Started 8 wk beginner's schedule today



  • Just a quick hello, forgot which shift I was on this morning and was late for work so must have an early night!

    Hurrah re gamins, mine's on its way apparently image I managed two 45min runs over the weekend, and tried really hard to remember to use my toes - if I lean every so slightly forward it helps and has definitely increased my pace. Around ¾ of the way through the run I was flying along, although it didn't last that long I felt like a proper runner, until I had to stop and use the facilities - thank goodness for the visitor centre!

    Cheetah - LOVE that cat loaf! Did your cats' tails go back to normal? Speaking of cat tails, I saw one of the neighbourhood regulars this morning with half his tail missing, poor thing image We had two cats when I was little: Arthur and Sam, who was called Silver when we got him. Silver?!? Rubbish name for a cat! Here's hoping your flu clears up asap, I'm very impressed that it hasn't stopped you from running. I think you're right about the longer runs making the shorter runs faster. Hope your garmin fairy is on his way image

    Snails - thanks for your message, have you signed up for another race yet?! Did you get out for a run today? Love the pic of your dog, I met a couple of Westies on Sunday when I was running, an older dog and a puppy who was running with me and bouncing up and down and wanted to play - so cute!!

    Blondie, sorry I can't help with food advice. I'm a morning runner so I just pull on my running gear and head out on an empty stomach. Not the best plan in the world but it works for me. Think I've read somewhere that peanut butter is also good… do you like peanut butter?

    Minty, hello and really well done on your running! So sorry to hear that your mother-in-law is ill, although it's difficult for you being without your DH I'm sure having him visit will make her feel better. Thanks for the heads-up about staying indoors on Thursday image who are you going with? My driving instructor was great, he was with BSM but left and I can't remember the name of the company he joined, his name was Mike and he had curly white hair. A very patient man!!! Minty and Parsnip are GREAT names for cats! Ours is called Agatha, aka Aggie, and as I type she's curled up next to me inside a jumper. Anyone would think it was the middle of winter! I'll swap you some apples for some runner beans, I picked 2 carrier bags full last weekend!

    So much for a quick hello <rolls eyes> Night all!
  • Feeling extremely tired today, was supposed to finish work at 9pm yesterday, but due to some one else having "issues", I didnt finish till 1.30 am! 2.20 am by the time I got home.
    Morning off work to compensate, but due in at 1330 till 9pm again though.

    Being very cautious with the knee at the moment, just 10 mins at a time on the treadmill till my legs and joints get used to running again, and will build up slowly until i'm back where i was before with distance and speed.
    Its been around 6 weeks without regular running, apart from that 1 run i did which aggravated the problem, and its suprising how much my fitness has dropped back in that time. Certainly felt the protests in my legs and lungs!


  • Haha, thanks for the advice guys and girls! Maybe i'll just stick with a fruit snack an hour befor I go then! I run after work as getting up early isn't my forte!

    I've been slack on the running this week! I'm not really meant to hit the running that hard just yet anyway, so I've joined the gym and I'm going to try and get my fitness up a level before I start going running 3-4 times a week!

    Am I the only marathon crazy fool on this thread? Lol!

    Cheetah, how do u find the running club, I worry that I won't be able to keep up and people will think I'm an idiot!

    Hey snails, I was eating cereal bars before hand but I was told they hold a lot of sugar, and I'm trying to loose weight too so I wasn't sure that I should be eating them!

    Ian, I've been told the cross trainer is very good for injury, it's not impact but still the running kind of motion

    Lisa x
  • Evening!

    I still have cats up my nose - I've been having so many sneezing fits that I've been thinking of ways to harness the power to propel me on a run..... It didn't work though, so I just had to use my legs... image

    I've been a bit worried that my lacklustre performance on my last few runs might be ruining my good work - so I aimed for at least 4 miles tonight. I hated every second apart from about the last mile when I found my stride a bit - I'm still chesty and snotty so really had to force myself to keep going. I managed 6.86k, or 4.26 miles in 45:30 (although it felt like longer!). So I'm not getting any slower, it's just more painful at the moment lol!

    The Garmin Fairy didn't come today, so fingers crossed for tomorrow!

    Snails - I really like the sound of your run in the dark spooky forest for some reason! image I've been seriously considering entering THIS RACE next year, I just need to pluck up the courage. My normal speed is about 11 and a bit minute miles so I think it needs some work, I probably CAN go faster but I'm always worried I'll wear myself out before I build my distance up, hopefully the Garmin can help me out there.

    Norfolklass - the cats tails have gone back to normal now - I love it when they go all puffed up! Your poor local cat, hope he isn't missing it too much image As for you and Minty changing cat names - well, Sparkle was actually called Bacardi when I got him (his original owner planned on getting a black cat too and calling it Coke image). He was also a girl, but that's another story!

    Hi Iain- glad you're managing to build up your running again - hope the knee holds out properly this time (OH has stopped running due to a dodgy knee, I'm going to use you as inspiration for him to have a go again!)

    Hi Lisa - I was a bit worried about the running club at first for those reasons, but they run "Beginners" and "Improvers"  sessions - I joined the beginners one first as they were following a very similar 8 week programme to the one on here which I'd started following, so everyone was pretty much the same level as me. I go to the Improvers one now and although there are people faster than me, there's also much slower people. i tried the "proper" group one Wednesday and that was the same too - runners at all paces/levels. Is there a Sweatshop near you? They run the club I go to, it's free - and I can't recommend them enough! 

    Miffy and Tommy and anyone else - hope your running is going well!

    Right off to bed now to dream of Garmins... and hope I wake up with less man-flu than today!

  • <pops in to say a quick hello, with a mask and gloves on to protect against cold germs>

    No run for me today, will go tomorrow.

    Iain - that was a terrible time to finish work!! Its amazing how quickly you notice your fitness level dropping, but you're right to take it easy - you won't be long getting back to where you were,

    Lisa - thats probably true re the high sugar content in the cereal bars - i take 'special K red berry' - i just tell myself the sugar will boost my run image

    Cheetah - cool race - i'd be a nervous wreck if i did that!! Lol re Bacardi and Coke image Hope you feel better tomorrow.

    Norfolklass - yesterday i really tried to think about the way i was running, and i tried to take off on my toes (sounds like i was doing a flying lesson) - as soon as my mind drifted though i was back to flat -footed plodding. I will keep trying as i would love to get faster.

    Minty, Tommy, Miffy - hope the running is going well.

    Night Night all, imagexxx

  • The Garmin Fairy has been! imageimageimage

    It just took me abut an hour to assemble the adaptor, which was in several pieces in lots of different plastic bags that the cats are now eating.... but it is now charging so I can have a play later! image

  • Ooh, lucky you, he hasn't been here yet image
    Happy playing!
  • The 8 week schedule is among the very best things I've done for my fitness.  Before I decided to commit to that, I was doing things like 'going round once' (meaning once around my local block and remember I live in the UK: our blocks are tiny compared to American ones image )  Naturally, that got me nowhere fast, because I wasn't pushing the boundaries at all, whereas the eight week plan has got a perfect rate of progression.

     Now here I am having just broken the 1 hour barrier for the first time and I'm sure it won't be too long before I can run that long in comfort and not with legs like lead for the last ten or fifteen minutes. image  And 'once round' means about 3.5 miles now at a decent clip - 6 mph or so (or just under 10 minutes per mile). image

      I might try the one on the opposite page - the 'starter's gun for your first 5k race' now. image  Speed definitely comes with time, so if it feels like slow going now, it won't be forever. image

  • Hi everyone,

    Quick hello cos 'The Killing' is on at 2100.....

    3 miles for me pre-tea - i found it very hard and had to take a couple of walk breaks  - (the Garmin didn't catch on to those though cos i stopped the clock, lol). I actually think i might have been going at around 9.30min/mile which is too fast for me, so i don't think that helped. Those few weeks after my 10K were i really lost my running mojo have definately set me back a good bit, but this week i've actually been looking forward to going out, so long may it continue.

    Happy Running....(record quick time for my typing tonight - 7 mins - if only my running was improving like this)....imagexxx

  • Evening - thought I'd pop in with an update while I'm trying to stop sweating after my run and downing loads of cold water!

    I very nearly DIDN'T run tonight - I had no energy, an annoying sinus headache and indigestion (don't I sound healthy lol!) - so just when I decided NOT to go and eat a Magnum instead (almond flavour!) my energy kicked in a bit so I got to give the Garmin a test run after all! image

    I only ran 5k - my chest was feeling like it was on fire by this point so I didn't want to push it. According to the Garmin, the distances I've been getting on MapMyRun are pretty accurate! I also burned 325 calories - the Magnum was only 280, and I think that's round about when my energy started wearing off again image

    It took me 32:37, and I average out at 10.26 minutes a mile. My best pace was apparently 07:54/mile - that must have been a downhill bit! I love my Garmin, I'm just paranoid it thinks I'm crap and want the dregs of the man-flu to go away so I can show the thing what I can do! image

    In other news - we've been back to the vet with Nikki again - she's not scabby any more but now has cystitis instead (it looks like it's a reaction to coming off the steroids - the same thing happened last time she had steroids too) - so she's back on antibiotics and looking very sorry for herself at the moment.

    Norfolklass - hope the Garmin Fairy has been for you!

    HI Roadrunner, I have to agree about the 8 week plan, I'd probably still be struggling up and down my road if I hadn't found it. Sounds like you have a pretty good pace and must be covering a fair distance now! 

    Snails - glad your running mojo is coming back! Mine's had a bit of a setback this last week with being ill, I hope it comes back again!

    Right - I'm going to have a shower, then cook a very very hot chilli to steam this blimmin cold out of my nose and chest once and for all!!!!! 

  • Yay, the garmin fairy came this morning - it's charging as I type and now I just need a teenager to explain to me how it works!

    Snails, your forest run sounds exciting! My crazy running friend swears by running through the woods in the pitch black with a head torch - he is bonkers. Any favourite crime authors? I've been reading some of the Wallander books and really enjoying them, and thought the Kenneth Branagh version was brilliant (especially the Swedish architecture and interior design! Is The Killing good?) Well done on your 3 miles, I'm glad you're looking forward to running again and your mojo is back image Re running with toes, leaning forward a little bit makes a big difference, then gravity pulls you into your next stride without much effort. I'm going to try again tomorrow but like you as soon as my mind drifts I'm back to plodding.

    Cheetah, I'm so impressed that you haven't let manful stop you from running, I'd be curled up on the sofa under the sick blanket feeling sorry for myself. Have you decided to enter that night race yet? It looks properly difficult but a lot of fun! Glad you got to christen your garmin, can't wait to use mine tomorrow assuming I've figured out how to work it. Hope Nikki gets better asap poor thing, and I hope the chilli scares your manflu away for good!

    Iain, what a long day, no wonder you were tired. Hope your easing back into running is going well and you're still injury free. Although you feel your fitness has dropped I'm sure it'll be back to where it was soon - it must be easier to get fit again rather than starting from being unfit, if you see what I mean. Are you still hoping to do the parkrun later this month?

    Lisa, well done on joining the gym and starting work on your marathon training. I am in complete awe of anyone who signs up for a marathon and wish you the best of luck, hope your training goes to plan and you stay injury free.

    Roadrunner, well done on going through the 1 hour barrier - hopefully I'll be there in a couple of weeks.

    Miffy, Tommy and anyone else, hope you're still running - let us know how it's going.

    Right, off to read the instruction booklet again!
  • Hello all,

    Firstly, ladies do NOT get man flu!

    Only men get man flu, its a mutated virus only attracted to male DNA, you have no idea how we SUFFER!
    You've just got the sniffles! image

    OK, now that I've alienated myself from half the forum, how are the rest of you today? image

    Weekend off for me, a whole 2 days away from work which will be filled with shopping, laundry, lawn mowing etc Doesn't sound that restful after all.

    Running, the point of the thread.
    Used the work gym on Tuesday, with a short run on the mill over 2k in 10 mins.
    Felt reasonably good, no significant problems, few minor aches etc, but I think its mostly down to having a long lay off from running, and just got to get used to it again.
    Went again on Thursday, walked into changing room, looked at my bag, swore loudly and walked out again! No trainers!! Muppet.
    Friday, both treadmills in use, so 15 mins on cross trainer followed by some weight training to strengthen the leg muscles, leg extensions and leg curls this time and will incorporate some leg presses next time also.

    Norfolk lass, still planning on the parkrun on 24th, but will see how the knee is on the day, obviously dont want to hurt the knee again if its not fully healed. Can always go a few weeks later if neccesary.
    Had got a 10k penciled in my diary for the 2nd October, but that is a definate no-no since the knee issue raised its ugly head. There are a couple of others later in the year but on my week end on at work, so may try to shift swap and attempt it if no further problems with the knee.

    Right, off to get changed and down to Parkrun to watch/assist.


  • Hi all, just a quick little note to say sorry haven't popped in for a couple of days. My daughter has been ill, think it must be Boy Flu Iain, as she's been realy quite poorly. image Fever, vomiting etc, and she's been glued to me, haven't been able to put her down and I've not had much sleep the past two nights. So what with that and my DH was out the night before, so haven't managed to get out for a run. Hoping to go this eve, so will write more if I manage to!  xx
  • Hi everyone,

    Hope you are all having a nice weekend. Due to run again tomorrow - was going to up my runs to 4 per week this week, but didn't go today as a result of my 'speed session' earlier in the week, from which my butt and thighs are still sore.....i hold in admiration these people who can run twice my speed...on one thread in particular i see some of them can do 10K at just over the speed i do 5K....amazing stuff....i'd love to ask them if they were ever slow, or have they always been good at running. I just can't seem to go any quicker as my lungs protest badly (yet i've never smoked so i thought they'd be in better condition). Did anyone see highlights of the men's 50K race walk last night? - i saw the start and those guys are seriously fast - they must ache though cos they do alot of 'swinging' their hips.

    Minty - hope your daughter is feeling better soon and that you get a much needed rest.

    Iain - wash your mouth out with soap and water for saying such stuff about our flu - ours is likely swine-flu i'll have you know, which is waaaaay worse than man-flu!! image Hope the running keeps going well for you - i meant to say, i'd like to work where you do with all the gym access - sounds good.

    Norfolklass - you sound like me with technology. Don't get me started on books - i love anything by Jeffrey Deaver (except Carte Blanche), also Dan Brown, Harlan Coben, James Patterson and Linwood Barclay - sat up last night finishing his 'No Time for Goodbye' - excellent book. I'm now on Lee Child 'Gone Tomorrow'. I used to read alot of chick-lit stuff, but i never do now, its mostly crime. I saw a thread here during the week and they talked about 'The Woman in Black' by Susan Hill - sounds scary stuff, and i'm afraid that if i read it i'll never set foot in the forest on my own again!! imageIt looks good though.

    Cheetah - i love the way you ONLY did 5K yesterday, lol....i will try and remember the Magnum tip for indigestion. Did you feel distracted with your Garmin and keep checking your pace etc??

    Happy Running xxx

  • Aim rubbish, haven't run at all for a week! So angry with myself!! This week I am going to run run run. - will update you in the week.....
  • Hi everyone,

    Sorry it will just be a quick post tonight. Am trying to get the house cleaned and freezer stocked up with meals etc before DH flies to Aus on Tuesday, plus an early night! Thanks for all your kind words. Very sadly his mum has lung cancer which has spread and I think it is probably just a matter of days or a week or two at the most. We're just hoping that he gets there in time. Horrendous.

    My daughter is on the mend I think and so far no signs of anyone else catching it thank god! Anyway, I managed to nip out for a run at teatime today in the drizzle, which was lovely, but I was still beetroot-like at the end of it! Having only been out once last week, I'm doing another week of run 5 mins / walk 2 x 4.

    Driving lesson is actually Weds this week (eek!), so you have been warned!

    Hope everyone else is doing ok, both two and four-legged! image

    Night night! xxx

  • Evening, quick one from me tonight too!

    Sorry about your husband's mum Minty - hope he makes it in time image The drizzle has only just made it here - too late to go for a run in it now though I think, plus I can't quite walk! Glad your daughter is feeling better, and good luck with the driving! 

    Iain - it is DEFINITELY man-flu! It's been touch and go all week whether or not I'd pull through - it's going to be a long period of rehabilitation too I think. How very dare you insinuate it is merely the sniffles! 

    Hi Snails - I know what you mean about checking your pace on the garmin! I think I need to stop doing it cos once I get a faster-than-normal pace I try to keep doing it and wonder why I get knackered hehe! image

    I like quite a few of the authors you've mentioned u there - I'm quite partial to a good crime thriller too. I'm reading Keith Richards' autobiography at the moment, then I have one by Sophie Hannah to read when I've finished that one - no idea if she's any good or not but it sounds like an interesting story! 

    Norfolklass - hope you've figured out the Garmin! I took the instructions to work with me on Friday to read on my lunch so I knew the basics by the time I got home hehe! 

    As for my run tonight - well, it just wasn't happening! I haven't quite got over the man-flu so my energy isn't great - and on top of that the return of the hot weather over the last couple of days has made my sciatica flare up with a vengance. I did ATTEMPT a run after taking a decongestant and 2 different sorts of painkiller - it just wasn't happening though. Now I have a Garmin though I CAN tell you that I did 0:44 miles in 4:11 mintes at an average speed of 9:38 minutes per mile! image (wow.......)

    I did 30 minutes on the evil cross trainer in front of the fan to make up for it though, it might be evil but it's kinder on my bum and leg than running. The man flu is really affecting my breathing though as I can't breathe through my nose properly - I had to stop on the cross trainer at one point as I was wheezing so much it almost sounded like an asthma attack.... 

    Off to bed now - here's hoping I wake up able to breathe and with nothing hurting! I haven't ruled out trying the 5 miles with the running club if my body has decided to work - if not I still have the option of the 30 minute run with the beginners' group.

    That wasn't as quick as I thought, was it...? Night all! xx

  • Hi everyone,

    Blondie - i have times like that too - especially at the minute....i am definately worse when i'm not following a rigid training plan <ponders> - i guess thats my answer isn't it - i need to find one....i know i definately couldn't run for an hour any more.

    Minty - so glad to hear your daughter is getting better, thats one less pressure on you. I hope your OH has a safe journey, and makes it in time to see his mum and that she will know he is there - its a tough time for you all....good luck with your driving lesson wed - look forward to hear how you get on.

    Cheetah - are you feeling any better yet?? I did laugh at you trying to run having taken decongestant and two sorts of painkiller, if that was me i wouldn't have made it out the door....i am such a lightweight with medicine - i took Sudafed the last time i had a cold a few years ago and i was floating!! Good you did the evil machine - i did around 20mins with my kettlebell today (the lightest one) and boy did that get my heart rate going.

    Norfolklass - i meant to tell you about 'the Killing' - it is fantastic, its so good in fact that i wish i wasn't watching it on TV once a week - i'd rather have it on DVD so i could just watch it all - it stops on a cliffhanger every time. The Channel 4 one is the American version - but its originally a Danish series which apparently is has been on BBC4 recently - i watched half of an episode on the i-player but got fed up cos it kept having to reload, and it was subtitled so it wasn't as easy to follow - still from what i saw, the scenes don't seem that different at all.

    Iain - hope you enjoyed the Parkrun on Saturday - hopefully it won't be too long till you're able to run it.

    Tommy, Miffy - hows the running going?

    Have a good week everyone....imagexx

  • For those poor folk who have more than just the sniffles!

  • Hahahahaa Iain -I actually bought a bottle of that last week! It didn't work! image (tasted nice though...)

    I'm proud of myself - I did the 5 miles with the running club! I must be nearly better image 

    Here's the stats from the Garmin - the total distance was 5.09 miles, it took me 52:49. I burned 526 calories (no wonder I was hungry afterwards!). My average pace was 10:23 minutes per mile - and my best pace was 06:54 minutes per mile. I must have been overtaking a walker or something then hehe!

    I honestly felt like I could have run further at the end too - so it looks like my running mojo has made another appearance after a terrible week! image

    Snails - I timed my painkillers better tonight! Co-codamol 2 hours before, diclofenac an hour before and a decongestant just before we set off just in case hehe! It worked - nothing hurt! 

    Right that's it from me tonight - bed time! xxx

  • I wonder if anyone can help.  Is this 8 week plan from Men's Health Magazine from a few years back?  I used to have said issue, but I can't find it and opposite the 8 week plan, there's another interval based plan which might have been called 'your starter's gun for your first 5k race'.  I really want to try that plan - does anyone know of a link to it?

     I had the whole thing scanned into my computer, but there was a problem with it a while back and the plan was one of the few things I hadn't backed up.  D'oh!

  • Hi everyone,

    Roadrunner - this 8 week plan is from RW . Haven't heard of the 'your starters gun for your first 5K' - though there are a number of 5k schedules on RW. Hope you find it...

    Cheetah - big well done on the 5 miles....what date is your race on??

    I just did 2 miles today (took just under 20mins so usual pace of around 10min/mile). My Garmin went a bit funny though - one minute it was beeping to speed up as it said i was doing 13min/mile, and the next thing it was saying slow down as i was doing about 8.something min/mile - thing is though, i was on the flat going very steadily and i really don't think my pace changed.....maybe it lost its signal or something cos i was under trees.....also i got soaked cos it bucketed all day - but i quite liked being in the rain.

    Hope everyone else is well, happy running imagexx

  • *Does a little dance and sings a little song*

    I RAN 10K! imageimageimage 10.04km to be precise, or 6.24 miles! With the hills too! It took me 01:06:05, average pace 10:35/mile. The time really surprised me, as I glanced at the Garmin half way up the worst hill and my pace was 15:35/mile lol! Ooo and I burned 654 calories, so I'm allowed cheesy pasta hehe!

    Short run on Friday now - then Sunday is race day - it'll seem really short now, it's just over 4k! I'm on target to do it in 27 minutes, but 25 would be very cool. I've reached my £150 fundraising target for Cats Protection! image

    Snails - you'll have to change your name soon if you keep up that pace! 

    That's it from me tonight - shower, pyjamas and cheesy pasta before bed! Hope everyone else's running is going well! 

  • *joins with Cheetahs little dance*

    Yay!! Well done Cheetah - that is an absolutely brilliant time. Its good you have your Garmin, i honestly doubt i ever actually ran 10K before i did that race. You will find 4K a doddle - and i reckon you'll do it sub-25. Just think how far you've come on - remember at the start your target was to do a bit of training for your race, and now look - you can do more than double that...image

    enjoy your cheesy pasta. i had a chinese takeaway tonight but it was most healthy cos i took boiled rice with it (thats what i'm telling myself anyway).x

  • Mind if I join in the little dance? image

     Well done, Cheetah!  I cracked the 6 mile barrier for the first time today as well - around 6.28 miles at 9:50 m/m!

     Cheesy pasta...mmmmmm. image  

     I think I'm going to have to get one of these Garmin thingies as well - everyone keeps talking about them!! image

     Edit:  I found the Men's Health Magazine - I might scan it and post it up here; not sure if that's allowed or not?

  • Hi roadrunner, thats great you found that article you were looking for. I doubt it'd be a problem posting it here, people put links to things all the time.

    I got the Garmin 305 from Amazon....there is one slightly cheaper (maybe a 205) that does exactly the same stuff as the 305, except it doesn't have a heart rate i thought i'd just go for the 305 in case i eventually want to use the HR monitor...on Amazon today the 205 is £88, and the 305 is £115...the price of the 305 seems to change quite a bit - when i got it i think it was £117, yet when Norfolklass got hers i think it down to £98 - so its worth kkeping an eye on. Of course theres e-bay, but i'm not good on that but maybe you are.

    Good for you doing 10k at 9.50m/m - very impressive pace. I don't know how long you've been reading this thread, but i'll fill you in on my first and only 10K disaster - it was an off road race, and it took me 1hr 17min 21secs - i honestly didn't think i was going to get my legs over the finish line and had to take walk breaks!! So i'm well impressed with you and Cheetah for your 10K times.

    Have a good day...image

  • Cool - I didn't think of it as 10k, so that's another huge milestone.  Celebration!  (Where's a dancing banana smiley when you need one)? image

    How do you guys know how far you've run then - do you all have Garmins, or do you plot your course on Walk, Run, Jog or similar?  That's what I do - I hope it's accurate otherwise I'm going to feel a bit stupid...image

    Now I've located the pesky magazine, I think I'll start the 5k course next week - it has a mixture of long runs and short runs with speed intervals.  I'll post both plans here for others as well. image

     Edit:  They're too big to upload, so I'm going to put them in a zip file - download from here:

    Should be possible to zoom in so they can be read properly if you open them with Windows Photo Viewer. image

  • Before I had my Garmin, i was running for a certain length of time as opposed to distance - hence when i did an hour i mistakenly thought i was doing about 10K - 10K my eye!! It was only when i got the Garmin i realised i was doing less. Mapmyrun is quite good for distance if you are doing road running.

    I need to go out and run later, and i'm posting it cos then i'll have to do it image

  • I checked the route with MapMyRun and the results were pretty comparable to the other site, so I'm reasonably confident that I've actually been running the distances I think I have been. image  According to MapMyRun, I might have slightly underestimated my distance if anything. 

     MapMyRun is tons better than WalkJogRun - it automatically follows the roads and everything. image

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