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I currently have a Camelbak classic but am looking for a new pack. One that I can put a few more things into as the classic only has one very small pocket.

I'm thinking of the Inov-8 race pro 12. Does anyone have one ? what do you think of it ? or any other suggestions would be great.

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  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    If you're happy with Camelbaks then the Octane series could be suitable.  I've got an XCT and there's enough storage space for keys, phone, energy gels etc in the hip pockets and you could stuff a windproof into the main pocket on the back.  I used the compression straps to strap my gilet or waterproof jacekt onto the outside as neither pack down to a small size.  There are bigger models in the Octane series that are probably more comparable with the inov-8 bag.

    I've always stuck with Camelbak as the bite valve always seems to come out best in tests as its more intuitive than the sytems other vendors use. 

  • Im a big fan of the camelbak octane xct and the salomon xt wings which both have ample space and are well worth looking at imho
  • Thanks for that, I hadn't come across that one yet and looks ideal. I only want a little extra space than I have now for things like gels and the pockets around the waist look perfect for that.

     Thanks again

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