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I'm going to hire a wetsuit for the season as this is cheaper and I was advised by people that my shape would change a lot and it would be better to hire for my first season.  However, I am now having a couple of panics and would appreciate any help anyone can give.

Firstly, I've not found a website yet doing hire that doesn't want the suit returned by 1 September.  This is a bit of a problem as I'm doing the Vit on 3 September.  Is this the standard date for hire suits to be back or do they vary?  I don't want to spend ages looking for sites with a later date if they will all be 1 September when really I need to be emailing them and asking if I can have it a week longer.

Secondly, I'm now panicking about what on earth size to get.  There are no shops that I can find in Norfolk where I can go and try some wetsuits on to get an idea of size, so I have to go by the sizing chart on the sites.  The problem is that I'm shortish and tubby, especially around the belly and boob area, and the suit that fits my height is about 3 sizes smaller than the suit that would fit my weight.  According to the chart below I should get a XSmall for my height (5' 3.5" according to the electronic weighing thing at the gym), but for my weight (currrently 11st 3lb) I should get a Large.

I am trying to loose weight, but I can't see that I would move to anything below a Medium anyway, so what size suit would I get?  Would the large be too long in the legs and be all rucked up, thereby causing drag? (I'm not a fast swimmer at all so really don't want slowing down any more!) Obviously if I've hired it I can't cut length off the legs, which is something I've seen advised before. 

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  • No idea about location but you really need to swim in the wetsuits to test them out, especially with your shape. Would you buy a pair of shoes without running in them? IMO the same needs to go for a wetsuit.
  • I hired my wetsuit for my first season(without trying it first)  and then had the option to buy it which I's still going strong.  They let me extend the hire period as I was racing late September but also had the option of sending back for another size if it were incorrect.  Just talk to the company you are hiring from and hopefully they will be helpful.image
  • I'm in Norfolk LN and don't drive, so getting anywhere to try wetsuits is reliant on Mr TST and I'm already pushing my luck with him as chauffer, especially as he drives a lot in his job. 

    Where did you get yours from Saffers?

  • It was three years ago but think I hired it from TRIuk.
  • Two-stroke,

    I'm sorry for not having the details and name but I think there is a place in thetford? Was passing through there with family last year and window shopping?  

  • I'm sure the advice is to go for the closest one that suits your weight. Being slightly too long or too short in the arms or legs isn't really an issue, but being too small, or too large around the chest etc is.
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