Daft question

Do running based threads get posted in the 'unofficial forum running club' board?
Or would that be a major faux pas?

Just checking the ground rules...


  • Good question!!!

    Anything and everything seems to go on this forum at the moment!!! Yes, I think running topics are definitely allowed. Not sure what Tim and some of the others would say about this though... ;-)
  • No... you're all wrong! All comments have to go into the Mizuno wave Jon thread in 'Gear'. All comments must also relate to the thread title
  • Sensible answers Tim, stop leading Peet astray.
  • If you do want a sensible answer to a serious running question, it might be best to also post it on the general forum as well as this one - it seems to be a bit loony bin on here these days...
  • What's all this about running related threads? Where are they then?
  • Why do you want to know where running based threads are? Do you do that jogging stuff or summat? You're mad you are.
  • Heady mixture of dedication and madness, we are. Running stuff welcome, but equally jokes about Tim's domestic habits etc welcome. And the Wave Jon campaign, obviously. When FLM comes round, I expect things may get more serious... and BB4 obviously.
  • Seems the mixture of dedication and madness are not in equal portions. Which suits me just fine.

    And... just out of interest... who would win in a 1500 metre egg and spoon race - Vanessa Phelps or Madonna? I reckon Madonna would. Unless it was down hill all the way when Vanessa may just roll down the hill and hope centrifugal force keeps the egg on the spoon. Or flattens Madonna on the way.
    Could be worse. Could have been Rik Waller.
  • I think you'll find I don't know what I mean. I'm an IT bod, not a physicist.
    Fugal or Petal. Who gives...
  • Don't worry Peet, Nurse Foxy and Burse Badger will look after you!!!! (you're in safe hands here!)
  • What's wrong Jon, your treatment not go down well?
  • You can't hide from us Jon dear. Better to just submit. I'm afraid that in the absence of Snoop turning up for his treatment, you have inadvertantly volunteered to take his place.
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