Fined for not riding in the cycle lane

In New York

Where I live there are some new cycle lanes. I never use them because they're so stuffed up with everything except bikes. I prefer to take my chances on the road - it really feels less dangerous.

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  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    There's been a ruling in this country which actually helps. It is not mandatory to cycle in the cycle lane. As you say, they are not upheld - too many parked cars etc. Also shared cycle / pedestrian paths - if ou cycle at more than walking speed, eg a road cyclist training then you do should not use them as your speed is likely to put other users and yourself in danger.

    I use roads not cycle paths. I certainly don't cycle on the pavement, that is far too dangerous.

    Anyway very intersting.

  • London is full of pavement cyclists, the cretins. Yes, indeed, very dangerous. Surely, though, roads are open for all wheeled traffic? Doesn't make sense to build cycle lanes then make cyclists stay in them come what may...
  • That was New York. You can get fined for crossing the road over there.

    No law over here about not using the roads

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