons - i'd panic too when i have to do last minute manoeuvres...still, its only refresher lessons for you, so theres no reason why you can't just go with your husband - it won't be as nerve racking for you.

    Iain -  sounds like you had a nice birthday - had a nosy at the inn - it looks absolutely gorgeous, and i love the thatched roof. I'm keen to know what you think of the Kindle - i'm a real bookworm, and its seems to be so handy to pick a book and not have to wait a week for it to arrive from Amazon - however, the idea of reading on a Kindle sounds funny to me. I know a few people with them and they think they're great. Hope your knee and ankle are improving for you.

    Roadrunner - will you get to start your interval training this week, or will you keep going with distance training. Don't be too hard on yourself anyway - we all get days that we don't run as well as others.

    Happy running everyone, imagexx

  • Hi everyone,

    Back in to the swing of it now ! Went out this eve and did 6mins, 5mins (mistimed!), 6mins, 6mins. Hooray! Might try 8mins next time. Think will be at the caravan this weekend so it always helps having nice scenery! Ooh I can take some photos with my new phone and show you! Loving the new phone btw, only took me 2 weeks to work out how to use it. 

    Snails, well done on cutting out the walk breaks. Hope you're surviving the stags! And re the Kindle, my dad got my mum one for her birthday, and honestly, they are great. All the things that you'd think might be a problem, just aren't. I know quite a few real book lovers that are converted. Treat yourself! How are you getting on with it Iain?

    God, everything happens at once, doesn't it? My DH got a phone call from his brother in Australia this morning to say that their Nana had died last night. She was my DH's dad's mother, so poor man has lost his wife and his mother in the space of a couple of weeks. Although, he said it was a relief really as she's been in a pretty non-communicative state for a year or two now, and we're all surprised that she had lasted this long. I think she was 93 so not a bad innings. 

    I've decided that I need to get tough with my weight situation. I'm still putting on weight at the moment, slowly but surely, and it's so depressing. I think it's because I'm fairly inactive during the day, being with the kids, we don't really go too far, so not getting much excercise in my daily routine. Plus just been eating too much. So I've just joined Weightwatchers online. I'm going to Centreparcs in November and have been scared into action by the thought of wearing a swimming costume in public. So I have 8 wks to lose a stone hopefully! In a few months I might be running enough of a distance to help keep my weight down a bit I'm hoping!

    Oh and I did sign up for the Buxton 5K! It's on the 11th December. Eek!

    Hope you are all doing OK!  xxx

  • Hi Minty - sorry to hear your sad news from lose a wife a mother in such a short time must be horrendous - so, my thought are with you guys. You've got back into your running regime quickly again... when you go up to 8min do you drop down a rep then to 3? Don't beat yourself up about the weight situation - as your mileage increases it'll come down (and don't forget you had a couple of 'abnormal weeks' when you were injured and the DH away so you didn't get to run. Also, i'd advise to do body measurement, cos my legs have definatley muscled up a bit, and as muscle is heavier than fat it could be that putting the weight up.xx

  • Evening - a late one from me tonight as i went for my run later than planned - AND went further!

    I wanted to do 4 or 5 miles tonight - but it's gone all hot again, which has made my blimmin sciatica flare up again (it must be the heat, iut nly seems to happen when it's warmer than usual!) so I took some painkillers about half an hour before  and figured I could always make it shorter if it was too painful.

     Luckily they seemed to do the trick ! My longer route involves a particularly evil hill about 2 miles in(it even got a rating on MapMy Run!), and I felt OK to go up it (I just tell myself the downhill bit after is worth it!)so I carried on and when I got to the place where I decide if I'm going to do 4 or 5 miles I turned down the street for the 5

    Then about 4 and a bit miles in I still felt OK and told myself another mile and a half wouldn't kill me - and ended up doing 10k! It took me 01:07:17 - so slightly slower than the last couple but I'm allowing myself an extra minute as it was really hot - there was even steam coming off me when I got home!

    Interesting bits of my run:

    I helped out two lorry drivers. The first one (I was trying to get a signal on the Garmin just before I set off) was completely lost, and I'd never heard of the street he was looking for - so I helped him come to the conclusion he was probably in the wrong bit of town anyway and it was time to go home. The second one was tring to negotiate a huge truck round a tight corner as I ran past and he asked if he had enough room on my side so I confirmed he had and kept on going (I did check back that he'd made it OK though!)

    Then on the main high street bit about 3.5 miles in - a group of slightly merry lads shouted at me to jiggle my boobs as I ran past - I just grinned at them and kept going, and one said to his mate "she's like Paula Radcliffe!" It would be nice if he meant that I looked quite toned and like I can sprint marathons - but he probably meant I looked like I'd already sprinted at least a marathon......

  • ........continued, as I write too much and haven't replied to anyone yet! image

    Snails- well done on running without the walk breaks! I think I find it easier without them now, as I think if I stop running I won't be able to start again! (I'd probably just keep walking home!)

    I got a bit of a go in the new car tonight - we went to pick up a parcel from the Royal Mail depot and it's on a bit of an industrial estate so Mr Cheetah figured I couldn't do too much damage! I actually got into 3rd gear this time - I like it and think I'll find it much easier to drive than the old one.

    I've been trying to explain that it's easier for me cos I only drive once or twice a week and not for that long - Mr Cheetah has driven the same car to work and back every day - nearly an hour each way - for nearly two years now, so the new one will feel weirder to him as he's so used to the old one - I'm more of a blank canvas so it's just another car!


    Minty - your poor DH's dad, it really does allseem to be happening at once doesn't it? How sad for your family

    As for the weight - I completely agree with Snails! It took AGES for my extra quitting smoking pounds to shift for me, It must have been the muscle though as all my clothes gradually started fitting me again!  I bit the bullet and weighted myself last week - and unbelievably the whole stone and a half I put on after I quit has VANISHED! I've been trying for two years and it all seems to have gone at once! So it does take time, but the only thing I've changed recently is I'm now running - I can still have beer and curry at the weekend! Your running seems to be going great now, so hang in there and good luck with the 8 minutes.


    That's it from me for now, I only meant to do a short post and there's another blimmin essay!

    Night all xx 

  • Hi everyone,

    Hope you are all well and enjoying the nice sunshine - we have bucketing rain here so i have to be content watching everyone else sizzle on the BBC news.

    Running going to plan so far this week - did my 3miles yesterday and i've worked out that the trick to no walkbreak is to run slower. Have to do 4miles tomorrow...

    Happy running,imagexx

  • Swap you the weather Snails - it's pitch black outside and I'm STILL waiting for it to be cool enough to go for a run! I'm just going to have to do it aren't I or it'll be the middle of the night.....

    4 miles. There - said it so have to do it! image

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