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Have just returned from Bath uni where we went to run for the children. Met blonde bird and one or two others - but none of us got to run because it had been cancelled!! I checked the site before leaving home and there was nothing to say they had cancelled it.

Cant say that I am impressed with the organisation of the whole thing - no emails/phone calls answered, no info pack.

The fee (which I paid online here) has been taken from my account and I've just checked and no refund yet - not that I am expecting it. It smacks of a big con to me, I just hope I'm wrong.


  • hi bitch really you have said it all
    lots of emails to be sent complaining about this it does seem to have been a big con
  • i've emailed the organisers but don't hold out much hope
  • hi bb, nice to have met you.

    I've emailed the organisers and copied it to runners world. Like you I dont suppose I will hear much more.
  • Hi
    Sorry we missed you this morning, I agree with your sentiments above.
    We were very lucky that the receptionist at Bath kindly allowed us to run around the 400m track, so we had a nice time and the journey was not entirely wasted.
    Bath track were only informed of the cancellation at 6:45 last night and were not given aany explanation.
    It would have been easy for the organisers to have notified us, given that they collected email addresses on the entry form.
  • SkidpanSkidpan ✭✭✭
    The organiser's initials weren't SB were they?
  • boing
    surely it wasn't just us
  • Sorry to hear that. Hope you get your refunds.
  • B, BB et al - no you were not alone (I probably spoke to you in the car park). I turned up with my 8 year old daughter who was really looking forward to running this event. I really feel sorry for the kids more than anything and I'm sure we all had difficulty in explaining the situation to them. I've also sent an e-mail to both the organisers and Runners World so it'll be interested to see if we get a reply. Well done to the receptionist for allowing people to run on the track - I'm afraid we headed back home somewhat deflated. Still, I'm now on the lookout for another "fun run" that we can do in the not too distant future so if anyone knows of one in the Bristol/Bath/Gloucester area then I'd be glad to hear from you. Thanks.
  • we went down to the canal my husband dropped us off then drove along and met us further up.

    Guestie, yes we did speak in the carpark
  • As a Bath runner, I'm sorry that you've been let down in this way - the race has nothing to do with City of Bath AC, so please don't feel bad about us!

    There is a fun run included as part of the Bath Half, but March is probably rather a long way off for 8 year olds!
  • I've copied this from over the way

    scarlett1 E-mail member
    Posted: 13/07/03 21:28:39 PM
    HI, I dont think this is a scam as I seem to remember people on the beginners side doing the regents park one in Easter, let me know if you get to the bottom of this as I was going to do the St albans one later in the year with the kids.

  • At the fourth attempt I have managed to leave an answerphone message with the organisers. I will let you know if I get a reply.

    Andy - Thanks for your sympathy. I don't blame anyone in Bath. I have run several of the excellent races put on by COBAC, and the staff at the university went out of their way to help us.

    I hope that we can get this sorted out with the organisers, and get our refunds.

    I note that another race in the series is still being advertised here on the Runners World site, I would caution anybody who decides to pay in advance. I have still not received a single communication back from the organisers since I entered in June.
  • Disgraceful..

    Runners World - I suggest you suspend publicising the other race/s in this series until this issue is resolved once and for all
  • bb, we came home and went out for lunch instead.

    I have received no reply either by email or phone from the organisers and I havent had a refund yet either. I suppose its early days at the moment, but how long is long enough?

    oft, I agree with you that the other races organised by these people should not be advertised on here until it is settled.
  • I have finally received an answer from one of the organisers (Michael), in response to my answerphone message. He apologised for the problem and has offered to send me a refund. He told me that letters had been sent out explaining the situation, but I must have been missed off the circulation list.
    It appears that there has been a communications foul-up at Run for the Children, and that they are now trying to make amends. These things occasionally happen even in the best organisations. No hard feelings as long as the refund arrives.
  • i've heard nothing from them yet tyango i will send another email glad that thety sorted you out.
  • tyango, I have emailed again and left a further message on the ansaphone but have still yet to hear anything from the organisers.

    I am surprised at the bit about sending out letters, was this before the cancellation or after - I havent received one of these either. They did after all have our email addresses.
  • update on the above!!

    Finally got to speak to the organiser this evening who offered a refund by post. As with tyango, he asked if I had received a letter stating the cancellation, I said that I had not. I do however find it a bit strange that letters were supposed to have gone out last week but they didnt let Bath Uni know until 6.30 Saturday night.

    Guess we will have to wait for a refund now. All I can say is keep trying the phone.
  • er
    There isnt any excuse for not e mailing you if you entered on line
  • I'm glad I did not do this now.

    Bath is over an hour from me and I would have been very annoyed if I had driven there and back (2 hours)plus fuel costs, only to find its cancelled.
  • I've still heard nothing - letter, phone or e-mail so will try again!
  • A cheque arrived in the post this morning, as promised yesterday by telephone. Glad to hear you have some progress bitch, and good luck to BB and Guestie.
    I am sure that Run for the Children will do the right thing once your messages get through.
  • pleased to hear that tyango i will mail again today hopefiully they will get bored
    and send me a refund
  • still heard nothing
  • BB, you will probably have more luck if you telephone and leave a voice message, rather than email.
  • Have spoken with organisers today having done what tyango suggested. I left a message and they phoned back and have promised to send the cheque. It appears that there simply weren't enough people taking part to justify the cost of putting on the event. They suggested that anyone else in the same boat should phone them and they'll organise a refund.
  • hi all, received my refund this morning with a note of apology. It wasnt the cancellation that miffed me it was the fact of not being told before I turned up on the morning. Anyway its all behind us now.

    Hope you all get sorted.
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