Started 8 wk beginner's schedule today



  • Ooo lovely pics! image

    I did it - it wasn't pleasant and the first mile was horrible! It got a bit better after that, managed just over 4 miles then melted.

    Chilled tap water has never tasted so good! 

  • Good for you getting the 4 miles done - it wouldn't have been easy at all in the heat.

    I think my 4 miles tomorrow might be in the rain - but i'm happy enough with that - i'll just not wash my hair till i get back.

  • Yay!! I'm a happy little snail tonight...i did my 4 miles and even though it took me almost 43 minutes, i am so chuffed that i didn't stop for a walk break. It was raining quite heavily but it was lovely, and kept me cool. The forest park was also nearly empty which is very unusual for a Sat afternoon. Have to say Cheetah, i don't think i could have done the 4 miles if it had been warm.

    Hope everyone is having a nice weekend, and that you are all getting sunshine imagexx

  • Hello peeps, i trust i find u all in good health?

    Snails/cheetah well done on 4 miles, keep up the good work
    Its fair to assume that snails is somewhere "oop norf" judging by the running in the rain remark.
    Definately on the "wrong" side of the watford gap! image

    Its all sunshine here in norfolk, went over to Gt Yarmouth yesterday, had a few beers on Yarmouth pier with the missus.
    On the way over, on the Acle straight, we were seeing dragon flies breeding mid October FFS!

    The beach had quite a few people on it, some in the SEA!!
    Dont they realise its ENGLAND!?  We only get 3 hot days a year, why are they in the sea? Its the NORTH sea as well, you know the one, F****** cold and not usually that inviting!!
    Barmy, all of 'em.

    Had a good session in the gym today, weight training to strengthen the legs, but i'm gonna pay for it tomorrow, feel stiff already.

    Kindle, its marvelous!
    So easy to use, a doddle to add new books, it really is like looking at paper when u read it. Incredible battery life, and so bloody convenient, mine now goes EVERYWHERE I go.

    Debating wether to run tomorrow or have a rest day, forecast for wednesday onwards is colder and wetter weather moving in so will prob. skip it tomorrow and go on Tuesday instead. Will try a 2 1/2 mile route on the road and see how the knee copes, and weight train again on Wednesday.

  • Good morning...

    Iain you are right i am 'oop norf' and a bit to the west too (N.I to be precise)...sounds like a glorious day in Norfolk on Saturday. Thanks for the Kindle review - i'm glad you said it was like looking at paper - i had a notion in my head it might be nauseating trying to read a book off a screen, but that sounds ok. Hope the knee holds out for you running this week.

    Hope everyone else is running well. I did a 2.5m recovery run yesterday. Plan this week is something like tues 2m,thurs 3m, sat 5m, Sun 2.5m, and i'll do kettlebells on wed and fri. Today i have a rest day.

    Chat soon everyone imagexx

  • Hello everyone, I hope you're all ok. Just back from a weekend visiting my ma in sunny Hertfordshire, although actually most places are sunny at the moment - crazy weather!! Not much running last week, I made it out for 5k on Thursday morning and because I hadn't run for ages it felt great, so I made the classic mistake of going too fast. Got down to 10:07mile pace but the second half was dreadful and I completely ran out of steam. Planned to do a nice slow gentle hour round the Broad on Friday morning before heading off to my mum's but managed a pitiful 15mins before I gave up: too hot and too tired. That's the first run I've abandoned and I was really disappointed but I just didn't have the energy.

    The good news is that after a nice restful weekend I did my first 10k this morning and I'm so pleased! The only downside is that I had to stop for a comfort break so it wasn't continuous, but it's still the furthest and longest I've ever run image Average pace was 11:30mile so really not fast, but I don't care!

    Minty, well done for signing up for the Buxton 5k, it sounds like your running is going brilliantly, well done you. So sorry to read of your DH's second loss in such a short space of time, how sad for him and his family. Good luck with the weight loss, a stone in 8 weeks sounds doable (I'd like to lose 2 stone!). I think I read somewhere that once you get past 20mins of continuous running that's when it starts to make a difference. Although I haven't lost that many pounds I've dropped a dress size as things have started to tone up a bit. And as Snails says, muscle is heavier than fat!

    Cheetah, you're doing brilliantly! I really admire your stamina and will power, I was trying to channel it when I ran on Friday morning but it was just too hot for me. And a huge well done for losing your quitting smoking pounds! How's your sciatica doing? Hope it's calming down now the temperature is starting to drop a bit. And well done on the driving, glad you like the new car and find it easy to drive. Have you thought about a test date yet?

    Snails, brilliant that your running is going to plan and you're doing it without a walk-break, you must be really pleased. It sounds like you've got a lovely running route, what with stags and friendly goats! Glad the rain doesn't stop you from running, it can be really refreshing but I think I'll need to invest in some proper running kit for the winter as running in a soaking wet cotton T-shirt is really unpleasant. I bet you didn't think you'd ever call 2½ miles a 'recovery' run!! Good luck with your week's plan. Any joy with yoga or Pilates classes? Enjoy your rest day image

    Iain, glad you had a good birthday, not been to the Fur and Feathers but it's on the list of pubs to visit. Your trip to Yarmouth sounds good, bet it was busy! Did you decide to run today? I hope the 2½ miles go well when you do them. Have you got anywhere to run that's softer or did you want to try and stick with road-running?

    Happy running everyone!
  • Certainly feeling the effects of weights today, my legs are quite stiff, especially the quads and calfs.

    No training today but going for 2 1/2 miles tomorrow in my lunch break, weights again Weds and another run Thurs. Rest on Friday and watch rugby quarters on sat morning and then another run afterwards.

    Providing my knee holds up OK then I might think about a Parkrun again soon, and get started with the club training sessions.

    Have decided to do more running on the road again, as i still get the occasional problem on the mill, so whats the difference? Might as well have some company when i run as well as fresh air and decent scenery.

    Amazon have got a new version of the Kindle due for release on 12th October, which is smaller and cheaper than the version i have.
    Primary differences are that its physically smaller and lighter, but has same size screen. Doesn't have a physical keyboard, utilises a selectable on screen version. Battery life and storage capacity are half that of my version, but is still superb and dont really detract from the finished product.

    Norfolklass, what are the footpaths round the broad like?
    Gravel,  tarmac, earth?

    Fur and feathers was a nice setting with some good norfolk ale, but the food was average at best. Starter was nice but the main was a bit of a let down.

  • Hi everyone,

    Norfolklass - really well done on the 10K. I googled the Norfolk Broads and it looks like lovely area to run. I totally agree with you, as soon as i go even a wee bit faster i really fade very quickly, and i now just go at a pace i'm comfortable with and definately get further and enjoy it more. A few experienced runners have told me not to worry about the speed, so I figured they know more than me. No luck with yoga yet - i was told of a place that beginners can go but its £7 for an hour, which i can't really afford every week at the minute, so i'll just keep looking - besides i really would love a Kindle now - have you got one?

    Iain - i agree running outdoors is so much nicer than the treadmill, but then again me and treadmills don't go together in that they give me balance problems - i can't run on them without holding onto both rails and then when i get off again i am dizzy - last time months ago i had to stand and pretend i was engrossed in a leaflet on the windowsill till my head stopped spinning. Hope your 2.5m went ok today - did you slow your pace down any? I did 2.5m today and it took me 25.22mins so over 10min/mile - probably a walk to you,lol.

    Cheetah - hope your running is still going well...any more spins in the new car? What about the running club - did you go last night or do you plan to do the faster Wed night run?

    Minty - well did you go to the caravan at the weekend with the family? Perfect weather for it. How are you and your mum getting on this week with the training?

    Roadrunner - hope your niggles have improved and that you are at least able to do some running even if its not the interval training you wanted to do.

    Happy running, imagexx

  • Hi everyone,

    Got my 3 miles done today (no WB, woohoo) - and got caught in two really heavy showers - my feet were squelching (but i loved it). I'll have to review what i wear out now its getting colder - it was 6 degrees on my temp gauge in the car (though i'm not too sure how accurate those things are). I need to dress for warmth now as well as rain i think - anyone any ideas? I've never been cold running before until today - though don't tell me to speed up to get warm cos you all know that doesn't work for me - snail doesn't do speed!

    Happy running everyone, imagexx

  • Hi All,

    Sorry haven’t been chatty this week. We’ve had another round of illness, starting with my daughter and ending with me. Have had rubbish sleep for the past week, my little girl has been really unsettled every evening until I finally get into bed with her, so it’s been lots of early nights and no running unfortunately. Was too blooming hot, then I was ill, so it’s been a week since I last went. I never seem to manage 3 runs in a row before something crops up / goes wrong!

    We didn’t go to the caravan because I couldn’t face it with the illness / heat, but we’re going tomorrow for one night, and will def fit in a run with mum at Blakeney.

    Well, after my 1st week of weight watchers dieting, I weighed myself this morning and have lost 7.5 lbs! Am feeling quite pleased about that, only another 2 and a half lots of that and I’ll be OK. Shame it’s not possible to keep up that rate of weight loss, it usually settles down to about 2lbs a week after the first one. Oh, well, am relieved to be doing something about it, so I’ll feel a bit better when we get to Centreparcs. Will be able to do some great runs whilst I’m there too! 

    Hi snails, well done on your recent runs with no walk breaks! Sounds like you’re doing really well! Yes I laughed out loud at “2.5 mile recovery run”! imageSuddenly feels really cold here too, but have to say that I’m more comfortable with this than the heat of the other day, but I too would be very interested to hear what clothing people would recommend for winter running. I really need to get some more jogging bottoms (my thighs and bum are def not ready for leggings yet!) and some sort of zip up top I reckon.

    Cheetah – you’re doing amazingly well running in that heat! How have you been this week? Any more driving practice in the new car? I haven’t been out for 2 weeks now! Must do some this weekend.

    Hi Iain, glad you’re enjoying the Kindle. Well, have you been out on the roads since your last post? How did it go? Hope no more injuries!image

    Norfolklass – WELL DONE! On your 1st 10K! That’s brilliant, you must be sooo pleased with yourself! image

    Anyway, better go and do some packing for tomorrow. Doesn’t matter whether we go for 1 night or 10, we still have to take the same amount of stuff. Might try and message from my new phone at the caravan to see if it works!

    Have a good weekend everyone! xxxx
  • Evening everyone!

    Sorry I've been quiet - I've been practicing driving theory in the evenings and it gives me such a stiff neck I can't stay at the computer much longer - think I need a new chair or something! 

    I went to the running club on Monday - it was MEANT to be 2.5 miles, but a few people who had been going a while wanted to go a bit further and that was OK with the club people so long as they set off first.

    Now, last week a new bloke had started - and he was spitting LOADS which was quite uncomfortable for me as I was right behind him, as if a glob of gob caught the wind the wrong way it could have ended up all over me..... image

    He didn't show any signs of wanting to set off with the people who were going further - so I did the longer run instead! It was nearly 4 miles, and I was averaging 10:06 minute miles even though I was at the back of that group (they must be REALLY good!) At least I finished spit free! image

    Then I did 10k again on Wednesday - 01:06:36 so still consistent and no-one slapped me on the bum ths time.

    Four and a bit miles this evening at 10:22 m/m - and I cooked those really nice lamb and beetroot burgers from Runner's World to recover afterwards (they are seriously nice, everyone should try them - I add a bit of chilli to give them some bite!)

    Hi Iain, sounds like a lovely day at the beach - it did not feel like October at ALL last week! Did you manage any running, and did the knee hold out OK? Hope so!

    Norfolklass - don't worry about your abandoned run - I've done that a few times myself (especially when it's really hot - and normally on a Sunday too for some reason.....) - I figue if that happens then I was probably going to get injured anyway! A big WELL DONE on the 10k! image

    Ooo and my sciatica has gone again which is r3eally good timing as I ran out of painkillers! No test date yet, I need to practice my manoevres a bit more - I've done parallel parking too now which seems to be going OK!

    Hi Snails - I've still not been allowed to drive the new car properly yet - tomorrow is the day (whether Mr Cheetah likes it or not haha!), I intend to do the supermarket run! Well done on more running without the walk breaks! I also laughed at the 2.5 mile "recovery run" - it's like when I "only" did 5k the other week! image

  • ...continued cos it always tells me off for writing too much! Hope you're all still with me!

    Hiya Minty, you're really not having much luck at the moment are you with all the illness? image

    Great stuff with the weight loss though - that's amazing in just a week! Hope you enjoy the caravan and manage a run or two!

    I'm also intrigued about what to wear when the weather gets colder - I got a long-sleeved running top in the sale when it was summer, so I have that on standby. I'm still in shorts and t-shirt at the moment, and although it's FREEZING when I'm waiting for a signal on the Garmin I'm glad after about a mile as I get really hot! I need new bottoms too - I've only got the fleecy sort of jogging bottoms a the moment and they get really soggy and uncomfortable. I don't think I'll be kitting myself out in lycra yet but there must be a happy medium.....?

    Right I think that's about it from me tonight, I may have a beer before bed to make sure my muscles aren't too achy!image

    Happy running everyone! xx

    *edited cos I forgot to mention - I got some dark chocolate earlier, which has recently been reported to be as healthey as going for a run - I hope dark chocolate Lindor things count!

  • Afternoon, hope you're all having good weekends even though the sunshine seems to have disappeared. Did 10k non-stop this morning in 1:10:46 (ave. pace 11:23mile or 7:05km) so I'm pretty pleased with that! It felt like a really slow plod and the first half was a bit of a struggle but I was determined to finish it (hopefully that means I can aim for a quicker time when I've got a few more 10ks under my belt). Not helped by being overtaken by professional runners wearing the latest kit and running twice the speed, so I consoled myself with the thought that they were probably only doing one lap of the broad while I was doing two and a half!

    Which reminds me. Have any of you come across You type in your postcode and it shows you routes that other people have plotted in your area, and you can filter it by distance. Quite handy if you fancy a new route but can't work out the distance yourself and, obviously, you can upload your routes and share them with other people. Thought I might try a new route as I'm a bit sick of running round and round the same trail, I overtook one group of walkers and they said it was the third time I'd passed them!

    Iain, how are your legs holding up? Hope your return to running continues to go well. The track round Whitlingham is mostly compacted stones, which sounds really bumpy but isn't, kind of like a dirt track. There are some parts that are more sandy and get a bit waterlogged when it rains, not much bare earth and one bit of flat grass that runs next to the track. Give it a go - if you take some bread you can feed the swans and geese too! When are you joining the Norwich road runners?

    Snails, you're so right about pace, I'd much rather run further than faster, plus it's better for burning calories image Have you treated yourself to a Kindle yet? They do look good but I have to say I'm not tempted, I'm not really a gadgety person (apart from my Garmin), I'm quite happy with a book. Hope the running without a walking break is still going really well for you, do you find it easier? If I have to stop I find it really difficult to get going again it feels like starting from scratch. £7 per hour for yoga sounds a bit steep, you might as well buy yourself a DVD and a yoga mat and try it at home!
  • also in two parts because I wrote too much!

    Minty, sorry you've all had germs and rubbish sleep, sounds miserable, hope you're all recovered now? And a huge well done on your weight loss, 7.5lbs is fantastic!!! Best of luck with the next week and keep us posted image How long till Centreparcs? If you lose 2lbs per week you'll have lost a stone in three weeks time, that's amazing! Plus the running really helps tone your legs and bum, so you'll look even slimmer! Hope you've had a lovely weekend at the caravan, did you and your mum fit in a run?

    Cheetah, don't like the sound of that new bloke image I bet someone will have a word with him sooner or later! But well done for doing the longer run, even if it was to avoid him! And well done on the 10k time consistency, you must be really pleased. Still haven't tried those burgers yet but they do sound delicious, will have to hunt out the recipe. How did the supermarket run go in the car? I've recently switched to dark chocolate too, working on the theory that a couple of squares of dark chocolate every evening MUST be better than a bag of Maltesers!

    Re winter running clothing: I popped into TKMaxx and found a couple of long sleeved running tops in their end of season sale, proper 'wicking' ones, I tried one out on Friday morning (6am = FREEZING) and it was very good. Even though they're really thin they keep you lovely and warm. I also picked up a T-shirt in the sale, yet to try. Still need to find something better for my bottom half, also after a happy medium somewhere between thick fleece and lycra… suppose I'll just have to go shopping again image

    Happy running! x
  • Hi everyone,

    Minty - sorry to hear you've all been sick again, hope you all got away to the caravan yesterday for a wee break. Did you feel well enough to get a run squeezed in with your mum? Its definately so much cooler now which is much nicer to run in - though it won't be long till i start complaining i'm too cold - you will begin to see a pattern with me - all summer i complain about the heat, then in the winter i say 'i'll never complain about the heat again' - this happens every single year. Well done on the weight-loss - its good it slows down though cos it'll be more achievable to keep off - i have a friend who did really well with WW, and kept it off too. Another woman i know did the 'lighter life' shake diet and lost weight rapidly, loads of it, but as soon as she tried to eat normally it all piled back on, so slow is better.

    Cheetah - your post gave me the dry bokes - yeuk! Spitting is disgusting, and imho spit and snot only belong in one place outside the body, and thats in a tissue. Maybe next time you could be subtle and say 'aw, do you need a wee tissue - here you go'. Don't even start me on people who snort down the back of their nose and throat to clear it. Actually, i'm going to change the subject, or i'll put myself off my tea. Glad to hear the sciatica is gone - isn't it funny how it flares up in the heat - hopefully thats the end of it though for this year for you. The driving sounds like its going well - good luck with the theory test too. Oh, and of course your running, i nearly forgot - you are doing great mileage, much much better than me, which is good cos i see you and Norfolklass doing your 10K's and it encourages me to try harder.

    Norfolklass - big well done on the 10K non-stop. I have seen walkjogrun and there are a few local routes on it. Its definately handy for new ideas. I haven't got a Kindle yet - even though i'm very tempted, i still keep buying books at the bargain book shop - 3 for £5 and they are good books too. I agree i like the feel of a book, and i was worried that i'd get nauseated reading a book on a screen, but Iain says its like reading on paper. Reading a good book at the minute by Noah Boyd 'The Bricklayer' - he's very good, and i've read a couple of his books before - i think you'd like him. I must have a look in TKMaxx at their running gear - i never actually thought of there (i just usually look at their handbags cos i'm not great at poking through rail upon rail of clothes unless i know what i'm looking for). I'll definately look into the long-sleeved tops.

    Iain - is your knee holding out ok? Hope you managed to get your run done outside.

    I had a really good couple of weeks running with no walk breaks till yesterday - i was meant to do 5 miles (note 'meant'). I stopped for a minute after roughly 2 miles, and once i stop once, then the run usually goes to pot, so i stopped after 3 miles cos i was annoyed with myself (total 2 voluntary walks and 1 enforced where i had to stop and give directions). I'm supposed to do 2 miles tonight, but i might not go. I'm planning to repeat this week of the plan and won't proceed to the fourth week until i can do 5 miles non-stop.

    Have a good week everyone, imagexxx

  • Evening everyone image

    I had a slightly different run last night - Mr Cheetah came with me! We both had stinking hangovers so I only took him on my 5k route - I was mainly setting the pace but he has long man-legs so kept drifting in front. It wasn't a bad thing - as my average pace ended up as 9:50 m/m! He can come again! image

    Running club tonight - the spitting man was there, but I overtook him at the beginning and he didn't catch me up so I was safe! It was a new route tonight as it's getting too dark along the canal towpath - there's a bit of a hill so I'm glad I've practiced! It was about 3.2 miles - and my average pace was.... wait for it.....

    9:33m/m!!!!!!!! image

    I'm very proud of that - I don't know why I've been faster the last couple of runs - maybe next time I need Mr Cheetah in front to keep up with AND the spitting man behind to run away from! image

    I have FINALLY driven the new car on proper roads - I didn't crash it and managed to get up to 4th gear. My attempt to reverse it round a corner left a lot to be desired though hehe! 

    Right that's it from me tonight - I shall reply to everyone maybe tomorrow when I have more time.

    Happy running! image

  • Hi guys, sorry it's just a quick one tonight as I've left it a bit late and must go to bed.

    I ran 3 lots of 8 minutes tonight! imageHurrah, that puts me at officially week 5!! (more like month 5!). Haven't managed to get out since last Weds, have been shocking recently. It just rained loads at the caravan, so didn't fit a run in and came home early. Can't believe I'm still managing to up the minutes comfortably even though I'm being a bit slack with fitting in regular runs at the moment. 

    Well done on your running you lot, will reply properly in the next day or so. 

    Night night! xxx

  • I'm just in from my long run, so I'll reply to everyone as promised (while I drink some water and wait for my face to stop being red!).

    Norfolklass - well done on yet another 10k! I've found that since I started doing longer distances more regularly I've got quite a bit faster on my shorter runs without even trying to - so it must happen naturally once you start adding miles. My long runs aren't getting any faster but I suppose that will come with practice! image

    I'll have to try TK Maxx for running gear - Sports Direct is always worth a look too, you have to rummage a bit sometimes but they have cheap good quality sports stuff hiding amongst all the tat! image

    Snails - I'm always paranoid people are going to stop me and ask for directions - it hasn't happened yet (apart from the lorry driver the other week, but I hadn't quite set off then so that was OK!) I'm not sure if I'd just ignore then and sprint past or not - it'd be really rude but then THEY'RE rude for spoiling my time hehe! image

    Minty - your running is going really well, now you can do more than 5 minutes without stopping (that's my "Pain Barrier" point!) you'll have no problem, that's when it really started getting easier for me. Congrats on week 5! image

    And finally - my run tonight! I decided to slow down a bit and see if I could add a bit more distance - it was perfect running weather - a nice breeze and a light drizzle (the sort of weather that used to make me miserable - now it makes me smile! image). I added an extra lap onto my first bit and went a slightly different way - and was feeling surprisingly GREAT after 5 miles, even on the hills - so I added a bit on the end too. My total distance was 8.23 miles...that's 8.23miles......

    (Did I say....... I just ran 8.23 miles...........) 

    My legs were quite achy towards the end but I had a good stretch when I got in so hopefully I've got away with it! My lungs managed it fine, I've finally stopped wheezing every time I hit a slight incline, which can only be a good thing!

    It took me 01:30:28 - so average 10:59m/m - better than I'd hoped. I also burned 860 calories so I need some dark chocolate to replace them! image

    Right that's it for now - did I mention I just ran 8.23 miles....?

    Happy running and goodnight! xxx

  • Evening everyone, hope you're all well. I've decided to try and get in 4 runs a week (3 x 5k and 1 x 10k at the weekend) so we'll see how that goes. I did 5k yesterday morning and it felt great, really easy and fast especially after the last 5k on Friday morning which felt really slow. Was really looking forward to seeing how much quicker I'd been but it turns out I'd done almost exactly the same time and ave. pace as the run that felt really difficult. So I looked back through my previous 5ks and they've all been pretty much identical. Weird…

    Snails image you did make me laugh with your dry bokes!! I'll look out for Noah Boyd, just finished another Linwood Barclay so I need another book to get stuck into. I hope your running's going well, have you cracked 5 miles yet? Are you still keeping your pace nice and slow? Well done on the couple of weeks of good running with no walk breaks, just because you stopped for a break last time doesn't undo the previous non-stop runs image (You've reminded me: I had to stop and give directions a few weeks ago. She stayed in the car while he jumped out and ran at me with a map. I told them which direction to go in and they completely ignored me and headed off in the opposite one, then a few mins later I saw them heading back the way I'd told them! Men always know best image )

    Cheetah, sorry - how many miles did you do? I think you forgot to tell us image WOW! Well done on your scarily fast pace, you must be thrilled to bits, and on the increased distance too! I'm hoping you're right about the longer distances making the shorter distances faster, I'd like to have a go at a parkrun but I seem to be stuck at 33mins and I'd like to be a little bit faster. My ave. pace is 10:55m/m and the fastest is about 10m/m. I keep reminding myself that I've only been running for 5 months but I'm quite impatient! I asked norfolklad if he wanted to join me but he said he didn't really think running was his thing! Must be nice to have a bit of company though, especially if it helps you run a bit quicker.

    Minty, YAY! Well done on your 3 x 8, that's brilliant. I remember starting to feel like a proper runner from week 5, and once you get week 6 under your belt there'll be no stopping you! Cheetah's right about the 5 min barrier - unfortunately I don't think it ever goes away but weirdly after 5 mins everything feels much easier. Sorry the rain spoiled your weekend, have you managed to fit in a run since?

    Iain, hope your knee's still healing well?

    Right, off for a coffee and a loll in front of the TV before bed. 5k in the morning, if I can get up early enough! x
  • Hi everyone,

    Cheetah - wow! that is a thread record, well done - that must be 2 miles further than you've done before. You must be chuffed to bits. I agree with you on going out in the drizzle - i love it. Running is a great reason to refuel with chocolate - i love Lindt 70%.

    Norfolklass - thats good you enjoyed your 5K yesterday. I agree with upping your  runs to 4 a week, thats what i'm doing now too, though haven't got built up to the distances you can do. I'm repeating last weeks, so its 2.5m, 3m, 5m, 2m. I'm the same with the Parkrun, i'd love to have a go but i don't know how to fit it in cos my longer run is on a Saturday.

    Minty - well done on the 3 x 8 - just shows how well you are doing when you are finding it comfortable to up your distance. Is your mum getting on ok too? Hope you are all feeling better again.

    Iain - hows things? Are you out running much?

    I did my 2.5 today and no walk break. Also had an encounter with a frog (and no i wasn't trying to kiss it to see if it would turn into a handsome prince) - it was in the middle of the path and was quite small, and i thought he had hurt his leg and would get trodden on,and his eye was cut, so i tried to pick him up to put him in the grass so he'd be safe - and i don't know who jumped further, me or him - it frightened the life clean outta me. But i was glad he was ok.

    Happy running everyone imagexx

  • snails pace 72 wrote (see)

    Roadrunner - hope your niggles have improved and that you are at least able to do some running even if its not the interval training you wanted to do.

    Happy running, imagexx

    Thanks!  As I said in the other thread, I did a 15k or thereabouts at the weekend and a nice brisk 5k yesterday, so I'm definitely back on form.  Tomorrow, I finally get into the elusive interval training. image

    Now I think I'll return to the other thread and pinch some of Loulabell's shortbread... image
  • Hi Roadrunner,

    Thats brilliant you are back on form and are getting to do the interval training. Hope it goes well for you.

    Now..... could you go and nick some of Loulabell's shortbread and sneak it back to us??image

  • Hello all,

    Still not injury free, but doing reasonably well despite it.
    The ankle is fine, healed really quickly and dont feel a thing when running, but if i stretch my foot/ankle joint about I can still feel some tenderness at the furthest extent of the stretch, so not 100% yet.
    The knee is still giving me some minor aggro, but only because of the IT band still being tight and getting some irritation from the repetative flexing of the knee when running.

    I havent been stretching the IT band as i should, in fact I havent used the roller this week, which is daft and i must get back into the habit of doing that daily or i'm never going to shift the problem.

    Have done a few road runs recently, with poor results.
    Done a few 1 1/2 mile runs at home but stopping 2/3 distance for a breather.
    Have also done some 2 1/2 mile runs at work, again taking 1 or 2 short breathers each time.

    Ran Tuesday with a work mate, full 2 1/2 miles no stops in 22.13, so just under 9 mins a mile.

    The problem is that i've got out of the habit of setting a pace, because i've mostly been on the mill over the last few months and don't have to think about it.

    As soon as I slowed down a bit I completed the 2 1/2 easily and felt fresh at the end.
    I've been trying to run close to the speed I was at before my knee problems, and i'm simply not at that level right now. I had been doing that 2 1/2 mile route in 19.27 - 20.00 regularly which is 7.46 - 8.00 mins a mile.

    I've just got to get back into the habit of keeping a regular, slower pace until I get back some of the stamina I had before.
    Edit..Just checked my run log and back in June iwas running 3.57 miles in 29.28 with an average pace of 8.15 a mile.

    The weight training is going OK, trying to do that twice a week to kep the leg muscles strong and support the knee joint. Was on an early break at the weekend so got into the gym before anyone else, and was able to set up 4 equipment stations (leg extensions/curls/press and calf raises) and do a sort of circuit, completing 3 sets of 10 reps at each station.

    Norfolklass, I joined City of Norwich Athletic club, not the Norwich Road Runners. Still havent been along to a training night yet, was hoping that my knee would have been fully fit by now, but sure i'll be able to run with them soon. Thanks for the info about the paths round the broad, sounds like a nice surface to run on, with a bit more give in it that the roads.

    Snails, your not alone in getting dizzy coming off the treadmill, first time i did it, i felt like i'd had 10 pints the room was spinng so much!
    I found the best cure is that once the belt has stopped, just stand still for a minute and get your breath back, hold onto the rails and let your brain adjust. It gets easier each time and i now hardly notice anything once i've stopped running.

    Right then, where's that damn roller?!

  • Hello, quick post! Just back from 10k and did it in 1:06:39 so pretty pleased with that. Ave pace 10:44 and pretty much every lap was about the same pace, so at least I was consistent. Weirdly, I've just run 10k at a faster pace than I ran 5k on Tuesday morning. How does that work?!? Planning another 10k on Sunday morning, although my shins feel a bit splinty at the moment so I don't want to push it.

    Hope you're all well and enjoying your running!
  • Woohoo go Norfolklass! How did the faster pace feel? That's about the same as my 10k pace, I don't think I COULD go any faster without burning out half way so I'm happy with it! image

    I did 4.5 miles last night (it was only meant to be 3, but my legs felt better than I thought they would after my long run on Wednesday so I went a bit further!). My average pace was 10:31 - I was FREEZING waiting for the garmin to get a signal, but the chill in the air was lovely once I got going! 

    ooh look I did a quick post! Off to drive to Sainsbury's later I hope - wish me luck - and happy running! 

  • Hi everyone,

    Norfolklass - well done on your 10K, hope you have a good run tomorrow too.

    Cheetah - this is very impressive the way you feel so good at the distance you want to do, and then you add on a few more - i can honestly say i never feel like that, lol. Before i go out i set the Garmin out on the window-sill to pick up its signal whilst i put my trainers on.

    Iain - 2.5miles at just under 9min/mile is disgustingly slow and you should be ashamed of yourself image(Seriously though, that is like a sprint to me and i don't think i could do a mile in 9mins - you are far too hard on yourself). Hope things still keep improving for you.

    Minty - hows things with you this week - hope the 8min runs are going well.

    Roadrunner - i am patiently waiting for the stolen shortbread <drums fingers>

    Happy running everyone imagexx

  • Just a quick post, dinner nearly ready.

    2.46 miles in 20.46 today, and I can knock off about 15 seconds waiting for the level crossing to open!

    Minor twinge in the knee, but nothing to worry about.
    Not running tomorrow, will be doing my blue peter impression and making some ankle weights ( from toilet roll tubes, plasticine and sticky backed plastic!) image

  • Quick post in advert of Downton Abbey - did 2miles tonight in 20.21 - felt good after it. Also did 20mins with kettlebell. Will have a nice rest day tomorrow.

    Hope you are all well,x

  • Hi guys, well it's been another very hectic week! More rounds of sickness over the past week, vomiting bug this time! And my son's 4th birthday today so been getting ready for the big party this afternoon which was lovely,

    Back to normal again tomorrow so planning a run tomorrow night. Going to try 10 mins! Gulp! 

    Will check in with a proper post after that!  imagexx

  • Snails - thanks for the tip about the Garmin, I wasn't sure if I could get a signal from the windowsill here as it's quite a built-up area, but I tried anyway. It took a bit longer than normal (not helped by a couple of cats taking turns at sitting on it!) but it got there in the end, and I was inside instead of standing around shivering! I managed 5.5 miles yesterday all together - I came back home again after the first 1.5 as I felt really rough - but then I was too disappointed with myself so I went back out and did another 4! (slowly, and I didn't enjoy it lol!)

    Running club tonight - 3.89 miles at 9:49m/m. I didn't see the spitting man until I got part way round the second lap - and actually HEARD him spitting image and realised he was right in front of me. By this point he'd slowed down and I'd got faster (all the spitting must have sapped his energy) so I had to plot overtaking him VERY carefully and sort of sprint between spits! image My best pace was recorded as 06:48m/m, I bet that was then! 

    I just ordered a new bright pink hi-viz long sleeved running top from Sports Direct -I'd been watching the same one on ebay for around £15 with postage - this one was £8.99 with postage. It arrived today with a massive mug which is nearly as big as one of the cats, which I wasn't expecting but is an added bonus!

    So thats my top half sorted for the cooler weather - just need to sort out the bottom half. Think I'll need to actually GO to a shop to try something on. Shorts and t-shirt are still fine at the moment apart from the bits before and after a run!

    Great runs Iain and Snails  (I want to be as fast as Iain!) - hope you managed your 10 minutes Minty! 

    Hope everyone else is enjoying their running too image

    The heavens have just opened outside - I'm glad I'm back in the warm before that happened - so I might snuggle up with a cat and a warm drink in my unexpected giant mug! xxx

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