on-running cloudrunner shoes

Have never heard of these before but came across in a GQ magazine article:


I'm in marathon training at the moment and in the market for some new cushioned shoes for those long, long runs. These look like they could be just the ticket (albeit a bit expensive) but I've nver heard of the brand before.

Does anyone use them and do you like them? Many thanks for any advice.


  • Also interested in these. Saw some in Alton Sports in Farham yesterday but I was in the market for some new trails so I didn't try them out. Came home to do some research and found very few reviews. A bit on the pricey side though!
  • I bought a pair of these after seeing them in the GQ - and then doing a bit of further research online. They seem like a fairly well made shoe, and they certainly offer a great deal of cushion - although not too much as to be a completely different running experience. So far i've ran 2 x 2 mile runs in them to break them in. I'll do a few more of these before I steadily increase to 6 miles+.

    There's only a coupla little things that concern me about them. Firstly is the sizing. I've been wearing size 9.5(uk) Asics for the last few years and they are a perfect fit. The On Cloudrunners though, seem a bit more roomier in the toe compartment. Like, I could maybe drop a half size. This may be down to different style of toe, which differs to the design i've become accustomed to. As no shops near me stock them, and i never had the chance to try a pair on, i just went with my usual size.

    The other thing is the gaps between the pods on the sole. I showed the Cloudrunners to a fellow runner, and the first thing she said was "what if you get a stone jammed in-between the pods?" Fair comment, I thought. And one I won't be able to elaborate on until I have taken them 'off road'.

    From what i've experienced with them so far, i'm more than happy give these a good run out. I'll report back after a few longer distance efforts.
  • Cool, thanks for the info, very interesting. As they are a bit different to the norm some proper road/trial testing would be invaluable.

    I have switched from Asics to Nike Lunar Glides in last year or so. I love them, they just feel 'right' on road and trail. They do have a habit of trapping stones at the back of the sole actually but apart from the clacking sound when you get back onto pavements I haven't found it a problem!

  • Bought some cloudrunners a few weeks ago. Got to say I love 'em. From the first run (about 10k on and off road) they felt like 'my' shoes rather than new shoes. You do occasionally pick stones up but they come out again. The toe box is a lot more roomy than some brands which is one reason why I chose them. I find some shoes a bit tight on the toe. I think I'll be sticking with them. I'll be wearing them for my first ultra marathon this weekend so will let you know how they cope.
  • Biscuit Nikki wrote (see)
    Also interested in these. Saw some in Alton Sports in Farham yesterday but I was in the market for some new trails so I didn't try them out. Came home to do some research and found very few reviews. A bit on the pricey side though!

    Was also in Alton sports looking at new trails shoes the other day and noticed the cloudrunners...... spooky!!!

    Did you buy any shoes Nikki???   Ended up ordering some salomon Speedcross3`s from Moti in Reading because there doing a 25% off..  :0)

  • Yeah I brought some adidas kanadias with the new goretex liner. Very pleased with them so far - although cross country will be the real test! Can't wait for the new season to start. I'm still eyeing up the cloud techs - birthday next month and by then I'll feel happy to replace my asics which I haven't really liked but felt I had toget the mileage out of them. They've been ok but I picked up a stress fracture in my foot from over training whilst wearing them (although nothing to do with the shoes). I can't shift the idea that they are my 'injury' shoes so am looking forward to putting them in the shoe recycling bin!
  • Also run in TR3`s but won`t be buying another pair, thought they were worth a try for £36 but there heavy and lack the sort of grip required for the typical Autumn/Winter conditins in our area.... 

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    What's the best price available for the Cloudsurfer shoe online? Lanson and Northern Runner stock them but they're both about £119 delivered. Does anyone one know of any good offers or discount codes for retailers that stock these?
  • Hmm where abouts in the UK are you? If you're in the South east then Up and Running in Camberley are having an On running shoe event next weekend (12th Nov) where they are doing free giveaways with On running shoe purchases. I am not sure the exact retail price in store but I know it is under £120.

    Alton Sports are currently selling them online for £114.99 with free delivery from their website.

     I brought mine in Up and Running but used my local running club discount. I absolutely love them, best shoes I have ever brought and in my opinion they are worth the higher price tag.

    I have noticed they are slightly less 'grippy' in the wet - but that's just compared to the amount of grip in the dry. They are still better than my asics in all conditions. I have also tried them on a 6ish mile off road run and didn't have any problems with stones or uneven running surfaces. I think I'll still use my trail shoes for off-road, especially when it gets a bit muddier!

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Thanks for the reply bicci nikki. I'm in Yorkshire so Camberley is out of reach. The local Up & Running don't stock them. Alton Sports don't stock them in my size.

    Have emailed some stores but no offers I can find. No offers of any discount either which I'd hoped some independent stores would have done for a sale.
  • Aw it's a shame you can't find any good deals!. Agree they are rather expensive if you can't find a discount or sale. How desperate are you to buy them? I have heard that they are releasing a new model in February 2012 and therefore the older model might reduce in price? It's a bit of a wait though...
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Have managed to pick up a pair of Cloudrunners for £108 delivered. Decided to go for these to use for more mileage over the lighter Cloudsurfers. If anyone else is thinking of getting a pair I'd recommend trying Running Shoes London and Metres To Miles (who do stock them even though they don't seem to appear on their website) in terms of being amenable with price and advice. Looking forward to taking a look at them.
  • Hi all, I'm currently road testing are pair with the view to stocking them in the shop I work. So far... A very different feel to traditional road running footwear, but a really springy feel with a firmness that actually made my foot relax. Yep all in the range are neutral and I have a moderate OP action, so I wouldn't use them over double digit distances.
    They are new technology, from a small company, so don't expect to see and major price changes for a long time. Recommend them... certainly. And will be stocking them from December.
  • Nice one JT! Good price as well. Let us know what you think of them when they arrive.
  • jb … what store do you work at
    bn .. alton sports image( u&r image))))))
  • No. Just trying to be helpful. If you look I also suggested up and running. Both Alton sports and up and running are local running shops to me that stock On running shoes. So to keep it fair:
    Lots of running shops and websites are also available but due to my interest in running instead of marketing shoes I haven't checked them all to see who does and who doesn't stock On running cloud surfers. Other shoes are also available and so are other threads about other trainer brands. It just happens that I have a pair of On cloudsurfers (which i didn't even buy in Alton sports) and as I brought them recently I have an idea of the current prices. I don't have any affiliation to any of the aforementioned companies, although if they fancy sponsoring me and sending me free stuff I'd happy oblige.

    Phew I think that covers everything!
  • I was given a pair of Cloud Runners to review and have been running in them for a few weeks now.

    Because they are an 8mm heel and not lower, the transition from conventional 12mm heels (Asics etc) isn't a big a jump as I envisioned and I haven't really been getting any pain either during or in the days following the several runs that I have taken the shoes out for.

    I tend to run on roads and grass so the stone in the lugs problem hasn't caused any major issues with me yet and I don't think that I am going to be doing any trail runs any time soon.

    The main thing that I was impressed with was how soft the landing feels and how firm the toe-off is. The rubber lugs really seem to give the shoes some speed so I can see why they have been coined "the fastest shoe in the world!"

    If anyone is interested in finding out more about the shoes then see the the full On running shoes review
  • Kinver - I wish you'd stop posting your "reviews" - just glorified spam.
  • Wow, 80,000 readers a month dont think those reviews are spam image Point taken though.
  • Any stockists in the north west? Struggling with google. Cheers.
  • They're distributed in the UK by Fit Brands http://fitbrands.co.uk they should be able to point you in the right direction for stockists

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